The F Word # 8

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The F Works

Welcome to the 8th in the series of The F Word. Recently I asked my watchers in a poll about their one favourite work by an artist in deviantART, with a reason as to why they chose it, even if it wasn't mandatory. I also have a few more wonderful works to feature as well along with some other information around dA including contests!
Enjoy :heart:

TimmehMonster suggested :

Take Hold of Yourself by ChalmersArtwork
by ChalmersArtwork
"It looks cool, and its all done by [pencil. Id say its amazing!"

SilentKara suggested :

Underwater love by Papkalaci
by Papkalaci
"It is just amazing :la:"

sonic-lover-forever suggested :

by theTrue-LunaXwuv
"I love this artist! She is amazing! :)"

lindelokse suggested :

Mandelocular - 16 by ChaoticAtmospheres
by ChaoticAtmospheres
"He's amazing, his are by far the best mandelbulbs I've ever seen :)"

dhik-a suggested :

Entomophobia by badcciintra
by badcciintra
"The lightning is just killing. Also check her gallery, I promise you'll not be disappointed."

luckydesigns suggested :

Be Careful by antontang
by antontang
"I love all of antontang's photos, but this is one of my favorites. Check out that detail! And the DOF is pretty amazing, too. The creativity is just beyond awesome."

Hayden Panettiere aka Claire by AthenaTT
by AthenaTT
"This is a PENCIL drawing! It looks so realistic! There is so much detail and time put into this, it's"

Pola-444 suggested :

The ShoeboxI got a brand new heart today
it's nice and shiny too...
I'm gonna leave the wrapper on
till I find the one girl who
I'd like to share my new heart with...
Oh look! That spot is blue!
My new heart has accessories...
love, joy, hope, and trust.
I better read the instructions,
I don't want the thing to bust.
"Warning: Please read before you open"
HA! It's not from toys 'r us.
The Use and Care section tells me
to "Give it plenty sun"
"Don't over water your new heart,
tears make the colors run."
"Be careful who you share it with,
your new heart's yield is: 1"
"For best results use every day"
That shouldn't be too hard.
"There is a risk of burning when
you turn on your new heart."
"Don't leave it out there for too long,
or it will grow cold and hard."
So I met this girl on campus who
likes the sun, yellow, and flowers...
I got to thinking, "This could work"
And bought her some sun flowers.
I lent her my heart, and then we played
for days that seemed like hours.
But in the end, we were just

by neotsn
"My favorite piece of writing I think ever."

ReBaka-Chan suggested :

Form Ashes to the Flame by IsaacMonster
by IsaacMonster
"Because it is just f'in amazing!"

FenrirKeyblade suggested :

by Ninillie
"Because it's very cute, soft and sweet. <'3 "

Elephantfreak suggested :

Death Eater by michellemonique
by michellemonique
"Great model and use of the general description of a Death Eater."

evermorefire suggested :

Fantasy Earth Zero by ippus
by ippus
"An amazing character design for a great game!"

VeelaBunny suggested :

by DemureElite
"Anything DemureElite. I simply ADORE Her coloring, and drawing style."

DoubleVixen suggested :

by jrbarker
"jrbarker continuously makes unique and original digital art, without the watchers he deserves. Check him out and provide some support for his hard work. :3 "

Broken-Lithium suggested :

Mary Musth by Ryohei-Hase
by Ryohei-Hase
because it's so fucking awesome in every way"

Topicality suggested :

by Shoofly58
"Love it. I adore the colors and perception of depth."

Rendering Time and Space by WindieDragon
by WindieDragon
"I love the crazy colors and how it all is so cohesive :love:"

Astralseed suggested :

Mature Content

Sie by Einsamkaith

by Einsamkaith
"Expressive and simply fun!"

The Fountainhead by reglorify
by reglorify
"I've always loved surreal paintings and something about this one is hauntingly beautiful."

XxepIkzxX suggested :

A dream catcher. by Photoloaded
by Photoloaded
"The colour of the sky is just beautiful!
Almost feels like I'm standing on those clouds :) "

aLzRitH suggested :

Protection by Tajii-chan
by Tajii-chan
"Beautifully coloured and awesome! "

ArtisnotanAccident suggested :

Closed Eyes by Camelia-07
by Camelia-07

Somewhere I Belong by CaelGibran
by CaelGibran
"Brilliant work."

BDT466 suggested :

by tgon
"This piece had me in awe from the moment I laid my eyes on it! Such strong emotions are captured, really driving home a sense of motherhood and the love that the title carries. Just stunning!"

So here are some of my favourites. Simply put, these are some of the amazing works I have seen, whether for their simplistic or humorous nature, sheer skills or some unexplainable motif :faint:

Hopefully, there is palatable work for everyone from some extensive categories!

Give love to these excellent deviations. Every single piece deserves exposure and shows effort, skills and talent!
Enjoy :heart:


:thumb192605446: Pool of Regret by Sophquest

Cartoons and Comics

KIDS by FLOWERZZXU conan road of kings 2 cover by nebezial


:talktothehand: V2 by Scorpion81 Door Cheering by KinnisonArc :scream: by yarjor

Design and Interfaces

pool from final by Lionshima

Digital Art

Taming a Dragon by yigitkoroglu

Mature Content

envious by czarnystefan
swan2 by montorpg swan1 by montorpg ::: Waiting ::: -for ethe- by aKiRa-666 his pleasure by dieJodis Monster Approach by vshen Jack Farrell Gift by gureiduson Merry Xmas by jsmonzani :thumb149980981: Twas Brillig by Andoledius CH1-1 by Evaty Keep Moving Forward by alphaleo14 Eden 002 by alexandreev Second invasion of martians by alexandreev Crane Fairy by FionaMeng Spider Hugs by hellcorpceo First Breath by CarolineRaquel Historical Memorials by alikasapoglu

Mature Content

Aileon by Anritco
Yurnero by fuckorange winter comes early by jabberholic spirits keeper by Quberon Ripple by escume Avatar: Katara by Viccolatte A fading lullaby by Mezamero Mickey no more by bopchara


Challenge by IsacGoulart Silhouette by JumpyMonky silhouette by carolynbkh Some live, some die. by Sea-of-Ice Skins 2 by kMoOg Emel Bayram _ Barbara-Klrp by Griphee Natalie Nirvana by Vipergq N I G H T L E O P A R D by burningmonk 250 by aydan-kerimli Room 123 X by hakanphotography :thumb210830999: Couture Plastic by luciekout Heavy on my shoulders by StamatisGR

Artisan Crafts

Squidy by SeanAvery Faux Wood Lion by FauxHead


Mature Content

Atlantis Herald by ARTTalkRID
'Smokin'Souls' by ZephyrChef

Traditional Art

Birds by rodluff

Mature Content

Death of a House Wife by business-casual
Icarus Falling by bawayan :thumb204842795: :thumb190181644: The Wait II by chaosartifex :thumb208731143: :thumb208726188: Cupcake Chef by Pinkie-Perfect dragon tattoo side by mojoncio

Space art and Sci-fi

Bott Hungry by drigzabrot Breathe by korbox Titan Relic by SharksDen Die by Sanchiko Broken Things by Roboto-kun pepto bismol girl by Roboto-kun Contact by SalvadorTrakal Infidel by davepalumbo

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TimoRodriguez's avatar
Thank you very much for the feature man, keep up the good work :)
have a nice day!
phoenixleo's avatar
You are most welcome! :)
yarjor's avatar
Thank you so much for featuring my work! :iconyaybounceplz:
phoenixleo's avatar
PixLs-Ink's avatar
I love how the first three or four explanations are "Blah blah blah AMAZING."
phoenixleo's avatar
Anyone is free to include whatever they want to. :P
PixLs-Ink's avatar
I know.
But not much of an explanation.

"I like this because it's cool, and stuff."
phoenixleo's avatar
:shrug: One doesn't have to go in depth of why they liked something always I guess.
PixLs-Ink's avatar
For something like this, yeah, they kinda do.

Thats like people getting DDs for "I like the colors, and it's cool."
Sure, you can like something for those reasons, but it doesnt hold a grain of knowledge or consideration.
phoenixleo's avatar
Waving the "I like the colors, and it's cool." will hardly make GMs give something a DD unless they want to. If it's all for the colours sure why not :shrug: It can be any reason (which isn't mandatory in the first place) and doesn't hold to giving solid evidence with references or peer reviewed journals on why they think they like it :shrug:
PixLs-Ink's avatar
Oh, but it is possible. And thats sad.

Im not saying that some people HAVE to explain why they like something. Im saying for stuff like this or DD SHOULD have an explanation.
Other than "It's cool."
Theres a reason why art teachers (or at least, MY teachers) ask you to speak on pieces.
phoenixleo's avatar
Fair point. :nod: Although I am not sure I have seen any DD with "It's cool" but more along the line of it's awesome, and some literally find it hard to explain say how an art teacher would point tell why someone likes something, or even a writer's craft teacher. An art teacher's help is something many would lack here I guess. :shrug:
Mishelangello's avatar
Fantastic sellection and article! divine!
phoenixleo's avatar
Thank you Mikko! :dalove:
Tajii-chan's avatar
I always love these features; they're amazing! :love:

And I'm so honored to have been featured-- I'm really humbled by =ALzRitH's suggestion ^///^ I was so happy to see my name in this article!

There's some really gorgeous pieces here; all with such unique concepts and beautiful execution! :heart:
phoenixleo's avatar
You are most welcome and thank you for your support! :)
ChalmersArtwork's avatar
Great Article as per and such an honour to be featured :love:
Much love to =Timthestrangemonster for suggesting me. You rock punk! :heart:
Some great work here, and im glad to have found a couple more artists to watch and admire.
Keep it up guys!
phoenixleo's avatar
You are most welcome! Tim is awesome indeed! :eager:
KinnisonArc's avatar
Thanks a lot for the feature. :dummy:
phoenixleo's avatar
You are most welcome! :)
CaelGibran's avatar
Great article. The works are really amazing and thank you for including my work on list.
phoenixleo's avatar
The pleasure is mine! :ahoy:
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