You are my Anna

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Bring forth the two trees

Water them. Water them with your tears.

Tell me a story. Fill me with your compassion. You are the intellectual stimulation of generations. We are caught in a web of grief but you shall set us free- not that you are obligated but because you like to heal. I contemplate your imagery, the symbolism; Each time something different appears but it is the same. I say this for you look different somehow and yet you look similar. I am not sure what this means but your appearances are random- filled with wisdom. I wonder what this means... Maybe you could tell me? And if so... In your language? I may not grasp it now but one day my mind will, I promise.
Does the title count as a pun? I'm not sure. Any ways when I said "You are my Anna" the real intended meaning is "You are my gift"-  a gift to the world I suppose, a gift to greater understanding and love.
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