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Outer Heaven logo

Outer Heaven logo (Metal Gear)

This is a personal revision of the 1987 game's original logo.

Metal Gear Wikia says: "The skull logo of Outer Heaven displays a left-facing swastika on its forehead, which is used as a geometrical motif and as a religious symbol, especially in Eastern and Dharmic religions. It can have many meanings, often relating to peace (the original Sanskrit svastika literally means "to be good"), but despite this, the symbol has become stigmatized in the Western world because of its iconic usage by Nazi Germany. Modern usage often displays the left-facing swastika (卍) due to the association of the right-facing version (卐) with Nazism." Outer Heaven - The Metal Gear Wiki
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did this cause contreversy ?
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I hope not, it's like the original logo outerheavenoriginal, I think is better to add the description of the logo, thanks.