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This is my student's work
hope your like it!!!!

about my CG classroom online if you chinese very will you can check here

If you want look more works please check
my web
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totally cool
ripartworks's avatar
You sir just became one of my favorite artists! Keep up the amazing work! 
smilefundip's avatar
Oooh I LOVE THIS! It looks just like Crispin's cottage from 'Kings Quest 5'!
Vladimir-SA's avatar
Perfect combination of light, shadow and colours! 
Ralfanans's avatar
Nicely lighted and contrasted.
ami46's avatar
you give CG classes ;A; I wish am chinese or know some chinese!
XtreamCrazy's avatar
This is such a cute little environment. I love the transition of warm and cool colours. It adds a wonderful depth to the whole piece.
Pervinca86's avatar
WOW!!!! it's a Dream!!! ;)
GraphXntrix's avatar
Very nice color and shadow. Is that a rabbit under the window?
Hwaigon's avatar
yeah, one can see tha master's hand in that. Very cheerful. Fairytale - like.
Razio's avatar
I love your visions of certain themes.
Lavypoo's avatar
I really like color and atmosphere ^^
PurpleHope's avatar
incredible, beautiful color scheme !
craw27's avatar
Dang,this is beautiful!
ang3ll's avatar
this style reminds me of those used in Seiken Densetsu sweet series, adorable *.*
DaeDae13's avatar
That's it! Im moving there right away!!!!!!!!!!!
carlossousa's avatar
as usual, anime style drawings, my favorites ... finished watching nausicaa recently and watching whisper of the heart!!
ZeroKins's avatar
Wow this is really different from your usual! It's as nice as the others, though! (:
Your art is so inspiring *__*
whu-wei's avatar
totally cool - this is where I want to live!
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