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A poster for the Rodriguez film Desperado.
Ink and digital.
20" x 30"
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1500x2250px 1.67 MB
© 2008 - 2021 Phostex
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I love it! I saw that movie at least six times.
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Yeah. It's great fun to watch.
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cool dynamic poster
one of my alltime favorite movies
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Totally fitting of El Mariachi. El fave!
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Two things cool guys always do:

walk away from explosions without looking back


shooting guns in midair.
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Genius! Pure liquid genius! Love this film, and this picture is perfect.
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I am really sorry, but your tag seems a bit oxymoronic: I have to wonder, "Are you Dr. Seuss, and do you say what Dr. Seuss feels because those who mind don't matter or because those who matter don't mind?"

I don't mind, but I'm curious.

It's so fun to pretend you have a wooden leg - Twigger
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Oxymoronic? Really? I have never felt this - it always made a lot of sense to me, hence why I have it as my signature.

In answer to your question: yes, indeed; I am Dr. Seuss reincarnated. And both reasons are valid, as by way of the explanation in the quote, the group of people who matter and the group of people who mind are mutually exclusive, and so can be both affected differently at the same time with minimal crossover. :)

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