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High technology city selone 02

9 hours completed this pic

If you want look more works of mine please check
my web
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Simply great. I wonder what the color theme would be? Bluish? Or perhaps a neon green?
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I love all the details and the composition in your pictures:D
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That's truly a masterpiece. The separation of the objects, vantage point, lighting and shading are all amazing!
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This is wondrful picture!
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nice composition .great man you are good artist
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this is amazing. all of your work is amazing for that matter -i love it *-*
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Marvelous :o I love the contrast between the slim palm trees and the robust metal buildings. :omg: Too bad it's not coloured. :( It would have been soooooo nice
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Like your other works, this is beautiful. The lighting is amazing and the scale is magnificent. Excellent work! This really shows how a monochromatic work can convey just as much detail and story as a colored painting.
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this is imazing
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Love your work * *,
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ouch! don't your hands hurt like SHIT??? only 9 hours??
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awesome! love all of the textures I see. the cars are cool also, hahah
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this is beyond amazing! pure genius
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Did you use just stock brushes?
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Nice integration of foliage and industrial structures.
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Jaw has officially dropped.
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