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I favourite literally quite a lot of things as to what pleases me. Sometimes I wonder why did I favourite a work, since my comments if given (occasionally I don't comment) can get drowned in hundreds of posts and when I look back at them, I try to think up the time and reason, or at least a part of it, for why I favourited them. This news feature is not like the previous ones with simply a list of thumbs to feature one aspect of deviation. I would like to give some reason as to why they were favourited by me, and hope you will love these features too and check out these wonderful deviants' gallery! :)
On the other hand, I wonder how many will read the explanations. :D

I dArawr you by horror-child

I dArawr you by horror-child is simplistic yet amazing at the same time! It has a clean design and represents one of the ongoing lingo we deviants use to represent how we feel about someone else or deviantART at general.The cuddly hands, the tail surrounding the body of the chubby dino adds to the cutesy and fond memory of why I liked this deviation! :)

Opening The Rift by Golubaja

Opening The Rift by Golubaja is a beautiful fractal of the gnarl category that is seething with power and tension yet looks soft with its wavy and circular motions. And quite like a rendition of a rift opening!

Manhattan by Fiery-Fire

Truth be told, Manhattan by Fiery-Fire is a very early favourite and not a recent one! But I had to revisit this one! Yes, fractal art is really an abstract art form, yet, "Manhattan" has that abstract look of a fractal, pallete knife jabs of traditional look and the feel of a long exposed photograph of a real cityscape with only the lights glimmering in a mixed eerie fashion. Not to mention the trembling and glimmering waterfront! Fiery always has her ways in abstract forms, and to me this is like most of her works, a stunning one for me to revisit!

How to Get a Literary Agent by mree

I have always wondered what it takes to become a published writer, and today stumbled onto this piece of writing. How to get a Literary Agent and it's predecessor, On Writing - Getting Published by mree is a really an useful guide for the steps and works to get works published. If is full of information on details and tips and little anecdotes and encouragement on the long road ahead any writer's path and the proper way to go through the process of getting published. Good luck to all!

Men... by alexiela-art

If you want to win a man's or Men's heart, keep his tummy happy!
By alexiela-art

operation by mabuta

Operation by mabuta is dark and the rough brushstrokes somehow mesh well into the overall grungy,  blood splattered place. And the awkward surgery position increases the ideology of being able to fly or be "free", up a notch for me.

I can see the world now.... by PatriciaVazquez

I can see the world now by PatriciaVazquez. Could not resist it...!

The Cylinder by manaphoto

Although The Cylinder by manaphoto is in the Animals, Plants & Nature / Waterscapes category, it very well feels like an abstract rendition of the title and there indeed is a watery cylinder in the process of making, with the waves circling over to finish the circle. The point of view is amazing and I wish I could look farther back through the watery tunnel, but unfortunately the water blocks the far end!


Flower 1 by Vocile-Din-Subteran has a gorgeous saffron colour and gnarly fractal motives. A bright and dazzling macro!


In one word, -Non Fiction- by p0p5 is "Awesome!". It has excellent hard, sharp, defined brush strokes and not the soft feel I would see in some works! A beautiful piece of sci-fi/reality meets fantasy! The dragon and the soldier is done with excellent details not to mention the surroundings. Without even reading the artist comments or this being in "Iraq", you get the feeling that this takes place with heavy Arabic influence, due to the arabic letters - Wa, Alif, Llam, wah, Meem and or Qwaf - and the symmetrical floor design which might be carpets. Stunning!

Empire by LotharZhou

Empire by LotharZhou is beautiful and quite sad at the same time. Although it has some brushworks seen in some parts, it looks like a gouache piece. The gorgeous red is in stark contrast with the mild greyish tones and the fall of the soldier with bullets flying around everywhere makes it as if caught in the moment. I felt a quite sad for the soldiers yet it looks amazing!

Float Up Stream by wagnermm19

Float Up Stream by wagnermm19 is beautiful in its eclectic use colours, with purple being prominent, and having a rave feel to it with design motives! I love it, mainly because of the trance the work puts you in!

little dragon by ptitvinc

ptitvinc is quite new and unknown in deviantART and the moment I saw his works, ranging from sci-fi, fantasy to fan art, I really fell in love with them! Little dragon is one of those deviations! Everything is close to green and turquoise and the expression of the newly hatched dragon and its curious expression towards the quite large caterpillar is lovely and to say the least, cute! Be sure to check out his deviant's gallery!

FEM - ZZzz by iumazark

FEM - ZZzz by iumazark is an excellent surreal illustration. Good and specific use of textures, and sketch work feel. And there are three legs!

Damn, another one by stroggtank

Damn, another one by stroggtank. "A bull with a big guilt complex..." Funny and excellent render with a great story behind it I assume! And I feel sorry for the bull actually. Amusing and love to go back at it. How unfortunate and humane the bull is to feel guilt for harming (I go for decapatating) humans while he is the one being used for fun! It feels like it has an underlying dark humour shrouded in bright colours, and a "O_O" expression.

Despicable Minion by W0IfDreamer

Despicable Minion by W0IfDreamer I love it because ... well...let's skip that altogether and marvel at the insanely cute character that is in plushie form, done amazingly. Check out the link in the artist's comments section for the "Despicable Minion Crochet Pattern"! And check out the rest of her works!

Recycled Pop Can Lg Blue Lily3 by Christine-Eige

Recycled Pop Can Lg Blue Lily3 by Christine-Eige is a beautiful metal work that uses recycle cans of mountain dew, coke, etc! Check out her gallery and contemplate on how to save our environment and make it pretty at the same time with cost efficient, creative methods one flower at a time!

Meaning in Life Poster by jcroxas

Meaning in Life Poster is an amazing project by jcroxas about interpreting each deviant's own meaning of life. What is your secret meaning of life? There is still time to participate. Reflect, share and inspire...!

Friz Deva by Slimdimanus

Friz Deva by Slimdimanus is Turkish of "Frieze is the cure". Frieze means a horizontal band on a classical building and refers to architectural design, or a richly ornate piece. The tiny protrusions in hairs and the horizontal form with simple faded and one sided-ness makes it an abstract for me. The blue colour and closed eyes make it dreamy too!
Google translate, msn encarta

Under the microscope by Jimpan1973

Under the microscope by Jimpan1973. For one thing, this looks like pollen grains under microscope, not to mention cells with a lot of extracellular proteins attached :lol:

Type that Dragon by mantarosan

Type that Dragon by mantarosan is a good way to keep thinking which letter is which!


I was about to scream when I saw ladybug by LASTOChkin...! Amazing to see it's traditional street art style and realistically (and creepily) large!

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Thanks for the feature, mah dear! :blowkiss:
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Didn't remember if I commented... =P
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Great article! I wish people would do more like this one and fewer walls of thumbnails. :clap:
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Thanks for featuring "The Cylinder" in this news article. I really like the description you included with it.
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It was a pleasure! :)
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awesome choices!
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Thanks so much !!!!!! :--)))
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i failed to thank you for featuring me. got destructed with the cute bunneh hahaha

thanks Raf :huggle:
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Aww thank you so much for the feature! :hug:
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franchement merci , pour cette article , sa me touche beaucoup se que tu a écrit !! bonne continuation a toi surtout
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Thanks for the feature! :hug:
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You are welcome :)
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lovely choices
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i see the lovely and cute bunneh! :dummy:
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I would have been cursed if I didn't fave it :no:
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Clever choises :la:
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