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Peacock:Chinese Brush Painting

Well, i spent 4 maybe 5 hours on this (which wasn't too bad) but my dog ripped it nearly in half so there's only like 3 inches holding it together. (if you look very carefully, the rip is at the right side and starts at the top)

But good thing in chinese brush painting it's totally repairable (if i don't make another mistake that is...) since in traditional, chinese brush painting, they do this thing with paintings where they sort of paste it to another sheet of paper to strengthen it, and paste that to a sort of cloth, which is kind of like their version of framing, so i'm not too angry or sad.
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Beautiful painting! I love peacocks. :la:
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Wonderful painting!I love the colors and composition of the piece.
Beautiful details in the feathers!
May I ask what the difference between Chinese painting and traditional painting is? :3
I have never worked with a tecnique so distinct before, so it's very exiting!
phoenixfyre6967's avatar
Chinese Brush Paintings, or at least the style I work with, uses paints similar to watercolors, and super thin paper, and it takes a lot of control of your brush and water to be able to work with the absorbent paper. It's built to be a fairly fast style, and really meant to give an idea of what something looks like, and really tries to take advantage of negative space. I guess it's like a super early form of abstraction, with more constraints.
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Hehe maybe :) It is very interesting non the less :)
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Very nice. The blue colour is beautiful. Did you use ink? or paint? I also have a chinese brush and use it with thin ink. The legs of the bid and the head are very elegant. I think you used a pen here. Is that right? Perhaps it would be nice to use those elegant pen strokes more in the feathers as well.
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Thank you :), I use ink and paint, the paint is sort of similar to water colors. And actually, Chinese brush painting is almost always done without pen, I don't think it's even possible considering how thin the paper is.
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This is beautiful, I wish I was able to express myself like that.
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amazing!!!!! it is really cool!!! i am actually doing chinese brush painting in art class right now. can you give me some tips?
phoenixfyre6967's avatar
Thanks! And wow, that's great! Where do you go to school that does Chinese brush painting in art class?

Tips: well, I could give you a whole list, but a lot of it is really getting used to the medium because it is after all pretty different from other things.
zDragonGirlz's avatar
NY ^^

ya it's kinda hard because this is like the first time i'm doing this. and what i was trying to do is a cherry blossom but the shades are tricky and i cant get the petals right. but your's is amazing ^^
phoenixfyre6967's avatar
Oh ok, that's a bit more specific. Well, let's start with the tree trunk itself, I usually do an outline, then use the side of the brush, no water and black ink to get the roughness and then go over it later when it's dry with light gray (ink and water). As for the petals, practice on the side first, mix out a pink with carmine and white, or use carmine by itself, and dip the very tip of your brush with a darker red or pink. Less water is also better for cherry blossoms.
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but that's the thing we are only allowed to use light wash and india ink ... it's really hard because i cant use color
phoenixfyre6967's avatar
Hmm, you could still do the rough side of the brush thing, and just use a light gray (india ink and water) and dip the tip of the brush in darker ink and you'll still get a similar effect
zDragonGirlz's avatar
ok thanks ^^ i'll try that in school tommorow i really appreciate your help because it's so hard!
phoenixfyre6967's avatar
Just practice on the side first, this is really the type of thing you just need to get used to. Also, check into the brushes you're using, there are special chinese brush painting brushes you're supposed to use, if you don't have them, softer bristles I suspect are easier
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Amazing, you have excellent control of the different inks.
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wow looking good with the peacock! very lingnan style of painting. you should check out zhao shao ang he does simular style
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Fantastic painting. I love the use of colours. What paper did you use for this?
I tend to use wallpaper for practice pieces as it doesnt blotch too much. But use xuan paper for main painting. Though I havent started mounting any yet.
phoenixfyre6967's avatar
Thanks and yep, xuan paper. (By the way, do you know whether or not it's called rice paper in English?) And NOW I know that it's called mounting, I could never find the word for it :D

I've done some mounting on my own, or at least the first part where it's onto another piece of paper. I mostly get mine done professionally in China though. I think it's like under $10 USD per painting
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I think xuan refers to the weave. I use mulberry paper, but know a few colelagues use rice paper. And glad to help with the mounting :
Mostly though I use lining paper (underlay for wallpaper) or just wallpaper. It has just about the right absorbtion.
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