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Applejack Bass Guitar

So after watching Rainbow Rocks, I really liked AJ's bass... Which is where a lot of the inspiration for this guitar came from. I took the shape from the one she plays and after a lot of tweaking with the design... that's mostly all I kept. None the less, I kept with the Applejack theme and added in her cutie mark in a trio of places. I also used Cutie Mark Silhouette Gift Art (Applejack) with permission for the pickguard. I redrew the image, cleaned it up a bit and made sure it was machinable.  I also put Applejack's initials on there as well as my own name (Phoenix). On the body, I engraved the  "f" slots as well as the cutie mark.  Also, I only noticed after the fact but the true color of the body is most like the bottom right photo. The other photos are a little darker.

I used a few stains, layering the color before having it lacquered. The difference of wood types between the neck and body give it that two toned look, adding a bit of flavor to the look of the guitar. 

The extra buckles on the strap buttons are for a "Buckle Down" belt that I wanted to use as my strap for the guitar. I found a couple at a local-ish store and thought that the idea would be something cool to do and it worked out fantastically! It's comfy as well as works great as a guitar strap. Not to mention *Ahem* PONIES. So what I did was cut apart one of the belts and sew up the loose end, then attached it under the strap button. Easy, out of the way, and you can still use a regular strap on it. 

I drew up a design then brought that into multiple other programs to be able to machine out each piece. I used a CNC router to cut out both the body and pickguard. For the vinyl decal on the head stock I used a Vinyl Cutter. 

Video of the sound quality here!:…

If you're interested in a commission, message me or email me at
I do more than just custom guitars! Always up for a new project! Drop a message and we'll talk.

Patreon here!:

The other guitar I made!: Rainbow Dash Bass Guitar

Neck and hardware are from a P Bass Kit. 


Joint: Bolt On

Body: Mahogany

Neck: Maple

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Scale Length: 864mm/34"

Frets: 20

Controls: 1V, 1T

Pickups: PB-H

Hardware: Chrome

Pickguard: 3-Ply (White top, Red center, Black bottom) Acrylic

Strings: DR NEON RED (45-65-85-105)

Any questions, just ask! /)

Featured on Equestria Daily on May 7th, 2015! Thanks! :

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