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My rainmeter Desktop

This is my desktop. I am rather proud of it eventhough i think it could do with more.
I dont know who made the background picture but i think its rather cool all i know is that it's based on Assassin's creed II or Brotherhood.
The main App is the circle theme with all of it addons
The ones running along the bottom are :-
Implosion network, cpu and ram, drive C and removable drive
Element Cpu and ram
Blue dream network upload and download
and the Circle calender which is Gray-Black behind and Yellow_black in front to give it a kind of worn look
Im sorry for not providing any links but its rather late ( as you can tell by my clock) and im tired
Any and all comments are welcome and if people can recomend some more that i can add that would be great

Also they say you can learn a lot about someone from their computer so what can you tell about me

EDIT: this is no longer in use so i dont need anymore skins for it but comments are always nice
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<font><font>por que hay algunos que no me los baja como le ago?</font></font>
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need the links to corner calendar
como lo descargo amigo el link donde lo encuentro?? grasias
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That's fantastic!!!!!!!!
what Theme is this?
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There all listed in the info but the main one in the middle is called circle theme Bazerka here you go have a [link] if you mean the background then just ask and i'll post it up for a day just so you can get it as i didnt make it.
Hope this was helpfull
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very nice man :) well done !
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Congrats on EVE, clearly the best of all MMOs (-:

Stuff all of those commonly used icons (EVE x 3, vent, TS) into the steam wheel that comes with the circle theme.

And every time I see a shortcut to adobe reader, I die a little on the inside, please remove it
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dont worry i got rid of that adobe thing after i made this never realy used it to begin with
Did you know you have iTunes on your taskbar twice?
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Thats because its pined to the task bar and when ever i open it one stays in its origonal spot and a new one opens at the end of the task bar
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Looks nice, a little cluttered though. I'll go out on a limb and say that you are: a gamer, watches a lot of amine, and downloads a lot of stuff from torrent sites. Pretty much like 80% of everyone here. PEACE.
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well your almost right i dont realy download stuff anymore but the other two i have to say im guilty to
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