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Coronation of a Moon Prince by phoenixleo, visual art


A Crown for a Forest God by phoenixleo, visual art

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A Lonely Migration by phoenixleo, visual art

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Morning Greens by phoenixleo, visual art

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`phoenixleo has an abundance of enthusiasm for our community. Always eager to promote events and activities, `phoenixleo's community spirit and passion for creativity have provided many deviants with inspiration. If you are in need of a motivational moment in your day, make sure you stop by `phoenixleo's profile and take part in one of the many projects that you'll find featured. While you are there, join us in congratulating `phoenixleo for being our very first Deviousness recipient of 2011!
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Is there a crisis at the help desk (like the error screen might suggest) or is there something I’m missing that makes what I’ve been facing not rule violations? The moderators often say to report someone and move on, or more commonly to just move on, but I’ve been facing harassment and slander by the same few people and neither of these two approaches are helping. I’ve read the rules, I tried to ignore it at first like the desk asks, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I respect your word and know you’re a moderator, which is why I came here about this.

Hi @Triagonal ,

You can contact Customer Service through here: (Direct link) . Please follow the directions and what needs to be included that is mentioned there. Then click contact us below.

I tried this. Nothing came of it.

What do you mean nothing came of it? o_O

It didn’t go through?

For argument's sake lets say I somehow am this child molester clownhole claims me to be. If he's withholding this 'evidence' from the police that means he's gambling with people's lives.

So either he's a liar and a moron or admitting to being a very, very evil person.

Please follow forum rules when posting. Any threads that violate forum rules like call outs or disruptive threads will be locked.

I want you to suspend ClownHole from Deviantart for calling me a pedofile without proof.