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1. What are you excited about right now?:

I'm getting Starbucks soon
2. What was the last thing you enjoyed?:

3. Last item you sold/gave away:

If art counts
4. Favorite school memory:

This is gonna sound chessey but 10th grade there was a new girl who wanted me to play volleyball with her and I did and it turned out to be the best thing I've ever done. I really hope life is treating her well nowadays....
5. Favorite type of math:

Anything but calculus
6. What is your name:

7. Age:

8. Today's date:

9. Weather:

sunny and hot af
10. Season:

11. Did you graduate high school?:

12. Are you college-bound?:

13. What kind of college do you want to attend/graduate from?:

I dont, and if I do something dealing with business
14. Who is the last person you helped?:

15. What did you do to help them?:

Cant say tbh
16. Career/Dream job:

Freelance photographer
17. What do you do in that job?:

As the name of it says
18. Are you comfy?:

19. What position are you in?:

Sitting on a bus
20. Last chore you did:

Washed my clothes a few days ago
21. Last rude thing you said:

I told someone that unlike them I was trying to stay physically fit (that sounds awful but it was a situation and I lost my cool)
22. To whom did you say it to?:

23. Favorite thing about Outer Space:

24. Do you play sports?:

25. Which ones:

Volleyball, softball/baseball, swimming
26. Do you have a swimming pool?:

27. Your football team:

I dont care for football
28. Your current love/crush:

29. Your hairstyle:

Really short, I wanna completely shave my head again
30. What would you name a pet turtle?:

31. How about a pet owl?:

32. Pet flamingo?:

Um Leggy
33. Parrot?:

It really depends on the parrot, I have A LOT of names for parrots because I want one uhhhhh in a general sense Frisk
34. Looking forward to/did you enjoy college?:

No interest in college
35. Last thing you ate:

36. Last time you used a bowl:

Pffft we dont use bowls round these parts! Instead we use a craft mac and cheese bowl, clean it out, and use it for ramen noodles.... (I've done that recently dont judge me)
37. Lucky number(s):

38. Favorite math teacher:

My math teacher for most of high school, looking back on it there were probably rumors going on about us uhhh (nothing was going on there that shouldnt have been, we were just close since we both loved coffee and math)
39. Last game/sport/bet/contest/etc you won:

I got all 4 candles in Stardew Valley if that counts
40. Dream vacation:

41. Last place you drove to:

Cant say
42. Last game/sport/bet/contest/etc you lost:

Five Nights At Freddys
43. Proudest moment:

Graduating basic training for the army
44. Last gift you recieved:

Does buying myself coffee count
45. Last argument you had:

Dont want to talk about it
46. Whom was it with?:

47. What was it over?:

A bunch of stuff
48. Oldest person you know:

I've met way too many people to really guess tbh
49. Favorite form of volunteer work:

Doing anything at an animal shelter
50. Favorite song:

Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots
51. Weirdest scar:

I have a long scar on my thigh
52. How'd you get it?:

Fell off of a car.... it was parked... I was a kid dont judge me
53. When did you get it?:

When I was little, dont really know how old I was