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Cat Brush

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includes 9 different feline brushes you can use in most any application you could want!

Rules for using my brushes:

1. link back to me, and favorite this submission
2. please post back here with what you made
3. have fun using them!

images are from Dover's copyright free clipart books- used with permission.

good with photoshop 7.0 and up!
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Am I allowed to use these commercially? I kind of have a cat themed story coming up within the next few months and if I could do half my graphics this way it makes more sense.
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squack omg i was looking for somthing like this! (favorites your page, you gots any mo precious? and WHY ONLY 9 COMMENTS LAZY PPLZ! Q-Q
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[link] Can you stop your kitty?
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these are lovely! i am loving this!!! :clap::wow:
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Oh I have looooots more.

Which would you prefer? Floral, neo-classical, chinese art, japanese art or borders?
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thank you so much! borders are something i need to work on so maybe we can start with those?
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sure :3 I'll get some border brushes done soon lol

no problem ^____^
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woooohooo! haha!
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same question as on butteflies how do i use this I'd like to redo some kitty drawings with this
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you click 'download' at the side and then upload it into your brushes in photoshop :D
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ORLY thats kewl
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