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VoS: Chellone



My Character for :iconvalley-of-siyyon:
For better details, Download the image.

EDIT: Added Gamma form.
Animal Art by =Majime

Note me if you want to play with him. Currently, it seems as if all he's going to do is lull around and be lazy.


Territory Name: Okeanos
Name: Chellone ( SHELL-own )
Species: Green Sea Turtle ( Chelonia mydas )
Rank: Gamma
Gender: Male
Age: 24 in appearance / human years
Orientation: Pansexual
Status: Taken
Mate: Akkilokipok
Powers/Abilities: Increased speed

Personality: Chellone is a very relaxed and accepting kind of guy. He fears very little seeing as he's had very few predators come his adult life. Just about the only things he doesn't trust or like are big sharks and humans. He can typically be found lounging about in shallow water or on rocks, smoking from a small pipe or a leaf wrap.

He loves games and a challenge. He will never back down from a race. If he loses, he will challenge the winner again and again until he wins or there is a compromise that his loss will never be spoken of again.

Just about the only thing he fears is loud noises; and more specifically, thunder storms. While he doesn't frighten very often due to being in a constant relaxed state, if he is scared, he will retract into his shell and stay there until he's sure that the coast is clear.

History: He had a rough life as a hatchling, constantly being chased and bullied by bigger turtles and predators. Because of this, he learned how to swim fast; an ability learned to make up for his smaller size. This allowed him to get to safe places and earned him a bit of bragging rights among his loose knit bale. Though, he was never one for large groups. And even less for the drastic climate changes of his previous home land. Seeking not to have to consistently migrate and greener lands – literally – he set out on his own, finding his way to Siyyon.
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WOA! A sea-turtle human! What a lovely concept! Great work :clap: