The F Word # 9

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The F Works

Welcome to the 9th in the series of The F Word. Recently I asked my watchers in a poll about their one favourite work by an artist in deviantART, with a reason as to why they chose it, even if it wasn't mandatory. I also have a few more wonderful works to feature as well along with some other information around dA including contests (including exciting contests happening for deviantART's 11th birthday)!
Enjoy :heart:

SilentKara suggested :

airborne. by CarolineZenker
by CarolineZenker
"I love everything in this work. The beautiful girl, her pretty hairstyle, the blurred background and of course the way she looks up with this tiny leaf on her head"

syko-girl suggested :

by inuhiro
"I just love his style~ x3"

litecrush suggested :

Emote Wars Reloaded by madb0y
by madb0y
"I really love madb0y's work.  He is a great pixel artist and animator. I'm always blow away when I see his deviations. XD "

Ionosphere-Negate suggested :

Dragons of Nu Abi - Dawn by seeker-of-the-skies
by seeker-of-the-skies
"I think his artwork has excellent potential. He already has a good sense of character and anatomy, that he both has developed on his own. He also has good science behind his work too, so that's a good plus for a story.
Oh, and he composes his own music too. I [kid] you not, look for him on Soundcloud."

FallenUmbrella suggested :

Recuento Onirico by giselaverdessi
by giselaverdessi
"It is very detailed and surreal :love: "

BDT466 suggested :

by wanwan
This piece is absolutely stunning, the colouring, DOF, lighting...everything is damn near perfect! I've been a fan of the artist for a long time now and this is just one of many. Seriously, if you enjoy being blow away by truly amazing art, go check out her gallery."

GrannyJae suggested :

THE TREE OF LIFE by Voodoomamma
by Voodoomamma
"Her piecees are bright, colorful, effervescent."

TiaVon suggested :

Meteor Shower by DismayedSense
by DismayedSense
"His photography always makes me wonder. And he's such a nice person as well. :love: "

evermorefire suggested :

Alphonse's Choice by fayrenpickpocket
by fayrenpickpocket
"This is a beautiful depiction of one of the most intense moments in the entire manga series."

DoubleVixen suggested :

shelly full view by Dreamkeeperfae
by Dreamkeeperfae
"Fae constantly makes gorgeous, detailed designs that make me want to try my hand in 3D artwork (if I didn't know it was a pain the butt). Take a look at her gallery! She deserves every watch."

Tajii-chan suggested :

Water Lily Fae by ShannonValentine
by ShannonValentine
" She is an incredible artist that deserves more love :heart:
I love this piece for its beautiful attention to details, in both the lineart and the colors! The fairy is absolutely beautiful, and I love all of the colors that she's mixed in!"

Elephantfreak suggested :

by aerinl
"The colors are just amazing~"

XxepIkzxX suggested :

LOVE: the Universal Language by little-frogy
by little-frogy
"I truly adore this deviation!
The concept and the effort put into this work is just phenomenal. :) "

So here are some of my favourites. Simply put, these are some of the amazing works I have seen, whether for their simplistic or humorous nature, sheer skills or some unexplainable motif :faint:

Hopefully, there is palatable work for everyone from some extensive categories!

Give love to these excellent deviations. Every single piece deserves exposure and shows effort, skills and talent!
Enjoy :heart:


Imaginary Garden by LaraBLN Chanson by davebold370

Cartoons and Comics

Mice and cat by youxiandaxia Flash colors by Cinar The Vault Preview 002 by saktiisback tradinional story of CHinese by sei-ya


Door Cheering by KinnisonArc


March Renga - KissThe surface ripples
a peach blossom's tender kiss
shoes rest in the grass
Not A PlantI must move
for if I
I will be

Digital Art

:thumb200275641: Fiery Vanity by sXeven Tell Me a Tale by JenZee I Met a Yellow Monster by seblarroude The Memory Remain by henryz Uh-Oh by darkmello tower by TENnaomi Flying.Apsaras by snowhaven :thumb205209809: :thumb106809381: Skate Runner by ThanosTsilis Sports ad by ThanosTsilis DRAGON_SLAYER_for_CGPintor by totmoartsstudio2 fishhair by CrankBot Thor's Assassin by The-Hand DW 5 God of Nightmares by yigitkoroglu Kirill by Oneforni Letter Unsent v2 by TLCook Perua do Aricanduva. by Wilustra Xmen: Nightcrawler by annecain Payoff by JonasDeRo Next by Firnadi Two Sisters by Junedays Ampoy and Damulag by martinezdezign Resting place by Flockhart :thumb211816218: :thumb201441868: A GAME OF THRONES Timett by nachomolina Lord Shen by youxiandaxia :thumb213745939: Drow by HELMUTTT EL by EnferDeHell Sue vs. the Minotaur by dangercook Solstice by scarypet Mine by Fealasy Platypus Cirque by fandygembuk :thumb217846974: Summer fun by ValeraPosmitniy NeverDead UST by TakayamaToshiaki


dark by sobery kkk oo by metindemiralay S P E A K E A S Y by burningmonk bridal by devsior Inspiration by AppleChua Passage by anrki A sight to Behold by alexandre-deschaumes The Skater by nfilipevs subway by u-nik photo finish by myraincheck Gaia by AaronMcPolin Easy like a sunday morning by tomislav-moze traditional 2 by mbahuyo Arsenic_04 by hellwoman We will resist by Nirka secretive nuns by SantiBilly 95 by MecuroBCotto 2011-064 by rainris

Traditional Art

:thumb65033742: morning winter by Kegriz Silent voice II by LeviDansam :thumb211718952: :thumb211424414: :thumb216557030: Look, I found a big one by ChiakiChama Anonymity by bubblyworks

Space art and Sci-fi

NeverDead promotional illust:1 by TakayamaToshiaki Children of The Tower by FacundoDiaz Runaway by SharksDen Kazu by Dopaprime Epic Nemesis Cover by StugMeister Mars by armandeo64 Dawn by Abiogenisis

Previous Issues:


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phoenixleo o_O
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It was my pleasure! :)
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Thank you for the feature! I love the rest of these works!
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You are most welcome! :)
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Wonderful collection! Thank you so much for featuring my art and for supporting all these artists! :hug:
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Thanks for the feature! There is some amazing work here! :D
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Cheers to you too! ;) :ahoy:
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Wow, thank you so much!
It's such an honor for me to be here~ :huggle:

And..and..the other works are soooo...AWESOMEMAZING! :love:
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You are most welcome! :huggle:
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Thanks a lot for the feature! :)
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You are most welcome! :)
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Oh wow, thanks for featuring one of my pieces!
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You are most welcome! :)
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I love; they're just so much fun! :heart:

And there's something for everyone! :la:
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