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April Lowry - Loud House Style by PhoenixOfGrunvale April Lowry - Loud House Style :iconphoenixofgrunvale:PhoenixOfGrunvale 19 0 Formal Events Are Awkward by PhoenixOfGrunvale Formal Events Are Awkward :iconphoenixofgrunvale:PhoenixOfGrunvale 8 0 Grunvalified Mark and Mary by PhoenixOfGrunvale Grunvalified Mark and Mary :iconphoenixofgrunvale:PhoenixOfGrunvale 8 2
Grunvale, Ch. 10.1
Coffee and Licorice
Okay, can this narrator ask that these chapters stop following the whole "X and Y" chapter title format? 'cause seriously, this the third one in a row. And the first one was a title that's already been used for a song and a movie before this! Thank you.
"Randy, do you realize how ridiculous that sounds?" Gilda scoffed, as she stood facing her adopted brother in front of the JCPenney. A scowl crossed her brow, and she was holding, in her hands, a shoe box with a pink ribbon tied around it. It was obvious to Randy that she had bought both when she was shopping. But that wasn't important to him right now; he was deeply in fear of what he had just witnessed, and he was quite pissed that she would just brush it off like that.
"Are you serious, Gilda?!" he retorted. "You falling from the sky you'll believe, but a room full of blood you cannot conceive?!"
"I've been in every bathroom in this mall, Randy," Gilda replied. "Including the one you were just in.
:iconphoenixofgrunvale:PhoenixOfGrunvale 2 0
August Lowry - Loud House Style by PhoenixOfGrunvale August Lowry - Loud House Style :iconphoenixofgrunvale:PhoenixOfGrunvale 16 0 Viva La Revolucion by PhoenixOfGrunvale Viva La Revolucion :iconphoenixofgrunvale:PhoenixOfGrunvale 32 9 90s Dope by PhoenixOfGrunvale 90s Dope :iconphoenixofgrunvale:PhoenixOfGrunvale 11 3 A Beautiful, Windy Spring Evening (500K Pageviews) by PhoenixOfGrunvale A Beautiful, Windy Spring Evening (500K Pageviews) :iconphoenixofgrunvale:PhoenixOfGrunvale 9 0 Ketchup is Bloody Deadly (400 Twitter Followers) by PhoenixOfGrunvale Ketchup is Bloody Deadly (400 Twitter Followers) :iconphoenixofgrunvale:PhoenixOfGrunvale 4 1 Hi There, Piers Morgan! How Ya Doin'? by PhoenixOfGrunvale Hi There, Piers Morgan! How Ya Doin'? :iconphoenixofgrunvale:PhoenixOfGrunvale 12 1 New Year's in Grunvale by PhoenixOfGrunvale New Year's in Grunvale :iconphoenixofgrunvale:PhoenixOfGrunvale 9 3 Storm's 2018 Art Summary by PhoenixOfGrunvale Storm's 2018 Art Summary :iconphoenixofgrunvale:PhoenixOfGrunvale 14 3 25? Days of Grunvalification - 25 - Sonic by PhoenixOfGrunvale 25? Days of Grunvalification - 25 - Sonic :iconphoenixofgrunvale:PhoenixOfGrunvale 12 5 25? Days of Grunvalification - 24 - Warren/Lincoln by PhoenixOfGrunvale 25? Days of Grunvalification - 24 - Warren/Lincoln :iconphoenixofgrunvale:PhoenixOfGrunvale 16 1
Grunvale, Ch. 9.3
It was a few minutes past 7AM, by the time Gilda and Randy had walked out from under the shadow of Yonderpine's canopy, and onto East Pine Drive, as it glowed in the golden sunlight of the cold March morning. Neither of them had been on the Yonderpine side of Grunvale much before, so getting a view of the town, and Yonderpine's rockier brother Hatcher, from this angle, was a pretty sight for both of them. Close by, they had Malick Park to the right of their view, and the Grunvale Country Club to their left. They were standing roughly at level with the mayor's mansion, which was about 400 feet from the ground relative to Grunvale. So getting a view, not just of the town's upper-class neighborhood, but from above, felt like quite a luxury to both Gilda and Randy.
The town of Grunvale itself, was at the end of East Pine Drive, about three miles down the road. It looked like a model from so far away, like a museum diorama. And to top the sight off, was the half-mile-high Mount Ha
:iconphoenixofgrunvale:PhoenixOfGrunvale 3 0
25? Days of Grunvalification - 23 - Phoenix by PhoenixOfGrunvale 25? Days of Grunvalification - 23 - Phoenix :iconphoenixofgrunvale:PhoenixOfGrunvale 12 2


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Thoughts on the first Grunvale chapter fragment of 2019? 

6 deviants said Really good! What are you foreshadowing with Thel Veeder?
2 deviants said Pretty good.
2 deviants said It was okay.
No deviants said ...this is one of the weaker chapters so far.


As a bit of an addition to how the 'you should be grateful' is a stupid argument that needs to die.

'You should be grateful', as one may put it, are words used to silence criticism. It's how we ended up with stuff like Sony's re-releases of their PS2 games. Just look at the PS4 re-release of Jak II.…

I haven't played the original PS2 release of this game, I've only played the PS3 version. And I can tell you that I notice defects on this PS4 release, that aren't supposed to be there. The obvious one for me is the audio; there's a bunch of cracks and pops that are not there in the previous releases. And looking close, I can see the models and the textures fidgeting around. And I'm supposed to be okay with the game looking like this? I'm supposed to be grateful for a shoddy port of the game that looked better on older hardware?

"This is not Jak II, this is a scam banking on the unfulfilled promise of Jak II."
- VG Myths

And that's just considering video games. Let's take for example some other medium, let's say, television. Back when the South Park episode, Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus, aired in April of 1998, audiences were expecting the resolution to the cliffhanger on which season 1 ended. And when they got the Terrance and Phillip episode, many were pissed off. To this day, the episode is rarely re-ran on Comedy Central. This wasn't angry fans being ungrateful, this was angry fans who were lied to for the sake of a scummy April Fools' prank.

In short, 'be grateful' is a stupid argument.
Same here. The 'you should be grateful' argument is used to silence criticism. And if you're using it, please stop.
The more and more I see the "you should be grateful" argument, the more and more I come to detest it.

embedded_item1550423919691 by PlagueKnightReviewer
April Lowry - Loud House Style
Well, since TLH-style August Lowry worked out so well, I decided to push my skills once again to do his twin sister, April!


I actually like how this came out even more than August's TLH-style self. It was traced once again, using Lincoln, Lori, Leni, Luan, Margo (Roberts), the Fool's Paradise skunk and TLH August, as references. I used 10px ink lines this time, instead of doubled-up 5px lines. And I feel that it came out looking a lot smoother. Also, finally got the right size nose this time. Next time I draw August in this style, I'll refer to this artwork here to see how big August's nose is supposed to be.

April looks adorable this way. :D I especially love how her face came out. That's pretty much exactly the face I imagine her making whenever she sees bugs around her, or dirt on her clothes. Speaking of which, I don't draw April nearly enough. Her personality as an obsessive-compulsive girly-girl has a lot of potential, both for story and humor, in my eyes.

What do you guys think, though? Post in the comments or leave a critique! :D (Big Grin)


Discord: Contact me by my tag (Phoenix of Grunvale#1752) for an invite to my server.

I'm always open for commissions. Just send me a note about what you want, and we'll talk from there.

Grunvale - Chapter 10, Part 1: now available to read on DA!


Grunvale is owned by me. You're free to draw fanart of it yourself, as long as you credit me.
The Loud House is owned by Nickelodeon.
This artwork was made at 1080p resolution, in 1:1.33.

Well, now we have the official word. MLPFIM's ninth season will be its last. :(

Not Pixar's tweet. The replies to it. To rephrase a thing LoudCartoonist99 has said before, Spider-Verse fanbase, can you not Spider-Verse fan for one measly second?! Seriously, I get that you love the film, I love it too. But can you not shove it down everyone's throat at every single opportunity?! It's getting annoying! I hate going to my Twitter timeline and seeing a dozen different versions of that fucking 'hey' meme, and I cringe even more seeing you guys post that fucking GIF a hundred times to Pixar's tweet.

Jeebus... this fanbase has gotten to Mad Max: Fury Road levels of toxic. It really has. There are other good animated films released in 2018 that aren't Spider-Verse.
I'm seriously considering skipping the Oscars this year. It hasn't even aired yet, and I feel like I'm watching a trainwreck just hearing all the news around it.
Formal Events Are Awkward
Valentine's Day artwork!


Margo and August are awkward when it comes to formal events, in contrast to their respective girly-girl sisters, Molly Hynde and April Lowry. Margo, being a tomboy, hates formal attire. She hates dresses, she hates makeup, she hates having her hair done. August, on the other hand, while not outright hating upscale events, isn't used to the behaviors expected at them, either. For instance, he's seen the 'pinky out' thing a few times on TV and in movies, and doesn't know if he's actually supposed to do it. Also, I imagine him being awkward about handshakes as well (like I am in real life).

But the two still enjoy each other's company, no matter where they are together. And they often times have Shirley Temples (the cherry-flavored ginger ale) to look forward to. They are so adorable together. :D


Not much to say about this one from an artwork standpoint, except I decided to draw Margo in a different formal outfit (this one more 60s-inspired than the yellow one). Also, I chose to have them drink Shirley Temples, because that's been a highlight for me, of the three times I've been to prom (yes, I went to high school prom three times with my ex-girlfriend... 😑 Not that I wanted to. One was enough for me, and yet I was dragged to two others). Prom may be a load of shit, but at least Shirley Temples are delicious. Don't see why the actress herself hated them.

Also, what could those faded green eyes painted on the wall be? :o ;)

Discord: Contact me by my tag (Phoenix of Grunvale#1752) for an invite to my server.

I'm always open for commissions. Just send me a note about what you want, and we'll talk from there.

Grunvale - Chapter 10, Part 1: now available to read on DA!


Grunvale is owned by me. You're free to draw fanart of it yourself, as long as you credit me.
This artwork was made at 4K resolution, in 2.35:1.
I revisited the iOS version of Sonic 2 recently (the one I did a Garbage Gaming page on a while back), and... I'm gonna be honest, this port is better than I remember it. At least playing as Knuckles, I've found that taking the game slower than I do on the console versions, it's more playable. I even managed to get all the Chaos Emeralds, and complete the Hidden Palace Zone*. I still think the console versions are the definitive way to play Sonic 2, but the iOS version... yeah, disregard that old page I made back then. It may not be as good a game as it is on consoles, but it's good enough for the... high C range/low B range.

* Yes, the Hidden Palace Zone is playable on the iOS version. It's down what was the infamous spike pit on the console versions of Mystic Cave Act 2.
"What people call love, is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. It hits hard, then it slowly fades."
- Justin Roiland
You know how people like to say stuff like "of course women can hold positions of power, this isn't the 1950s"? Well, I'd like to go a step further, modernize that saying.

Of course women can hold positions of power without her gender being pointed out. This isn't the 1980s. Gender does not define a woman's ability to lead.
...okay, what even is this? This doesn’t look like a Frozen movie. It looks like a Lord of the Rings movie. Just because you can be a Jak II kind of sequel, doesn’t mean you should.

Ew. The Will Smith Genie looks even more horrifying blue. He looks like the god of Smurfitarianism.

I never said the originals were tainted or perfect, but yeah. This.
I always get a little annoyed when Disney announces a live action remake. Not because of the usual reasons, but because the community inevitably goes apeshit that their “perfect movies” are getting “tainted” or some nonsense, even though the original will always exist and they’ll end up supporting the very thing they hate by hate-watching them in theatres. I’m not saying I support them, since they’re indicative of creative bankruptcy, but the problem persists.



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Phoenix Rainier Storm
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

I created a thing called Grunvale.

There are four forms of animation: 2D (either hand-drawn or Flash), CGI, stop motion and puppetry.

It is not a crime to have a minority opinion. In fact, any minority opinion you have on anything, shows that you have an interesting way of looking at something in a way no one else did.

P.R. Storm's Personality Type Results

Luna is extremely overrated (really!) by XTheDarkStrikersX78
This is just a little... unfinished TV Tropes page I've been making on and off for my little story, Grunvale. It's not anywhere near finished, and it's mostly just a list of all the tropes it does. I'll be adding them as the story goes, and anyone who notices any tropes is free to tell me. I don't know every trope in the world. Any... hoo, this is what I have so far.


— Narrator

Grunvale is a serialized novel posted in broken form on DeviantArt and in complete form on FurAffinity, written by P.R. Storm. Set in a world of anthropomorphic animals, the novel focuses on eight eleven-year-old characters and the strange things they encounter in their town.

The story begins with Gilda Grime, a raccoon (referred to as a 'procyonine', the -ine name of a raccoonwith a big nose and a love for citrus fruit who prefers old technologies like Walkmans and LaserDisc players over smartphones (and is frequently bullied for all of it), who, one rainy night, decides to get revenge on her four abusive brothers by fixing up a sour drink with grapefruit, oranges, lemons and limes (which she calls the 'GOLL'). However, it works on Gilda's second-eldest brother, Truman, a little too well, burning and scarring his mouth and tongue and leaving him with impaired speech. When Gilda sees that Truman is now out for revenge for what she has done to him, she goes on the run. And the story only gets crazier from there.

The novel is written in an unusual style, where the third-person narrator (who refers to themself as 'this narrator') frequently breaks the fourth wall, to talk to the readers, state what they think about the story, and to critique the characters on their actions. It is also heavy on the pop culture references. The narrator does not shy away from stating what they think of certain movies, TV shows, music albums, video games, even celebrities. And can get pretty mean-spirited with their descriptions.

Anyhoo, this TV tropes page lists the following tropes for Grunvale:

- Accents Aren't Hereditary: Despite the rest of her family having an Amareican (the Grunvaliverse's equivalent of 'American') accent, and her having not lived in Scotterland (Scotland) since early childhood, April Lowry still has her Scotterish (Scottish) brogue.
- Alliterative Name: Gilda Grime, Wendy Wyler, Chandler Chromos and Harry Hynde.
  - Gilda even remarks to Randy that she was given her alliterative name because her father thought it sounded like that of a cartoon character, like 'Bugs Bunny' or 'Woody Woodpecker'.
- Alphabetical Theme Naming: 
  - The males in the Grime family all have names beginning with 'T' (Theodore, Terence, Truman, Troy, Tom), and both of the females have names beginning with 'G' (Gretchen and Gilda). Additionally, both the parents have eight-letter names, and each succeeding child has one letter less in their name.
  - All of the Hynde family has five-letter first names that end in 'Y' (Harry, Sally, Tabby, Paddy, Molly).
- Big Brother Bully: Truman, inverted with Troy and Tom. Terence starts out as this in Gilda's Brothers, but when he sees what Truman is becoming, he tries (and frequently fails) to reform himself in front of Gilda throughout the story.
- Curse Cut Short: In the chapter One Strange Oasis:
    - Randy: If I ever find that Truman, in streets or in malls, rest assured, I'll go up and chop off his --
    (Gilda trips on the stairs)
    - Gilda: I'm okay, y'alls!
- Heroes Want Redheads: Inverted. The orange-haired rabbit/leporine Margo Hynde has a crush on brunet skunk/mephitine August Lowry.
- Middle Child Syndrome: Gilda Grime is a frequent abuse victim at the hands of her brothers. Her character arc involves trying to push her eldest brother Terence out of her life, and running from her second-eldest brother Truman and younger brothers Troy and Tom.
- N-Word Privileges: When a donkey/asinine takes offense to Margo uttering the word 'jackass', August remarks that equines (asinines/donkeys in particular) don't like any non-equines using the term.
- No Fourth Wall: The narrator themself frequently reacts to what's happening in the story.
- Precision F-Strike: While the story is littered with swears, there are several moments that stand out.
  - Randy utters '¡joder!' (the Spanish equivalent of an F-bomb) while examining Gilda's sweat.
  - Alan drops an F-bomb when he sees that Harper has written a racial slur written on his gym locker.
  - Gilda utters a long, drawn out 'fuck!' as she succumbs to the effects of the roofie Truman slips in her Sprite... just as she sees him coming towards her with the knife.
- Reference Overdosed: Barely a page goes by where a character or the narrator doesn't crack some kind of reference to pop culture.
- Slipping a Mickey: In Lunchtime, Truman does this to Gilda, so he can easily cut out her tongue, as revenge for burning his.
- Waxing Lyrical: The chapter April Bails has two of these:
- Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: April hates insects. Even the bipedal, anthropomorphic ones.
- World of Pun: Many of the names of towns, cities and countries are animal puns, e.g. 'Amareica' (America), 'Eagland' (England) and 'New Pork' (New York).


And that's what I have for now. Again, if you know of any tropes Grunvale uses, don't hesitate to tell me.

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