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Oh the weather outside...

17K Views frigg'in frightful!

UPDATE: I spent some more work on the shading. The star like scar in his belly is from when he got shot in the second game (it didn't really slow him down that much). And I added a short story!

This is a work for the :iconuncharted-fans: contest. The theme was Christmas/New Years. I was really struggling with this theme cause Drake really isn't the Christmas type in my mind. However, that doesn't mean that one of his many enemies can't have a sense of humor about it!

I think Drake could really use a cup of hot coco right about now, with marshmallows...the little ones. :giggle:

Short Story time!!

Spirit of the Northern Lights

“Think of it this way: if you’re lucky the wolves will get you before the hypothermia...or is it the other way around? I guess that would depend on what you think is worse. Good luck either way.”

“You cowardly bastard!” Drake snarled. “You can’t just shoot me yourself?”

“Now, now, Drake, it’s Christmas. I can’t be shooting a defenseless man on Christmas.”

“Come on, you know you want to shoot me, think of the satisfaction it would bring you. That spray of blood, maybe even a cry of pain. Consider it my Christmas present to you.”

“Oh, Drake, you’re so transparent. You just want me to fire my glock in hopes that it will start an avalanche and kill me along with you.”

“You could consider that your present to me.” Drake replied with an innocent smile.

“I could use some of this ribbon to strangle you to death, but I think a slow painful death at the hands of the elements is far more fitting. The heavy snow fall will keep the temp at around 20 so you have a few hours to enjoy your frostbite.”

“Maybe you could send some wolves my way.” Drake huffed.

“If I see any I’ll be sure to give them the message. Good bye, Drake, I’ll be sure to think of you when the Spirt of the Northern Lights crystal is in my hands.”

“You’ll never find it without me.”

“Sure I will. I have the map you drew yourself. It looks like a two year old scribbled it in crayon, but I can read it.”

“I really do hate you, Weatherlin.”

“I know. I hate you too.”

Drake started to spit another insult at Weatherlin when one of his men stepped up and forced a decorative red sash between his teeth and tied it behind his head to mute him. Drake wasn’t really sure why the gag was necessary, it wasn’t like there was anyone out in the winter wasteland to hear him. He waited for Weatherlin to leave before he started to struggle to free himself.

Drake had hoped that this ridiculous fancy ribbon they’d used to tie him would allow him to easily slip free. However the blood red silk proved to be surprisingly strong. Drake ground his teeth against the gag and cry out in frustration and pain as an icy wind slashed against his exposed skin. He could still hear Weatherlin and his men laughing echoing in his mind from when they’d stolen his clothing and replaced them with the large Christmas bow that they’d tied around his waist.

To add insult to injury they’d let him keep his gun holster and weapons. With his hands tied behind his back to a pine tree he had no way of getting to them. Desperate to get free before he froze to death Drake started to rub his wrist restraints against the rough bark of the tree. After fifteen minutes of work all he’d managed to do was scrape up his arms. He could feel the blood slowly freezing to his skin.

It wasn’t long before he was shivering uncontrollably. His arms and legs were going numb as his body tried to keep his core temperature protected. The wind chill was becoming dangerous. Feeling himself starting to lose consciousness Drake shook his head violently causing the snow that had gathered in it to go flying. If he passed out now he’d have no chance at surviving. Taking a deep breath he pulled at the silk with all his strength, which got him no closer to freedom. Having been out in the elements for over an hour Drake started to fade again.

“Nate!” A distant deep voice called. “Kid, you out here!”

“Ssssuuullleeee!” Drake cried out through the gag. “Ssssuullleee!”

“I hear you, keep up the hollering!”

Fighting to stay awake as his body shut down Drake threw his head back against the tree he was tethered to in an attempt to jolt himself into remaining awake. He wailed through the gag as loud as he could to help his friend locate him. When he felt Sully’s warm gloved hand on his chest he peacefully allowed himself to slip into darkness.

Hours later Drake slowly came back to his senses. He found himself under a mound of warm natural fur blankets. Still not fully awake Drake heard the sound of gentle breathing next to him. Unclear on exactly what had happened and more than willing to go back to sleep Drake nuzzled the warm body next to him.

“Elena?” Drake purred.

“Far from it.” Sully’s gruff voice replied.

Jolted fully awake by Sully’s voice Drake sat bolt up right. The pair was covered in a tangle of fur blankets in a bed made of various animal bones, driftwood, and antlers. A horrifying realization crept over Drake’s skin.

“Sully, are you...are we naked?”


Drake pulled away further and started down at Sully in horror.

“What?” Sully shrugged. “I had to get you warmed up some how, they say the best way is to get under covers naked. You were almost dead, I had to do something.”

“Next time just leave me to the wolves, okay?”

“Fine. I will.”

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:D Bless him, I'll get him nice and toasty again...
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
That's very sweet of you 
GladeFaun's avatar
:D Not sure 'sweet' is the word I'd choose... ;)
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
Oh my....and here I thought your intentions were 100% altruistic.
GladeFaun's avatar
I fear I must confess that they are in fact otherwise... :D
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
I see how it is....  Heehee
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth's avatar
He's going to freeze his jingle bells off.
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
Ha!  yes, yes he is.
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his outfit is just perfect for that weather! :thumbsup:
I love to see stuff like that. Being shirtless is ALWAYS the best choice when it comes to style decisions, weather is not important. :D Okay, in his case it's not his decision, but... xD
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If you've got a good chest you should show it!  Even if that means freezing your nips off!
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yes, exactly!!! :heart: :D
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This is like, the awesomest picture of Nate I've seen. One question though: Nate is so hot, how has the snow around him not melted yet?
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
That's an excellent question!
Invisible-Valkyrie's avatar
I'll keep you warm Drake ;)
Invisible-Valkyrie's avatar
I don't suppose you'll draw some more art of him, will you? Oh and I enjoyed reading your little accompanying ficlet. It sets the context/tone nicely :)
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
I really should!
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Oh Lordy that picture.....I'd like to unwrap that present. ;)
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
Heehee...hell yeah!
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hehe. :3 you should look up Nathan Drake shirtless on DA. Look at my comment. ^w^

:D (Big Grin) 

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