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A Lonely Migration by phoenixleo, visual art


Morning Greens by phoenixleo, visual art


A Crown for a Forest God by phoenixleo, visual art

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Looking Back... by phoenixleo, visual art

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`phoenixleo has an abundance of enthusiasm for our community. Always eager to promote events and activities, `phoenixleo's community spirit and passion for creativity have provided many deviants with inspiration. If you are in need of a motivational moment in your day, make sure you stop by `phoenixleo's profile and take part in one of the many projects that you'll find featured. While you are there, join us in congratulating `phoenixleo for being our very first Deviousness recipient of 2011!
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EveStare :heart:

Lets see how you gona react to your call out by your master. Are you going to shut down the forum thread because your leash holder pulls on it or you going to allow people to prove the idea wrong or right. Are you going to shut down the discussion only because your sensibility or you going to allow a forum to take on a idea.

I'm sorry I'm confused. One of my posts was shut down and I thought you wanted it in the projects section of the forum then that new one got shut down. I just want to share with people here. I know a lot of us are hurting and looking to continue our crafts. I though sharing a giveaway would be nice. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The lock message you received was for the one in the General forum. Your Projects thread is still open. Not sure where you saw that was closed down.

Weird maybe the notification system re popped it? I've been having weird issues.

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