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Huntress of the Night by phoenixreal Huntress of the Night by phoenixreal
I am the
daughter of darkness.
I am the
emissary of blackness.

From the ending
springs the black
to wash over the whole.

Flashing eyes,
dark form, idea to flesh.
From nothingness, I come.

I am the
creature of the night.
I am the
huntress of the dark.

I have pleasing shape,
lovely scent, musical sound,
all to lure you into comfort.

Come to me.
In the dark.
Come to me.
In the black.
I'll take you away.
I'll take your life.
Regal-Pinion Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Here's an overanalyzed comment from an over tired madman...
While reading the poem I wondered if there was a significance in your choice for syllables, so I counted the syllables for each verse, then found out the total syllables was 105. Prior to the counting the themes of night and huntresses made me think of the Greek goddess, Artemis. 
I looked up Artemis on a random whim of curiosity and found out there is an asteroid named 105 Artemis. 
"What a cool coincidence." I thought. 
It dawned on to me, some people may pronounce the word the word 'idea' as one syllable instead of three so comical disappoint settled in at some lame number of 104. 
Guess what year the Temple of Artemis met its reversal and was destroyed? 401 AD. 
That's it. Just a crazy thirty minute adventure to note, "What are the odds?" 
Either way, great poem. 
phoenixreal Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2016  Professional General Artist
Well, that was an interesting adventure!  :) 

*hugs* Much appreciated!  I think it would be 105. ;)
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