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Frog Tattoo

By Phoenix-Cry
I took my friend to get her first tattoos. Yes, plural. She got this one in her ear and then got a celtic cross on her lower back (can't take pic of cross at the moment it is under wraps).

Note the little spot? That was when the tattooist accidently nicked her with the gun...but we've decided that it's a fruit fly! :giggle:

Isn't is just TOO cute??!!!! :giggle:

Done at B-Cool by Sarah in MN.

EDIT: Now it is all healed!
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I wish I had a tattoo, but I'm scaed about the pain... ^^;
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It's not so bad, like someone flicking a sunburn.
littledemontingy's avatar
awsome! did that hurt more than the back did? seeing this makes me really want to get one there to!
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
Nope, no real pain at all, just an annoying sound. The only trouble is after a few years the ink has blurred out a bit since the skin there is so thin.
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omg so damn cute!
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What was your friends pain tolerance like? Does she have a high threashold? Because I've been wanting to get a couple tattoos for a while now, I've got my first pattern ready for when I go in but I was having trouble finding a frog one I liked, and seeing this, it's perfect! But I would like to know about the pain, how long it took, ect,

I've gotten ear lobes, nose and bellybutton pierced, so I'm no virgin to that kind of thing, reply if you could please, :)
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Took five mins tops. She said there really wasn't any pain. Go for it. Besides, pain is temporary, the glory is forever! I have tattoos that took 4+ hours, and they hurt, but that's over now and I have art I love. So don't let the fear of pain stop you from getting what you want were you want it. Have fun!
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That is really cute, and an interesting place to get one.
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Its so cute!!! I love it! so tiny...
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
It is a fun one!
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thats so cute lol I would think it would hurt but I guess not since u get ur ears pierced :la: CUTE!! I love it
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
Nope, very little pain!
Shinku15's avatar
wow I can't believe that!! thats really cool looking though AWESOME!!
Shinku15's avatar
lol Yeah i got a hug lol :hug: back
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
heehee, I'm all about hugs.
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