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Life is Beautiful

So I just noticed that my Cherry Blossom tattoo [link] has been viewed over 87,000 times! I had no idea. :giggle:

So I thought I'd try to get a better shot of it. You know it's not easy getting a picture of your own shoulder.

You can also see a glimps of my Koi tattoo in this. [link]

Anyway, this is watercolour tattoo meaning that it has not heavy black outline. Although it can't be seen here there is a single flower fallen from the branch down lower on my arm. It used to just be a single petal, but everyone kept thinking I had a birth mark or paint on my arm. So last night I had the petal turned into a flower.

The Kanji says life and beauty.
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Are you a tattoo artist? Where did you get this done? it's absolutely beautiful
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I am not a tattoo artist, I just designed it. I got this done in Florida, at Blue Bulldog, but the guy doesn't work there anymore. Sigh. Thanks!
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could you maybe post another picture more from the back?.. im really curious what it looks like well, the right side of the picture.. i love this style.. as if someone painted on you
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I'll try later. Thanks! this is one of my favs!
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That's a really awesome tattoo. I'm hoping to get another one this year in that soft watercolor style. Yours is beautiful.
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They are the best! I get so many compliments on this tattoo. My other pic of it has had like 80,000 hits.
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another amazingly beautiful tattoo!
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its so awesome.
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That is very pretty! I think I like the watercolor more than the classic style, it's softer and more...feminine?? :XD: And it IS beautiful.
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Thank you! I like it cause it has a more feminine feel to it as well.

Cute new avatar!
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Haha, thanks x3 it's my baby sister. Like usual, I got tired of my old one....:XD:

You're welcome!! Yeah, girly tattoos are awesome. I want one like the constellations one you have (LOL!) but not in that green-black's too pronounced :XD: Still, it's a great idea.
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The constellation one would look good in blue as well. Mine is pure black. :giggle:
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wow, that is a beautiful tattoo, seriously
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Thank you! It's one of my favs.
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