The F Word # 10

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The F Works

Welcome to the 10th in the series of The F Word. Recently I asked my watchers in a poll about their one favourite work by an artist in deviantART, with a reason as to why they chose it, even if it wasn't mandatory. I also have a few more wonderful works to feature as well along with some other information around dA including contests!
Enjoy :heart:

jcroxas suggested :

.:: Wedding fun ::. by Whimsical-Dreams
by Whimsical-Dreams
"The image is soooo sweet :rose: I love their fun and full of love emotions and the wackiness of the image :giggle: truly magical and lovely! :heart:"

alexandrasalas suggested :

Painted Scales by ailah
by ailah
"I think this is an absolutely brilliant concept, with a very cute and detailed execution. :love:"

elecyan suggested :

Near Death Experience by reality-must-die
by reality-must-die
"It really makes you think, like how death is trying to grab you but you hold on to life no matter what. I can relate to it myself. Plus it's an exquisite drawing in itself anyway.
My most favourite deviation on dA! :w00t:"

evermorefire suggested :

HxH - Forest by Barlee
"This drawing is of my favorite series ever! (: I love the coloring and the wholly accurate portrayals of the characters."

Topicality suggested :

Distorsion II by LukasSowada
by LukasSowada
"I love the composition."

Cartoonist-in-Theory suggested :

Colours of Friendship by sakimichan
by sakimichan
"The colors give a very refreshed and happy feeling. :D It brightens my day."

GrannyJae suggested :

Carter Lake HDR by 11thDimensionPhoto
by 11thDimensionPhoto
"Wish I were there :)"

Elephantfreak suggested :

by Ashley-Mohabir
"I like this piece because of the excellent use of negative space."

almond-cake suggested :

KMTCHTK RVRS:Tous les temps II by belicosa
by belicosa
"Because the technique is so...I don't know feels kinda...rusty? Maybe too warm...don´t know, all that Russian feeling. Just love how it locks me on... XD
Each time I see this artist work I feel like in some place with a strange air, like Chernobyl ...yeah something like that...abandoned...echoes ... that stuff XD"

vomitingunicorn suggested :

by wannywanwan

psylab suggested :

'Forgive me, comrade' by Dahlieka
by Dahlieka

So here are some of my favourites. Simply put, these are some of the amazing works I have seen, whether for their simplistic or humorous nature, sheer skills or some unexplainable motif :faint:

Hopefully, there is palatable work for everyone from some extensive categories!

Give love to these excellent deviations. Every single piece deserves exposure and shows effort, skills and talent!
Enjoy :heart:


Kizuato by OutsideFate Field of Depth by Zueuk

Cartoons and Comics

Donatello by DaveRapoza The Hunt by coldfridge Order of the Emerald by jbcasacop falling -fin by kim-hee-kyoung Claret Hollyhock by kim-hee-kyoung Every Student's Nightmare by PochiPops Superboy and Robin by Ricken-Art True carrot juice by Andrei-Pervukhin

Design and Interface

Ice T T by oneone11 Out Of The Ashes by JoJoesArt

Digital Art

There wolf by Asynja Inner Street by RDumont The First Spell by RDumont Lion Tamer. summer practice by AndrewRyanArt Getting Breakfast... by scarypet :thumb251563419: Warlord by Junedays :thumb161394508: Japanese Girl by Hooooon Love Song by TheRafaArts

Mature Content

I'm here Grandma by Waldemar-Kazak
tin cow by Loopydave Sinking Too Fast by SybLaTortue The cat by NilfheimSan Captain's bird by KateMaxpaint :thumb244431382: Calmness by yourPorcelainDoll Third eye by Digi-M Moss Cradel by painted-bees Superboy by 2013 Water Festival by Grandfailure
Elven Village by ArtofTy Glance by Saimain :thumb257039759: Shere Khan by scarypet Darla by martinezdezign The Unflappable Pug Knights by Du1l Giant vs Witch by Du1l :thumb214849488: Dreamscape Holiday by ZOOLAX pisseddd by AMSBT Pigeon girl by Darey-Dawn The Vanishings by petura Gloria patri by logosles black by logosles Game of Thrones -  Jon Snow by ChristianNauck Bounty Hunter: Day Ain't Done by JayAxer Fishing for imagination by EuropeanOsaka in a morning by asahinoboru Barter by robotnicc Yakuza Girl by maykrender Slavemarket by Hamsterfly Teen Depression by carts a Wake by mieze018 :thumb203844654: :thumb200176670: Oidos del alma by raynnerGIL Leaving home by Mezamero Japanese revenge by CrackBag Ibaloy Warrior by FerdinandLadera Zebra by BladMoran The Last Stand Ending by sunsetagain The Prophecy by Kyendo Blackbird by Mezamero veneer of order by Flayu flowers by moonywolf The Kings Request by Andoledius Pegasus by maciejkuciara :thumb106393989:


Slowly by LaurenCalaway what the fuck is this thing by dskphotography :thumb161904198: Fast Track by truerebellion The buried foot by myraincheck Feather Care by BogdanBoev Fight For Your Life by darkcalypso shaper of dreams. by Sea-of-Ice Moonlight sonata 02 by MonicaEng

Mature Content

River Dragon. by KassandraLeigh
the dreamer by quemas

Traditional Art

Kantele by Dobroniega Dream by alexandramanukyan Wind by lorna-ka fragile companion by razimo :thumb255206712: :thumb255462140: :thumb198226009: Recipe for Success by JoriB Jana by gottfriedhelnwein Like a Moth to a Flame by Sash-kash

Animation and Film

Game Development Art

zhurong_General orders by chrisnfy85 Priest of Urabrask - MTG by ClintCearley :thumb199669951:

Space art and Sci-fi

The Hunters: Machine Flesh by RDumont ROSA Final Poster Art by orellana delivery by maykrender Jack and the Bean Stalk by Grandfailure Paintbot by Howi3 Push by maciejkuciara

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:bulletblue: Know your Basics - Composition (the manip way) by kuschelirmel
:bulletblue: Animation Resources by Marker-Guru
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stay safe, have fun and create art! and...

:la: :huggle:


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Dobroniega's avatar
Great collection indeed!
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really thank you for featuring my work among these amazing works X)
phoenixleo's avatar
Most welcome! Love your works!
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thanks for featuring : )
love the choice of selection here!
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lorna-ka's avatar
thank you for the feature! (:
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myraincheck's avatar
thank you so much for the honour! Love the selection :heart:
phoenixleo's avatar
I thought you meant "the fuck word", lol.
phoenixleo's avatar
:lol: Yea, someone pointed that out before.
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:squee: how can I suggest?
phoenixleo's avatar
When those polls come out, you can suggest then. :)
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phoenixleo's avatar
:devnamrenotrequired: and ^MzzAzn are new CVs :whisper:
BeehiveStudio's avatar
:squee: am so happy for Bart!!! you should have a sexy hot hat =D
phoenixleo's avatar
He will do amazing work! :la:
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thank u so much for the feature. :)
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KateMaxpaint's avatar
Thank you for featuring my work! Here is really amazing gallery!
phoenixleo's avatar
You are most welcome! :) You have really beautiful works!
Whimsical-Dreams's avatar
Oh wow, so honoured to be featured :aww: thank you !pheonixleo and `jcroxas !! :heart:
phoenixleo's avatar
You are most welcome! :)
!pheonixleo was a spam/troll account by someone else copying me :whisper: :giggle:
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