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I wanted to say something creepy or witty or nostalgic about how Morty's my favorite male gym leader or even vaguely art-related but you know what? I can't think of anything. Ever since I saw that goddamn HGSS sprite all I can think is SCARF. No, seriously, have you seen it? It is the rare and powerful Awesome Uber-Scarf of +50 Metrosexuality and it's really not that big a deal so I couldn't tell you why but that scarf makes my freaking day.

...okay, it's probably not the scarf that makes him look so metro so much as it is the switch from the baggy clothes, which I don't seem to have done justice in this picture, but SCARF so shut up.

Also I just plain want it. I WANT HIS SCARF.

I'm going to go away now and maybe I can come up with that witty/creepy/Morty-appropriate comment when it isn't two in the morning and that amazing metroscarf is not wrapped around my brain so tightly.

Morty is Nintendo's and so is his scarf, but the scarf should totally belong to me. SCARF.
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