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I have decided to start doing Free Fursonas for a limited period of time. Below are the requirements and directions to claim the promotion, along with what you can expect for free:


You've made at least one payment. in good standing. within my game at

This "really" is your Fursona, and its important to you how it's represented.


In-game mail Ignis while the promotion is active with a few minimalistic details about your fursona. Just the broad strokes unless I tell you you've been selected, please.

What You Get:

Your Fursona along with a tastefully nude version in my style of art.

A maximum of 4 sprites will be drawn for your character, a 3-400 dollar value.

Your colors will remain unique for the creature, which you can use to build a custom and even sell at Armand Goldbear's if you wish. Alternative color versions will be used as new content for my game.

My Right to Refusal:

Just because you applied doesn't mean I'll do it. I will respond when I am both interested and ready to take your order on. If you don't respond within a week, I'll move on to someone else's application.

Please do not take it personally if you aren't selected, some ideas are simply easier or more appealing than others.

Thanks for reading! Questions welcome.

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