The F Word #5

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The F Works

Welcome to the 5th in the series of The Word. Recently I asked my watchers in a poll about their two most favourite works by an artist in deviantART. And this time around, there were quite some involvement :D I also have a few more wonderful works to feature as well :meow:
Enjoy :heart:

suzaku009 suggested :

X marks the spot by SpankTB by SpankTB
"I really love this piece! The style is so charming, and even though I don't know the characters I feel like this fan artwork captures their personalities so well."

2011 Happy New Year by crellia by crellia
"This cute and adorable deviation will be sure to leave you with a smile just with one glance!"

Eternityechos suggested :

Way_The_Water_Flows by Unodu by Unodu
"I love the oriental feel of the piece. I have always had somewhat of an obsession with asian artwork."

Despair 1of5 by xxxmaterial by xxxmaterial
"This holds emotional value to me as I can relate to it. Being caught in the middle of conflict with no way out."

NutKayss suggested :

Waterfall Castle matte art by fstarno by fstarno
"Waterfall Castle by fstarno is my absolute favorite piece of art. If ever I need inspiration while writing fantasy I just glance at this stunning work and I'm ready to go. I don't even need be writing anything about castles or waterfalls and this piece will inspire me."

:thumb136055152: by Empty-Can
"Ruiner by Empty-Can I'm a total Empty-Can fangirl but this is my favorite work by him."

the-angry-blob suggested :

Dark abyss and the world's end by oneone11 by oneone11
"Cause its just awesome. "

the idea of the red by KariLiimatainen by KariLiimatainen
"this too!"

VelCake suggested :

+Ophelia+ by tga-leylo by tga-leylo
"I found this work a long time ago, but still catches my eye everytime I see it!:heart: In my opinion, this artwork represents the beauty of manga/anime and the excellency of the art done with Copic markers. I have never given up on the hope of seeing it as a Daily Deviation:love:"

:thumb184789845: by pumpkiiin
"Seeing a piece of art done is wonderful, but it is extra-special when you follow the artist working in the whole process!:heart: I was blessed to be able to follow the artist's Livestream when doing it, and I even helped to choose the title and gave some opinions, so you can imagine how happy I am to have watched pumpkiiin doing such beauty. Definitely one of my favorite artworks from his gallery."

Menchieee suggested :

Rainbow by ChrissieCool by ChrissieCool
"I love this one because of how the rainbow and the girl looks in the darkness of the clouds. :nod:"

ionosphere spirits by 7y8i by 7y8i
"I like this one because it's soooo pretty. Especially the reflections in the water. :meow:"

PatrickRuegheimer suggested :

Trident by obviologist by obviologist
"This is my current fave, it's just so simple and wonderful."

dhik-a suggested :

Inner Conflict by Lady-Symphonia by Lady-Symphonia
"because the detail [in it] just killed my eyes"

Forgiveness by cryslara by cryslara
"The most emotional piece world ever had"!

lindelokse suggested :

Endless endings - winter by LeXXe by LeXXe
"[It] is so much delicate and ethereal that it's really hard to find proper words to describe its beauty. It makes me dream about a bright night filled with magical "dandelion" seeds floating in fresh air."

Scherzo di Notte by OutsideFate by OutsideFate
"[This] portraits a vivid whirl of elegant energy. The texture work is a first class one as usual, and I really liked the mild contrast of the colours with the grey background. Someone is making a fractal shake of awesomeness behind the glass!"

pokemoneg suggested :

by Akimiko
"I love this one because my friend, who I find inspiration from, did this with her old kindergarten watercolor paints. I saw the real thing in person and it actually looked much better than online."

:thumb166683937: by AnnDeeF
"I love this one because it is so clean and pretty. She's really enthusiastic and a great artist. She another one of my inspirational artists."

BeehiveStudio suggested :

:thumb190973901: by 6nine-eyes9
"Because the amazing imagination that he has is impressive and he really knows how to put all together in a great excuted image..."

The Charm by ertacaltinoz by ertacaltinoz
"The details on the character's face scare me but thrill me in such a way that I can't stop staring at it."

Agletsareevil suggested :

Wailord used BODY SLAM by razorcat by razorcat
"I love this one simply because it makes me smile/laugh every time I see it."

Warm by oddocean by oddocean
"I love this one because A: all the detail that was put into it, and B: because there's a lot of emotion in the picture. It makes me feel something and I like it when a picture can do that."

Topicality suggested :

WAITT: Shepherding Fairies by e1n by e1n
"One of my most favorite artists here on deviantART is :deve1n, I purchased the first series of his comic WAITT and have it on my bookshelf. [This] , included in the book, made me LOL really loud that my friend Alex looked at it an LOL'ed too."

day in the life of lois by loish by loish
"Also a favorite artist of mine, :devloish" did day in the life of lois and I smiled so hard. I can easily compare many days to that one day =P."

SAVALISTE suggested :

River Legacy HDR2 by AarontheMagician by AarontheMagician
"I love the way the trees curve over the sidewalk it's a beautiful photograph and a talented photographer."

by AarontheMagician
"I really love the colors and the mysteriousness of the photo. What is in the box? How long has it been there? Where is it? Why is it there?
This artist deserves some attention! :D"

So here are some of my favourites. Simply put, these are some of the amazing works I have seen, whether for their simplistic or humorous nature, sheer skills or some unexplainable motif :faint:
Hopefully, there is palatable work for everyone from some extensive categories!
Give love to these excellent deviations. Every single piece deserves exposure and shows effort, skills and talent!
Enjoy :heart:


False State of Enlightenment by Platinus
"False Statement of Englightenment by Platinus caught me off guard! The sense of softness and colours swirling in the chaos do give you a sense of calmness, whilst you await the end. Fear of unknown is what is terrifying and this sums it up to an extent for me."

Pupa by ImpytheBiscuit
"Pupa by ImpytheBiscuit is dazzling and while I am more of a blue lover, I really love the warm colours used here. Also, the fractal manipulation really makes me "see" pupa there. And perhaps a giant bee...!"

born of treeman by xantirodriguez
"born of treeman by xantirodriguez previous wonderful work, Baile entre raices is really imaginative as well as excellently done!"

Cartoons and comics

Commission Work  02 by LimKis
" While Commission Work 02 by LimKis is a vector piece, however it's a comic piece and I simply loved it when I saw it! The different small shapes and the lovely colours mix to give a warm and happy summer's feeling near the sea shore along with the sci fi feeling it gives!"

magic world by xiaji777
"magic world by xiaji777 is simply a short and sweet illustrative piece with a scenic view with panels zooming in to who are in the carrier balloon. The panda is lovely and I am really eager to know what happens!"

Digital Art

flowers   - by youxiandaxia
"flowers by youxiandaxia has a monochromatic/desaturated colour palette, yet looks soft. The blurs and paints in the outside really adds to the feeling of motion in this piece!"

The Boy Who Cried Wolf by paperlait
"The Boy Who Cried Wolf by paperlait is absolutely a gorgeous piece I think and illustrates the fable with dark red/brown colours that adds a certain mystery to it. If I could just pin point to it!"

Pur pur pur by bopchara
"Pur pur pur by bopchara is cute and very well done!"

Constance Peach after Boucher by wrightair
"Constance Peach after Boucher by wrightair is beautiful

"Lovers in New York by rroko is romance and love in a simple yet beautiful painting."

Beauty and the Beast by ArtofTy
Beauty and the Beast by ArtofTy is stunning! 'This beast actually looks like a real beast! Though it makes me feel like it has a bat snout. Well done!'"


Evolution no.1 by sabphoto
"Evolution no. 1 by sabphoto is brilliant at its best and a great humorous photography with a concept based on a long going debate!"

Somewhere around by connarville
"Somewhere around by connarville is a different insight in the world of fashion that makes you wonder about the people and their lives other than what is shown outside."

Traditional Art

The girl by BeatrizMartinVidal
"The girl by BeatrizMartinVidal is a take on the Little Red Riding Hood and yet makes it somehow sad and longing for an unknown hope, which I do not know."

Kunst is Kinderspel Pt 1 and 2 by Bart-vd-hout
"Kunst is Kinderspel Pt 1 and 2 by Bart-vd-hout"  is a great stencil that takes me back to my childhood memories! :) "

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tga-leylo's avatar
Thank you so so much for featuring me among these amazing artists!!
ChrissieCool's avatar
Thanks ever so much for the feature and thanks to Tsumench for suggesting it :love:
phoenixleo's avatar
You are welcome! :)
6nine-eyes9's avatar
thanks for the feature :D I see that derzorvadur suggested me, very sweet of her, thank you :hug:
phoenixleo's avatar
:huggle: No problem! :3
KariLiimatainen's avatar
thank You very much for the feature! :)
phoenixleo's avatar
The pleasure is mine! :)
7y8i's avatar
:giggle: I wasnt aspecting ,that deviation, to be featured .nice though
aam daily deviaiton some? :lol:
ertacaltinoz's avatar
Hey, great features. Thank you!
phoenixleo's avatar
:huggle: It was a pleasure!
OutsideFate's avatar
Oh god! Thank you! I'll have to hug Chiara when she comes into the shack!
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HugQueen's avatar
:heart:! Wonderful job dear!

And thank you! :love:
phoenixleo's avatar
Thank you! I couldn't seem to find the # 8 issue :paranoid:
HugQueen's avatar
:iconteheplz: I saw that. :paranoid:

If you want I keep tabs on all the ones I've posted with my companion journal: [link]
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:noes: cursed my searching abilities :dead:
HugQueen's avatar
Awww! :hug: They are good searching abilities though! :eager:
Tajii-chan's avatar
Oh wow! All of these pieces are beautiful! :love:

These are all really inspiring pieces of art! :heart:
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