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After this picture description is the world deconstruction occursmatter
This situation finally the chapter “Ragnarok” is being actually same with the Northern Europe myth
But I want to say even if facing any disaster we also strong going on living!The deconstruction is merely the new start!
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I read Elizabeth Bear's "All the Wind-Wracked Stars" which talked of this event, and I thought your painting was perfect!
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Do you write any literature?
Just asking on the side. Your art is amazing. I love originality, because it's something I'm not good at and it's always like a breath of fresh air after seeing the 'same' thing over and over again, be it art or something written, so I really like the paintings you do. Each of them seem to have their own layered stories attached to them, even when you paint passerbyes on a sidewalk in a furturistic city. They all seem to be well developed characters in the setting you place them in.
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I like youre creatures, and landscappes you make, i love it, you have lots of imagination, how did you became so good in youre work?

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wuuuuw so cool
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I like the heartfelt feel about this. And I totally agree that destruction is a new start. Well said! :D
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Nice to see someone who finally understand the concept of Ragnarok. Scorching flames cover the earth, wiping off the world, people hide in the Yggdrasil tree and after the flames settle down, they once again flow into the world, starting the world anew.

Supposedly, going by the religion, this has already happened before and it will happen again.
This sounds a lot more acceptable to me. Loss happens, death happens. But there is no absolute end. No revival of the dead. What you do in life matters.

Well done, feng. Nice quality on this picture.
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This has been featured


I hope you don't mind :3
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i like the concept you made to this one....sugoi ne!!!!!
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you make THE BEST fantasy scenes! :)
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It has a fantasy fell to it, mainly because our world hasn't ever looked like this. but it makes me fell at peace, these kind of places feel comfortable to me.
I personally wouldn't mind if some disaster happened, it would get rid of a lot of people like these self loving jerks i see everywhere, plus self protection sounds fun. these days we have guns, what happened to melee combat...

well i guess that's all i have to say, OH you did excellent on the art, i hope to see more heart touching peaces

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Great work!! I love the sketchy textures.
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great work:]
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stunning with amazing details!
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Really gorgeous.
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simply wonderful!
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I wonder if the real ragnarok happens, it'd be like that...

Anyway, this is luv.
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wow! this is gorgeous :+favlove: i love the colors (:
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A beautiful interpretation of mythology. Nicely done.
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This is an amasing piece... so well colored and the concept is beautiful. I hope to achieve effects to my work like this.
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niffty! i love the colors and the name, ^.^ it's norse right?
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beautifull........I really like the colors and the did an amayzing job this is my favourite
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