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The F Works

Recently I asked my watchers in a poll about their two most favourite works by an artist in deviantART. Although there were few responses, I have more wonderful works to feature as well :meow:
Enjoy :heart:

VickyM72 suggested :

3D Maudio Edirol  octanerender by 3DEricDesign by 3DEricDesign
"Being rather new to the 3-D world, I am in awe at what some of these people pull off, and this is no exception. The modeling is flawless, and the render angle and lighting is beautiful. He also modeled this in one program, threw it in another for texturing, then rendered it in yet another."

ALIENINTERIOR by love1008 by love1008
"This piece is totally amazing. I've been a fan of love1008's for some time now, seeing what he can do with Apophysis, but now he's doing incredible things in Mandelbulb3D. He has a gift for finding great perspectives and filling up a frame with endless areas to look at. The lighting in this is fantastic as well. All around a great piece of art. "

GrannyJae suggests:

:thumb179937074: by pinkbutterflyofdeath
"this artist is bright, colorful, and very unique"

Autumn Feelings by Marcello-Paoli by Marcello-Paoli
"this artist has an amazing gallery - I don't know why he's not got thousands of viewers

I don't know about anyone else, but I have a much harder time trying to put two links in a comment than one :D Ask for one at a time and I'll be much happier to respond! "

suzaku009 suggests:

Heartless-First meet by Hana-Tsuki by Hana-Tsuki
"The beautiful colors and the wonderfully drawn perspective made me fall in love with this. The distance between the two characters really highlights the theme of "first meet," as indicated by the title."

:thumb187387194: by Yulmu
"This is a really detailed traditional work! Not only that, the scene is so sweet, and everything about this makes me happy inside."

So here are some of my favourites. Simply put, these are some of the amazing works I have seen, whether for their simplistic or humorous nature, sheer skills or some unexplainable motif :faint:

Hopefully, there is palatable work for everyone from some extensive categories!

Give love to these excellent deviations. Every single piece deserves exposure and shows effort, skills and talent!
Enjoy :heart:


"With a simple work, Snow by CorrosiveFool pinpoints one of those sweet coldness of seeing the first snowflake fall! With cute expression, welcome to the winter season!"


"November Fractals 25 by JackieW is one of her beautiful spirals in a collection of eclectic colourful ones! It has a winter motif, yet somehow feels warm to me due to the warm colours"

Luxury by kr0mat1k
" kr0mat1k creates a lustrous and rich fractal work through Luxury! And the deviation indeed stands by its appointed title, wafting off a luxurious ruby warmth that is very welcome in bitter cold, however I do feel, it looks like inside a capillary or a collection of red blood cells in a capillary. Beautiful!"


Elements - Fire by CassiopeiaArt
"Think what you must, I am too speechless to put my thoughts in stone :faint:
Elements - Fire by CassiopeiaArt "

The End by LilifIlane
" LilifIlane did an amazing work in The End! The beautifully done wings, the grim metallic mood with shadows of angels falling/attacking is as dark and sorrowful as it can be. Really a delight to see the work!"

Cartoons and comics

hydra by nebezial
" nebezial really knows how to make stunning works! When I saw hydra I was immediately caught off guard as to how I feel about them! Looking like pesky little monsters, these monsters look dangerous as well as very well rendered! I can't wait to see what he does with these if he has a story for them! Definitely check out this deviant's gallery!"

HALP by ChaconTilune
"If you don't have feelings to save that kitty, I will be disappointed in you... :noes:
HALP by ChaconTilune "

Design and Interface

Whisk 2 by eep
"Whisk 2 by eep is a very sweet and beautiful packaging presentation! You can see that raised mouthpiece for drinking your coffee that is quite similar to kids and babies having those small water bottles! I really like the simple, neat and efficient use of every piece and will clearly brighten your day. While you sip the coffee or eat the cupcake, if you are really persistent! And it's recyclable!"

The Witcher 2 - Duel by he1z
" The Witcher 2 - Duel by he1z


tanabatathough kept apart
by the vast deep,
two distant hearts
one promise keep.
by the vast deep,
on sep'rate strands.
one promise keep:
together stand.
on sep'rate strands
'til blessed by moon;
together stand,
lovers commune.
'til blessed by moon,
two distant hearts;
lovers commune,
though kept apart.

" tanabata - thought kept apart by haijinik is a pantoum/pantun which is a Malaysian form of poetry. As I read this work, I felt like seeing an ebb and flow of a tide between the two distant lovers yet connected by a small hope. It was deeply moving for me. Short phrases, with rich layers from one line to another, creating almost like an surreal dance out of this o_O "

Emoticons, etc

Candle revamp by RampantWolff
" Candle revamp by RampantWolff is simple yet complicated with how carefully the fire and the shadows, lights are animated and pixelled. And did I mention it looks absolutely adorable?
No matter how black the skies are, you will always be the light of my hope this is almost an translation of the quote in my signature, and I love how closely it resembles that!"

BYOC: movie magik by Synfull
" It takes courage, willpower, involvement of fate and determination to start an epic journey, a journey through the vast desert. A journey that Synfull ruined for me with that last panel! And I admire her courage for green screening my and the emote's epic journey in BYOC: movie magik! Talk about Green Screen of Death of Epic Journey!


Moros by artofinvi
" Moros by artofinvi has an unhappy and grim feel to it, yet with a softness brought on by the subject's half closed eyelids and the tone of the photograph. "

A wind and rain bridge by lwc71
" It's quite hard to explain  A wind and rain bridge by lwc71 for me, not because of rain being the favourite season of mine, but how grimm and softly it is portrayed. A poetic contrast between the two subjects visually and walking down the thin line with your umbrella! Think of what inner turmoils you might have with this thought provoking shot! Liu creates monochromatic desaturated photographs that are beautiful to look at. Do check out his gallery."

" Sensual and secretive! Parfume by losthigh "

casualities. by angelcurls
" casualities by angelcurls "

tranquility by Imam-Santoso
" tranquility by Imam-Santoso shows tranquility in the form of red! Stunning sense of motion and a beautiful fashion shot! "

Shadow VI by CandyCov3red
" In Shadow VI by CandyCov3red, Lyndall did an amazing job with the delicately placed and layered hair, while Karen, the makeup artist/MUA did an excellent and soft additions in makeup, from highlights in  the lips, the distinct yet light difference in the "shadows" on Tereza's face as well as the long and few distinct eyelashes. Together the whole team did a great job upon portraying a concept delicately and beautifully!"

satelite by bubble-gum-heart
" satelite by bubble-gum-heart is fashion and abstract combined a beautiful shot that makes me feel it's out of this world. The softness in the photograph, the double exposure that creates a secondary image, the light textures in the yellow orbs increase accentuate that experience!"

Digital Art

Mature Content

The Workshop by arvalis

" The Workshop by arvalis portrays a grim and horrific experimentation done by a mad scientist! But the details and the tone are perfect post Halloween nudge on the heart!"

Sushi by lkermel
" Sushi by lkermel is quite adorable and beautifully painted! The warm tones help reinforce feeling sorry for the fishy, as well as its eyes. Other days, the fish is same like me!"

Odonata by Procrust
" A look at Procrust's gallery, and you can observe how the deviant is greatly improving in his work! He has taken critiques from his previous work and done a beautiful work on Odonata! The waves are beautifully done, as well as the splash of the water as the Dragonfly flies away. I really love the small details in the clothes as well as the layered clothes that seem to disappear and fly around her! Really an eye pleasing deviation!:clap: "

Prometheus's Martyrdom by MischievousMartian
"Prometheus's Martyrdom by MischievousMartian is in itself stunning!"

Taj Lotus: NTS concept by HOON
"HOON's works are mindblowing! The pose in Taj Lotus is amazing as if it's halfway between a dance step, with the clothes propped properly like an open lotus flower and the sleeves directing a small breeze!"

Panda and Monkey by madeincg
" Panda and Monkey by madeincg is adorable, sweet and cute! I really like how the hairs/furs on both of them are painted as well as the whole bamboo forest trail background!"

Two Candles by shadow-of-kyle
"Two Candles by shadow-of-kyle has that unfinished look in it, but that is not mostly important here! It does however create the look of melting candles, as two lovers continue to burn to give light, consumed by their fate. Beautiful and very sad! You can almost make the expressions on their faces, and the decreased visibility enhances the melting idea, that even their expressions are burning away, but their embrace will still be there!"

Making Of Water by Victorior
"Making of Water by Victorior is superb!"

Illness by anndr
" Illness by anndr has gorgeous red colour, fluidity and motion along a silent slice between two. Another deviation where a different colour leads to sorrow and romance..."

Artisan Crafts

Boiled Poached or Scrambled? by janeybaby
"Boiled Poached or Scrambled? by janeybaby
Plan and simple: I WANT IT!"

PERFECT HARMONY by mfirsanov
"Wow! I absolutely love this one! I am amazed how fluid it it looks as well as sensual seeing their body position and expression! I really like how there are two layers of "clothing" that spirals from their body, creating a sense of harmony in them. The colour and texture also looks like a soft cream colour of icecream.
Perfect Harmony by mfirsanov "

Hey You Up There... by Hippopottermiss
" Hippopottermiss's hippo collection artisan crafts pottery works are really well done and absolutely adorable! They will make any places stand out as well make sweet gifts! Hey You Up There... is one as such! Cuteness!"

DeviantART Related

" Make art, Not War by V-IMAgine-L"

" 5th Issue Halloween Special by BeehiveStudio is the 5th issue of dArtzine and each page upon page is full of amazing writings, craftsmanship of webzines full of cool interviews, great features etc! A lot of hard work has been put on this, and can be seen in every pages! I wish I knew her back in highschool!"

Traditional Art

octohug by bonzaialsatian
"octohug by bonzaialsatian.
Hugs are always appreciated!"

Jensen Ackles - Colourgasmic by Imaliea
"Colourgasmic by Imaliea "

Black dragon by Nordheimer
"Black dragon by Nordheimer is an adventurous fantasy traditional piece with beautiful colour and details! Do check out this deviant's gallery!"

Bleachibis 3D - Urahara artsy by barananduen
"Bleachibis 3D - Urahara artsy by barananduen has both a cute and well sculpted version of Urahara from the Bleach manga/anime that any fans would love as well as a beautiful painted background which shows, presentation is always important and barananduen did it quiet well in my opinion."

"Rabbit by LNORDART
Wow! I love the surreal nature of this work, as if the animal was used for playing darks, or someone braided its wool like crop circles!"


Red Egle by Jessada-Art
"Red Eagle by Jessada-Art"

exoskeleton by michalivan
"exoskeleton by michalivan has a lot of action going on in it, and beautiful colours. You can almost hear the man's roar from the exoskeletal wear he is wearing!"

Drop Zone by MeganeRid
"Drop Zone by MeganeRid creates a tense situation as the vehicles hover down in a chilling and vicious ocean storm as if there to save someone seeing those flares! Beautiful coloring and I love the way, how things under the water can also be seen, even if it's dark!"

Dog Day Afternoon by Fealasy
" Dog Day Afternoon by Fealasy "

Curfew Paranoia by ClaudioBergamin
"I just found out this deviation, Curfew Paranoia by ClaudioBergamin. The fear of breaking a curfew and being watched is always daunting. And how the boy must feel now is what I am feeling shocked about, not to mention wondering whether that is indeed a grenade or a toy in the boy's hand! It raises concern about whether the security should really be concerned about children when they play, and the recent reports where even children were checked in airport security checks, or should they indeed be checked, as sometimes during war, children are unfortunately used as pawns..."

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JackieW's avatar
Hello, dear friend! Thank you so much for featuring my art among such great artists! Thank you! :hug: :heart:
phoenixleo's avatar
Hana-Tsuki's avatar
This is such a surprise after a long time that I haven't been to visit DA!
I'm so happy that someone like my artwork enough to submit it, thank you!

The other deviantions are cool as well, no they're much better that mine XD lol
phoenixleo's avatar
Aww! :huggle: Belated happy new year!
It's good too :nod: I really liked the perspective in this one :nod: It was a great suggestion by `suzaku009 You can trust her on suggesting great works! ^_^
Hana-Tsuki's avatar
Yes! and also I thank you for telling about the article, must have been a lot of work! I will have to thank suzaku009, as well!
And happy new year to you, too!
phoenixleo's avatar
It took two days to write it up and settle everything is correct. The next one is underway :)
CassiopeiaArt's avatar
What an incredible collection of wonderful art, I've found so many new favourites to check out! Thank you for including my work in here, i feel very honoured :hug: :heart:
BeehiveStudio's avatar
Hello there, :tighthug:

this amazing article has been featured in my latest "MINI FRIDAY FEATURE" article. Hope you don't mind.... :kiss:

:bulletred: FRIDAY FEATURE # 19 :bulletred:
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Aww thank you! :huggle:
barananduen's avatar
Wow, first, thank you so much for the feature! (the chibi Urahara sculpture)
I truly appreciate it :heart: and am very happy you liked it enough to think of it for this issue :D Thanks, once again!

Loved the submissions featured in here. My favorites were the cupcake box ("Whisk 2") and "Making of Water."
phoenixleo's avatar
You are most welcome! I really liked how you showed both of your talents in a combined manner and not separately:nod:
And when I was on bus today, I was thinking about those cupcake boxes today :paranoid:
KindaKrazy's avatar
Cool beans! I love the looks of every single piece! You do have great taste! :heart:
phoenixleo's avatar
BeehiveStudio's avatar
aww I am going to scream my eyes hurt of so many amazing works =D I swear hahahaha!!! you are so amazing thanks for the lovely words darling, I am going to pimp this ARTICLE in my next mini feature this frieday =D :kiss:

I wish I knew you back in highschool as well! :heart:
phoenixleo's avatar
I totally missed November :giggle:
yush! :la:
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:wow: Aren't we a talented lot!
Thanks for including my hippos. I loved these two and am happy that they were bought by one of my favourite hippo collectors :)
phoenixleo's avatar
It was a pleasure! :)
Yulmu's avatar
Wow *_*
Thank you very much for the feature!!
Wonderful collection! I'm totally touched!
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thank you so much for feature my work is very appreciate and you made cool selection for amazing artist here in DA.
thx for that :)
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It was a pleasure! :)
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Great stuff! All of it! :w00t:
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