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Rainmeter Destop

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This is my new desktop as i got bored of my old one.
The background is a image of a unmasked Tali zora nar rayya which can be found here [link]
This time for the rainmeter apps i decided to go a little bit more simpler and space everything out more.
The apps im using are :-
Curcuitios weather by Adytzu2005
Dark_rainmeter systemInfo by Jeffrey Morley
Dark_rainmeter Time and date by Jeffrey Morley
Implosion 2 CPU and RAM by Gordan
Implosion 2 Drive C by Gordan
Implosion 2 Drive D by Gordan
Implosion 2 Drive E by Gordan
Implosion 2 Drive F by Gordan
Implosion 2 Network by Gordan
iTunes Moniter bu urielHDS
Pie R Round by Kriogen
GITS clock by Sc10
Techvision animation1 by yalishy
Im sorry for not providing any links but im sure that with a little work and the names of the apps and their creators it shouldnt be to hard to find them.
As always any and all comments are welcome and any surgetions on how i could improve my desktop are much appreciated.
EDIT: i cahnged the image and descrition insteed of uplaoding a new pic as the changes are very sutble
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Still no Download link ...
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Looks great! Can you upload a .zip file with the Rainmeter elements?

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Can you add a file download for Dark_rainmeter Time and date, as the page has apparently been erased.
Does this cross any lines?
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tubenithiStudent Artist
Link ?
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DArk_rainmeter link is not working

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I cant find the download for this rainmeter mod. ;-;
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mohsin771Hobbyist Filmographer
Its Awesome....
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goog work, it' s beautiful!
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HellFyre77Hobbyist Digital Artist
surprisingly, i'm listening to that exact insomnium album right now
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give me the answer as message . plz ok?
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what's the name of skin below Pie P Round?
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Pie R Round:

Implosion 2:
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kalenderonurHobbyist Photographer
This submission has been deleted.
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Thanks for posting the links much appreciated
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ok my problems now are just that i cant get the weather app to display a bigger cirlce then 50 because i changed the Celsius to Fahrenheit and then i still dont know this Techvision thing................... ya post some vent info and i would love to hear your input
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Well after a long time working with all of this stuff i think i have got most of it down the only thing i am having problems with is how to get the weather to show my location and not romania and i have no idea what this Techvision animation1 is but i cant find it and it doesnt look like it is used in the actual desktop because i have mostly recreated it 100%
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you need to go into the skin settings and it should tell you to link your location code into it if you want i can walk you though it more detail but i would need to do it though vocie comms because i hate typeing and my spelling sucks
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I absolutely love this desktop i want to recreate it yet i have no idea where to start i'm assuming that i have to install rainmeter whatever that is ( thats how much of a noob i am at this). But still i want to have this look more then words can describe! If possible can you link all of these add ons so i can use them because googleing them isnt going so well.
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how to install that !!!!!!!!!!!
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well all the rainmeter things i got came in rar files fi you could be a little bit more specific I could be of more help to you but im guessung you just mean the add ons so what you need is rainmeter and winrar once you have then its a c[link] walk
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*cake walk* sorry still new to this site just trying to get it working for me
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