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Color me Anubis


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Is it Safe?

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The Plung

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The Caves of Gemina

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Lunch Time


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Shaman Fox Totem Detail


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It's a girl

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Black Diamond Dogs: AoL

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Black Diamond Dogs: AoL

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Stargate Exile tattoo

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The Final Report SG-1

The Final Report Sitting at his desk Jack shoveled through the mountain of paperwork that had accumulated during the last five missions.  He’d rather be pinned down under enemy fire than look at another forum, but there was no way Hammond was going to let him through the Gate again if he didn’t get a majority of this done today. Jack looked up as Daniel suddenly stormed into his office.  He had a hefty report in one hand and a disgruntled look on his face.  Jack ignored him even as the irate archeologist threw the fifty page ream of paper down on his desk.  Daniel crossed his arms over his chest and glared spitefully at Jack unt

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Fire Fox Sculpt I


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Egypt Burning I

Egypt Burning

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Entrapment I have the strangest luck, I swear. So my husband and I go out and when we get in the car he notices that he needs gas.  No big deal.  We go to the gas station, one that also has a car wash.  My husband decides that he car could use a quick wash and we have time. So we drive into the car wash after punching in the code.  The door in front of us is already closed, and once we drive in the door behind us closes.  And then... Nothing. Nothing happens.  And nothing continues to happen for a few minutes.  My husband rocks the car back and forth a few times to try

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Phoenix's B-moive review VI

Phoenix's B-movie Review: The Colony Hello boys and girls and welcome to another B-movie review!  It's been a while, and not because there aren't enough B-Movies to go around (for example Drive Angry), but it is just that I've been a little busy.  Specifically I've been busy watching countless hours of NCIS.  So of course I started thinking to myself, one of these guys must have made a B-movie when they were young and foolish.  DiNozzo looked like the most likely candidate for B-movie star power, and in that spirt I bring you Michael Weatherly in The Colony. When I first hit play I thought that I mu

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Axolotl Stock I


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The Hounds


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Black bear


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