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The Aposhack Plugin Pack


My collection of plugins, all of which are compatible with Apophysis 7x by Xyrus-02

LAST UPDATE ... 14th November 2016  ... Moved files to OneDrive because Dropbox banned me for having high traffic :O

RAR Download ...!AsmkfMEjHIqCiA1Ibz…

ZIP Download ...!AsmkfMEjHIqCiA8knk…

Please :+fav: if you download

If you need help using these plugins, why not pop into the Aposhack where there's always someone willing to help -…

or you could check out the Apophysis Group's FAQ section at… ... :D


The links provided are to my own plugin folder, source code is not provided

a. to save space and

b. because I seem to be the only person who kept certain plugins (mobius2 etc) and I didn't keep the source code because I didn't know what it was at the time ... :D

To begin with I posted links to the original plugin sources in this description, but that made this section prohibitively long-winded and negated this deviations usefulness.

If you need the source code for any plugin, a search on Google should provide links to any existing source code.
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hi, I'm unable to install sineblur and hypertile1 and 2 plugins for apophysis7x16 64 bit ??
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I don't really do Apo anymore, I just host this pack. There is a discord group - someone will be able to help in there.
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Any chance I can get a new link to this?  The current one is broken.
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I've just checked the link, it's working fine :)
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Hello :-)

I am trying some of these plugins with Chaotica but so far none have been recognised.

Are they 32 or 64 bit?

In my Apophysis install the plugins are either suffixed with .x86.dll or .x64.dll whereas the plugins in this pack are just .dll

cheers, and thanks,

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All the plugins with an x86 or x64 suffix are in a separate folder - All the plugins with no suffix are original 32 bit files.

I have just got Chaotica and I'm trying to Apophysize again, it's been a while and I'm taking it really slowly but I'll try to remember to let you know what happened;)

I've downloaded JWildfire too but haven't installed it yet, have you tried it? and if so, how is it?
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Doh! I totally missed that folder in the zip file... Sorry about that.

Just checked, though, and the two variations that I am after, "nBlur" and "target" are not in the x64 folder. Not to worry.

I did quite a bit of playing around with JWildfire a couple of years ago and I do return to it from time to time. The only reason I dropped it is because I like to create animations and I think that is where Chaotica scores. Out of Apo, JWF and Chaotica, Chaotica is the easiest one to get into and understand. Might just be me though...

Trouble is, Chaotica lacks some of the variations that I like so I sometimes go back into JWF if I need a still image that Chaotica cannot do. And unlike Apophysis, JWildfire doesn't have its variations available as DLL files, and I am not a coder so I have to rely on anything I can find on the interwebs.

Thanks for coming back to me :-)


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No worries dude :)

Are all the variations built in on JWildfire, that may be a bonus as I get weighed down choosing for the plugins folder :D
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Funny you should say that... Working out which ones to copy over is a bit of a pain... Could copy them all but then it just means I have to learn even more stuff. That said, I spend much of my time "winging it" and seeing what happens, which is probably why some software packages are better than others.
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It's nice having a favourite selection of plugins if you always start from scratch, but if you pong then it's pretty much guaranteed that you'll be missing one and have to reload Apo  :)

I am a mythical bird, all I know how to do is wing it :w00t:
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thanks:) I'm just re-installing Apo so I'll give these a try.
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Hello, do you have the julian_power.dll ?
It is not included in your pack. Thanks!
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Sorry, I haven't got that one and I'm not likely to come across it by myself, I don't use Apo any more:O

If you have some params that include julian_power, ask the person you got the params from they must have it, right.

If you get hold of julian_power.dll let me know an I'll add it to the pack

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I would love to have this, but I think it came with a keylogger. Is there a clean source?
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All plugins for Apophysis have the .dll extension which is what most bugs are, it makes antivirus panic but it is perfectly safe. You can ask anyone who has downloaded previously if you want to make sure ... :)
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pixellina1 Squarical can be found in this plugin pack! :) 
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Thanks for keeping this pack available. :thanks: 
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copied Dlls into Plugin folder and reloaded apoph but the new plugins arent showing :(
YewTree's avatar
Did you get this sorted out. I have some problems with plugins too. Which version do you have. I am trying 7x15B since the latest (Apophysis.7X16.x86_amd64) one is not always showing my older fractals correctly. So far so good. Added a few of these ones - from the main folder - and it is working fine. 
FractlDactal's avatar
Yeah I gave up on apophysis really. Too clunky and dated when Chaotica is available. I go back to apophysis just to use certain formulas then bring it back to Chaotica. Plus the Chaotica FB group is admined by Chaoticas creator so it's some of the best real time feed back you can get. Hope this helps in some way..
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