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Stonehenge by phoenix2k Stonehenge by phoenix2k
I finally got to see the mythical site of Stonehenge. I'd been dreaming about this moment all my life and I've even had a poster of it on my wall for years. This was my chance to take my own set of pictures and I have to admit I got a bit carried away =p Ended up spending a few rolls of film just capturing this site from different angles. This picture stood out quite nicely, but I'll probably submit a couple more after this.

The sky was covered with clouds and it could have been raining, but instead the sun kept popping back out and it eventually turned into a really nice day. There were people laying on the grass, others trying to jump over the rope that goes around the whole site. I just kept taking pictures and was amazed that we even got to the site in the first place :D

I had a vague idea of what the place would look like, but I couldn't really imagine having two roads on both sides (one of them being the highway!). They kind of ruin the whole view, but luckily it's situated on a hill so you can easily get shots where you don't see them at all. I also heard that they're planning to build a road under it to restore the original landscape, but god knows when that's gonna happen...

It was definitely worth going there if you've been holding back. You might be a bit disappointed but in the end the important thing is that you've been there yourself and walked on the same land as the ancestors who built that place.

Now I can finally start planning my trip to the pyramids in Egypt ;)

Canon EOS 300 + PS Edit (tones, contrast)

Second shot [link]
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Royksopp Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2005
Lovely......very mysterious....
muLperi Featured By Owner May 9, 2004   Photographer
Beautiful, I would like to visit that place too someday...
prada Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2004
my favourite from that's really beautiful because of the colours and also the part of the day you chose...i went to UK 4 times, passed by stonehenge 2 and i didn't see it because i was fucking sleeping...yes, it was stupid and you can insult me...well but i am returning to UK this summer and i hope i get the chance to see it! :) anyway, it's lovely.
bada Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2004
:worship: Full of imagination!

Bravo! :clap: :clap:
gilad Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2004  Professional Photographer
Beautiful picture!
Uraniae Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2004
Very nice capture. :clap:

nd02 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2004
the dark land and stones are really great with the coloured sky.mystic mood!!
krush Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2004
love the sillhoutte and sky bro !
great capture :clap:
Pidi-Tomato Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2004
The colors are spectacular. Like natural fireworks.
The contrast is wonderful.
simba Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2004
Incredible. I have loved that place for years. I, too, have been fascinated by Stonehenge for the last decade. And like you, I will be trying to get to the pyramids soon. :)

Well done man. Many thanks for sharing. :D
psychotica Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2004
wow!!! powerful shot! you captured the power and magic of the place, indeed.
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April 17, 2004
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