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Demongate High: Gray Bancroft by phoenixsamurai Demongate High: Gray Bancroft by phoenixsamurai
This is Gray Bancroft, a filler illustration for the new Demongate High rules. He's actually the second PC I ever made for the setting, though I only played him a couple times.
Gray is a True Martial Artist, whose martial art is kendo. The sword he has was given to his great-grandfather, ambassador to Japan in the late 19th century, and has been passed down in his family ever since. Gray has a number of other abilities as well. First, he's especially tuned to the spiritual world, a "spirit empath," and can communicate with earthly spirits (as well as the kami of his sword). He's also a Bloodbather, gaining power from demon blood (hence the blood splattered all over him). There's also a mysterious demonic presence in his soul, giving him a dragon's visual senses (and the weird eyes). But that dragon's presence also has the capability of taking control of Gray...

Gray is shy and also quite obsessed with anime and Japanese culture and honor. He names all his attacks in Japanese, and talks annoying anime-speak very often. Spoiler alert: He ends up dating Juno, once things in her life settle down a little.

Demon blood is black, and burns away when exposed to air. I tried to capture that with the glowing effects on the blood, but I'm still not sure I got it just right.

Many thanks to :icondracovina: and :iconinmate0fmymind: for the brushes!
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December 8, 2013
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