The F Word #6

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The F Works

Welcome to the 6th in the series of The F Word. Recently I asked my watchers in a poll about their one most favourite work by an artist in deviantART, with a reason as to why they chose it, even if it wasn't mandatory. I also have a few more wonderful works to feature as well :meow:
Enjoy :heart:

suzaku009 suggested :

March Hare by xephia
by xephia
"xephia is an artist who is always improving. I love everything about this piece - the pose, the colors, and even the cocky grin on the character's face."

Elephantfreak suggested :

In a moment of peace. by ForestGirl
by ForestGirl
""In a moment of peace" is one of my favorite works because of the way the artist managed to interweave all of the aspects of their piece together. I personally like the flowers on her dress the best because of the way they seem to give off light."

GrannyJae suggested :

HT - Punk Rock BirdsSee those punk rock birds
With their wild golden mohawks
Screeching up a storm

by noisybubbles
"It's fun and funny, and fits the nature of haiku with the vivid image it creates :)"

Cognitio suggested :

Mystery by Unknown-person
by Unknown-person
"He is my favourite artist here on dA, his art is very good with a nice style, each character take a simple draw(or to me at least looks simple by him) to be created and yet they got a high level of charisma that makes you want to see move, even if this a work is just your ID with his characters matching his very outstanding background and summary to self characters, they [make me] remember each work done by the artist before be it a flash or be it a comics so far it."

hpemouyevoli suggested :

Fun Inside by chicinlicin
by chicinlicin
"I love the way she colors, and the magic and energy she creates in her pieces!!!"

PatrickRuegheimer suggested :

Curves by one-shot-below
by one-shot-below
"The Colors in this shot are just beautiful and brisk, I can't stop peering at this. Also the Sky looks amazing and the Lighting is just perfect."

SanguineEpitaph suggested :

RK-2181 by LindseyWArt
by LindseyWArt
"This is one of the most wondrous sci-fi creatures I've ever seen...LindseyWArt is my artistic idol. She has such creative vision and she is really nice and always willing to answer questions and help developing artists.
Not to mention.
Her art is BEAUTIFUL."

the-angry-blob suggested :

by Rugely
"Just lovely <3"

ReBaka-Chan suggested :

Hayley Williams of Paramore by Cynthia-Blair
by Cynthia-Blair
"This is one of the most realistic painting i have seen anyone do! plus I love Hayley Williams!"

pokemoneg suggested :

DemiseMAN with Ayce by DemiseMAN
by DemiseMAN
"I really love that this was done with pen. My friends talk about how they haven't seen anybody who does pen art so I showed them this. They were amazed. It's kind of hard to do pen art and keep the form of the character, but it's done really well and I love it."

PrincessKooh suggested :

:blurplela: by Helen-Baq
by Helen-Baq

"'cause its awesome!"

Tajii-chan suggested :

Amethyst by dark-spider
by dark-spider
"One of my favorite artists on dA- hands down. Her style is absolutely mind blowing- realistic and gorgeous! And the way she works with details is absolutely amazing, and completely inspiring. In this piece in particular, I really love the flow of the clothing and the beautiful shades of purple. The expression is so fine and soft, and the hair is beautiful as well! :love:"

Xdeathwingx suggested :

Jay Kennedy by AniGami
by AniGami
"I just love this character [as] not only does he look great but the story behind this does have sad things going on. ..there is happiness in there to the way he loves his friends and the outstanding love for his sister and that he will go though hell and back just for her [which makes this] just a great character. Please check him out."

Arwey suggested :

you dismantle me by Peter-Ortiz
by Peter-Ortiz
"Peter-Ortiz is definitly one of the best digital artists I've ever seen... His pictures are so realistic.. scary and the colours and all that stuff.. just gives me shivers every time I look at these paintings. His best I would say is [the thumb above]
He's just... AWESOME EPIC and so on... look at his pictures, he deserves more attention. (: "

evermorefire suggested :

Now we can negotiate by katea
by katea
"There's just so much expression, and the use of colors is phenomenal. The picture gives off the feeling of...[being] alive."

Topicality suggested :

Painting Christina Aguilera by ChipWhitehouse
by ChipWhitehouse
"Loooovve it. It makes me want to paint digitally."

Shootingstar-pink suggested :

maku by koyamori
by koyamori
"I really like this artists ability to work with simple lines to create great pieces. I have recently become a fan and I feel this person deserves more love :3. This art shows how a single line can really make a difference in the complete work:) "

So here are some of my favourites. Simply put, these are some of the amazing works I have seen, whether for their simplistic or humorous nature, sheer skills or some unexplainable motif :faint:

Hopefully, there is palatable work for everyone from some extensive categories!

Give love to these excellent deviations. Every single piece deserves exposure and shows effort, skills and talent!
Enjoy :heart:


Ili Dozhd' po Glazam by OutsideFate


Psychoanalytic essay... by Bobrova Metal Heart by LilifIlane

Cartoons and comics

freezing Teutonic Knight by zhoupeng ravine heretic and the sinner by nebezial


that darned fly ANIMATED by Blue-Berry-Boy

Digital Art

Rock Baby by ReevolveR the frog by thezork Like Clockwork by TenebrousTeakettle Pokimono: Almost there by ZenithOmocha September 28th by S-P-N :thumb131448755: Message in a Bullet by LaminIllustration :thumb89036970: Dreaming by Wolka-Art Negative Loading Screen by sohlol Surtr, Fire of Ragnarok by samburley Cultures of Nerath by samburley :thumb186617655: Making Ghosts by melora Fujin by myhilary OC : no snow in December by Sa-Dui POP KeyArt Heroes by barontieri 2 by coocooon


:thumb186405664: Stroll down the alley by avotius Bending Concrete nr.1 by nasht-01 :thumb190759698: Uncivilized Love by siphofoto gods and Monsters by rxandy

Traditional Art

Ethered by AllisonStanley be consumed by nothing by agnes-cecile :thumb167076531: Pulling Sky by Artismo69

Space art and Sci-fi

:thumb189799918: Get Lost You Stinking Robot by melora Exodyssey: Moon floating by barontieri

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Krooked-Glasses's avatar
These are so awesome!!!
Oh! I see the one with me and demiseMAN! :love:
Thanks for putting his in, he deserves it! <3
phoenixleo's avatar
Your work was featured in The F Word #7!
Hope you take a look around the other deviations featured as well as some information and contests around dA that you might be interested in!


Thank you and take care!

narakulover101's avatar
Shootingstar-pink's avatar
yay, I'm glad these artist got the attention they deserve! :)
Blue-Berry-Boy's avatar
Thanks so much for the feature (again):)
There are some really amazing work here :O
phoenixleo's avatar
You are welcome! ^_^
I like revisiting my favourites xD
nonnihil's avatar
Oh my gosh, thank you so much!!!
Kraxi's avatar
Thank you very much for the feature :)
This is a wonderful article with beautiful works. Thanks again. (:
ZenithOmocha's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature. We (my collaborator and I) really appreciate it. ^_^
svet-svet's avatar
Wonderful article and very beautiful collection! :hug:
phoenixleo's avatar
chicinlicin's avatar
thank you for featuring me :aww: and thank you =eskoriachan for suggesting me :giggle: this is a great collection of work, i also like that you've included contests and other things as well :) i'll be sure to look out for the next one :meow:
ChipWhitehouse's avatar
OMG! *chokes up* I seriously am SO honored to have one of my pieces in here with some many INCREDIBLE ARTISTS! :wow: THANK YOU SO MUCH AND =Topicality :hug: This means SO MUCH TO ME!!!
phoenixleo's avatar
dawww..yours is really beautiful painting too! :)
Cynthia-Blair's avatar
Fabulous work and a great article! I've discovered so many wonderful works and many great artists! Thanks for posting! :D
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