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High technology city 'selone'

6 hours completed this pic

If you want look more works of mine please check
my web
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Amazing.  What would "down" look like?
HeeroKaze's avatar
Hey I did a paint "highly" based on your work. Do you mind I put it on my DA page, I will credit you.
Apotheosi's avatar
well crap. this is pretty amazing work here. at first i thought it was all done traditionally, then i looked at the desc. brilliant work!
miccivoughn's avatar
soooooooooo COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
apexabyss's avatar
aye carumba....
SnifFun's avatar
so awesome love the perspective!
pyramax's avatar
how do you do this (i livepaint in photoshop)
i have seen a similar style before, but i dont understand exactly how the style is concieved.

this is amazing by the way. i love it
SICK-HEART's avatar
great visionary o_O
UnImpossible's avatar
love the perspective. I have immense trouble drawing a building, much less a city... amazing work!
xXxAssassin1401xXx's avatar
I'm amazed beyond measure...speechless...
Great job!!!
leeviii's avatar
looks great! must've taken you a really long time to finish this o:
desolver's avatar
Incredible! Very amazing
zeverith's avatar
You're an amazingly fast and skilled painter :heart:
DarkDragoonX's avatar
That angle is fantastic1
wflead's avatar
Do you just come up with all your scenery by yourself without photo reference?
Also the colors too?
OutlawNinja's avatar
You have a very unique style.
Love your work.
rosebloom1's avatar
This is fantastic! I saw your featured artwork and wanted to see more of your work. This looks like it should grace the cover of a great science fiction book! Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see more!!!
BlueBluish's avatar
your art is amazing :heart: :clap:
Morisan's avatar
hey your style really changed. It's alot sharper than before. Keep it up!
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