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[WTA-2] ...may not be what it seems.


[WTA-2] ...may not be what it seems.

‘And my name is Calixa, are you okay now Danny?’ ‘Y-yeah. But how were you able to find me, we must be hours away from anyone?!’ ‘A little birdy- well moth told me you were lost.’ Squishy’s eyes widened. ‘You mean the moth that led me out here.’ He grumbled beneath his breath. Calixa glanced at Squishy and then into the dark forest, shaking her head. Letting out a sigh, she got to her feet and put out a paw to Squishy. ‘We best be getting you home now anyway,’ She paused before a realisation hit her, ‘Oh hold on i left my rucksack, just wait here. No more following any more moths.’ Squishy nodded but rolled his eyes, no following any moths and yet he was following a mothcat with the same wings as that damned moth. … Wait. Confusion plastered his face momentarily as Calixa returned, her sunny rucksack in paw. She walked past him and started to leave the opening, she turned and looked to him, ‘Come on Danny, don’t you want to get home?’ Squishy blinked, realising he’d lost focus again

[WTA-1] What is seen in the dark...


[WTA-1] What is seen in the dark...

Whispers of the northern winds hushed past, leaving a silent chill down his spine as a plume of ice surrounded the mothcat; obstructing his sight of the starlit grove. His gaze drifted around, darting through any passage of fog in search for the presence he knew was there, their eyes piercing though his pale grey pelt. Crinkling of leaves bit the air behind him, as to locate the eerie perpetrator his gaze snapped around, only to some face to mane to a great lanky creature. A gasp caught in his throat as he found himself inching away as to behold whom ever loomed over his quivering form. Yet before him stood firmly a lumbering beast as it seemed, or at least it's shadow come to life. Thick ruffled fur stood up to attention; two stark dots of light illuminated the shadow's face, imploding stars in a desolate vacuum of silence as the dusts of forgotten empires drift out into the unforgiving unknown. The moon shone a harrowing light upon the back of this fiend, casting a shadow upon him; a
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Phoenix | Agender | 16 (02/02) | Asexual | Aquarius | Anxious Mess | Mythology Nerd

Hallo! I'm Phoenix, as you may see, I am a digital artist. I'm learning and aspiring! In my quiet corner of DA, I'll be posting as often as I can! I'll mostly be posting arpg stuff, adopts and occasionally my own OC's! Also, please leave no uneeded 'hate'. Only constructional criticism and helpful feedback, thank you!

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Discord: PhoenixFromTheFire
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- Three bouncies (@/twogoblins) (Raffle)
- One bouncie (@/lilwolfy) (For florabun seed)
- Couple art fullbodies (@/lilwolfy) (Three way trade with @/turplecupid for bbun)
- Dragon custom (Darkfury) (Design trade)
- Fullbody and two bouncies (@/twogobins) (Add on for OTA puppillar for Pine)
(If I'm missing anything feel free to nudge me to remind me .w.)


Anyway, enjoy my page!

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Favourite Visual Artist
No specific preferance, since there are so many amazing artists here.
Favourite Movies
Ponyo, Trick 'r Treat, most horror movies.
Favourite TV Shows
Steven Universe, Old School Sponge Bob, Dr G: Medical Examiner.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
P!ATD, NateWantsToBattle, FOB, MCR, Kero Kero Bonito, George Salazar, Caravan Palace, Peggy Suave.
Favourite Books
Arsenic for Tea, Serial Killers, Beloved, The Mysterious Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Ariel, The Portrait of Dorian Gray, most victorian literatures.
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Oscar Wilde <-- Big Gay Energy
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POKEMON! Pokemon TCG Online. Tomadachi Life.
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My glowy glowy mouse and tablet pen.
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Reading, writing, musical theatre, origami, psychology and psychiatry.

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