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Over the last months we build up a new Cathedral and took screenshots over the whole time, to create a timelapse video.

► Interested in more nice videos? Check out my YouTube channel:…
Me and some other guys are starting up a new Minecraft server project called EpicOnline. All of our team members are experienced, who played for over a year on an other big German server.

If you are interested, we would like to welcome you on our website/forum or talk to you on our teamspeak server.

Please notice, that the server is not jet opened for playing, we're just preparing everything to your satisfaction.

Server IP:
I will use this accout to post some of my best Minecraft buildings. Stay tuned ;)
After a year as a silent watcher, I decided to upload some of my works I've done in the last years. Maybe someone gets inspired by one of these. And now: Have fun ;)