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August 3, 2021
Herbalist by phoenixz38
Featured by Astralseed
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Old wrinkled druid examines the new herb, just a usual works routine
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© 2021 phoenixz38
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only the most hardcore herbalists grow parasitic mushrooms on their own body. Great work awesome character design!

phoenixz38's avatar

They're for special rituals, ha-ha :D

Thanks a lot!

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Nice character design!

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Congrats on getting featured 😊

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Thanks, it was so surprising! :dummy:

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i love the leaves in his beard^^ he surely is a part of a mystical kind of nature

phoenixz38's avatar

Oh, thank you ^^

he surely is!

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Very Nice work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!!!

For My Personal Use Only
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I'm just speechless, thank you for such huge support! ^^

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from the look he is such reliable old man.

i love how you put plants on here and there as detail. its making him look more reliable, plus his serius expression when looking at the herb is super cool **)b

phoenixz38's avatar

I'm trying to make chars more alive by adding those little details, thanks for noticing ;)

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wow i agree with you :D

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Herbalists are a curious bunch. They always look for new insights about everything that grows in the world. Always digging, always plucking, always cutting, always sniffing. But although they seem weird and should be looked down on by many people, even nobles are friendly to them.

Why that is, is obvious, because they know the secrets of the woods and can cure poison and illness even better than most doctors. Not few were saved by drinking bitter tea or chewing a leaf they could not tell apart from an ordinary tree leaf.

But foremost many people are scared. Yes, many herbalists are weak and can be pushed around, also they are mostly friendly and never hurt a soul, but when someone hits their bottom line, not only do they have to fear poison, no...

That was the story about count Herrington, who trampled the pride of Gilling a herbalist. While Gilling was studying a particular flower in the woods, he did not greet count Herrington, who was hunting. Petty as the count was, he ordered men to trample the garden of Gilling and ordered the Garrison to not let him in any of his cities. Gilling left right after those attacks but left a present.

A month afterwards all the fields withered unexpectedly. Moulds attacked all the wheat, all grapes started drying up and withered without reason, even the trees did not grew even one fruit this year.

This was a disaster! Not only could count Herrington pay the tribute to the crown out of his own pocket he needed to buy food with inflated prices from other duchies. Peasants and Merchants left his city in droves and made it look like he lived on a cursed land.

Right at winter did he flee his own land and gave the title to his second brother to let him figure out what to do. Had he waited for next summer he would have noticed it was only this year and although the people only got slowly back to their home towns they still trickled back.

Now former count Herrington lost most of his finance, his duchy and the trust of the crown. And even if he wanted to say it was Gilling, there was neither proof nor a rational explanation how he could have done it.

Herbalists are a curious bunch. Always digging, always, plucking, always cutting, always sniffing. But no one wants to slight them. Someday they might need a healing tea, and even if they do not, they don't want their fields to rot overnight.

phoenixz38's avatar

Such an interesting story, thank you! Where is it from, or is it yours?

SorenMaelstrom's avatar

Just wrote it because I saw the art. I just write what is on my mind most of the time. Hope I didn't bother you. :)

phoenixz38's avatar

Are you kidding? It's brilliant! :0

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Very nice work!

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