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Serpent's Grasp

I can't even begin to tell you how many hours of work went into this. It is a redo of a three year old drawing that I did (see link at the bottom). I'm not even sure I have anything let to say about this because I am so very proud of this.

Details were taken before the background was added because I had to reduce the size of what I was working on to get the detail into the background.

Naga detail:

Man detail:




Here was my first attempt at this (3 years ago):
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ahhh I wish her tiddies and his balz were out

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she chooses her meal well lots of protein

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Hey do a redraw on this that be cool!

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Sweet Captivity
i would love to be naked and hands tied to the bed as a python starts to choke me nice and slow.
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Sounds like a typical Friday night around here. ;)
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I'm good.  Very busy this time of year with work.  How's you?
i am doing good. but would be better if i was being in a tight squeeze to the end. like to keep in touch? im from Pennsylvania single male 44
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I like to imagine this is some foreplay between a lamia and her human mate. This just gives me that vibe.
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He doesn't look like he's totally unhappy with the turn in the events...
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So that's actually a possibility? :3
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SO erotic!  What an absolutely vulnerable and delicious position to be in for the male.... completely helpless, exposed and at her mercy.  His mind is foggy from the restricted air and reeling to take it all in... his utter helplessness to do anything about his predicament... his pounding heart and labored breathing... his extreme arousal.... and in the midst of all those swirling thoughts is his secret desire that this is the way it all ends..... 
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I do like my boys helpless and restrained!  I'm sure my little snake woman takes her time tormenting her prey.
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Lucky guy!!!! 😁
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Wow, those muscles in bondage...
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This was one of the most fun paintings ever.  I am a bondage fan.  :)  I'm assuming you are too. 
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I still wish that were me lol
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I wish that were me :(
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