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Remains city

8 hours completed this pic

If you want to see the Painting Steps.please check here

my web
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wow! I like all your works, they are great but this one is really amazing. I don't even dare to try imagine the amount of time you spent on it to make all the details.
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That is absolutely remarkable!
ApeCape92's avatar
I was amazed at this great job for a short ammount of time
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People who design video games should hire you to do concept scenery art. So many of your pieces have this completeness to them. It is like you have a whole background story that supports the small part we can see.
Choco-Nana's avatar
Incredible! I love the colors :O especially the sunny ones :)
elucit's avatar
Awesome atmosphere & style!
eternalpuppy's avatar
8 hours... :O ...
I hate you... *glare* :worship:
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It's beautiful
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Justs 8 hours!? Amazing...
milankovacevic's avatar
Beautiful work.:) Ancient Byzantine ruins, somewhere in Turkey or on the Near East? All the best.
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This gorgeous piece has been included in Today's Digital Beauties. Thank you for sharing your lovely work with us and sorry for the belated notification. I hope you enjoy the rest of the feature. :rose:
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I love ruins. Very nice <3
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Wow, so amazing and fantastic. <3
Cisiko's avatar
The texture you achieved with your painting techniques are amazing!
hitsugayahinamori's avatar
i like the slightly distorted perspective
adds to the ruins feel. and exquisite light/colour/texture
kaede-kit's avatar
PelaoDiSaint's avatar
awesome work men
nadeshcka's avatar
Beautiful! I want to be there! xD
Edarneor's avatar
Great light and colors! Love the purple in the shadows
moontearfall's avatar
Doodle-Kitty's avatar
ah so beautiful, I love the brushes you use to draw these <3
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