Extinction ch 24

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Chapter Twenty-four

“Dr. McCoy?”

Bones jerked awake and instantly regretted doing so.  Every joint in his body ached and his gashed temple throbbed painfully.  He forced one eye open and stared up at Nurse Chapel who was looking down on him in concern.  Closing his eyes again he scratched behind his ear, jolting in surprise when he felt the point that still adorned it.  Taking a moment to get his bearings McCoy realized that he was laying on the floor.  

“Are you alright, Doctor?”

“I’m fine, Nurse.”  Bones replied as he sat up.  “Just a late night.”

“Perhaps you should let Dr. Niffon take this shift.”

“No, I’m alright.”  Bones shook his head to clear it.  

Bones refused Chapel's hand for help to his feet.  He didn’t even remember falling asleep.  The last thing he could recall was talking to Uhura, but he wasn’t even sure if that had actually happened or if it had been a particularly vivid dream.  Once up he glanced at Saavik’s readings.  The half Vulcan was still locked in sleep.  

“Nurse, how are those readings compared to your average Vulcan?  They seem high compared to Spock’s”

“For an average Vulcan they’re not so great, for an average Romulan they’re even worse.”


“Romulus is not as harsh a world as Vulcan was, their vitals are not as extreme as a Vulcans.”

“I wonder if that has anything to do with her sudden and violent reaction.”

“Perhaps, Doctor.”  Chapel nodded.

“Alright, thank you, Nurse.  I’m on emergency status, anything below the triage level of a  severed artery or Airgolian Rabies make someone else take care of it.”

“Yes, Doctor.”

Chapel took one last glance at Saavik with a worried expression before leaving.  McCoy felt her concern, the half Vulcan looked more than half dead.  He walked up to her bedside and she started to fight to regain consciousness.  For a moment she tugged against the restraints they’d placed on as a precaution.  However she quickly settled into simply whimpering like a child having a nightmare.  

“I’m so sorry, Saavik...if I had known.”  

Bones reached out and brushed a lock of her dark curly hair off her face.  Saavik reacted well to the contact and although she was still panting for breath she discontinued the quiet cries.  Trying to ease her distress further McCoy brushed her temple.  

‘Let me go!  I have to try!’

McCoy gasped and pulled his hand away from Saavik, having sworn that he’d heard her voice ring out in his mind.  After a few moments of hesitation he reached out and repeated the contact to see if it would happen again.  This time nothing happened.  McCoy sighed heavily and shook his head sadly.


“Jim...”  Bones replied with a jolt  “you startled me.”

“Sorry about that.”  Kirk walked up to the opposite side of the bed.  “How is she doing?”

“Honestly, I don’t really know.”  McCoy admitted.  “She’s certainly not waking up, and I don’t know if I should give her more Vulandin or not.”

“And we’re sure she has whatever Spock has?”

“No...no I’m not sure.  Which is why I hate to risk her on the Vulandin.”

“Is there anything I can do?”  Kirk asked sympathetically.  

“Nothing that you aren’t already doing.”


“Where are we going?”  Bones asked with little interest.

“Right now, we’re headed off towards Ciris.”

“Why Ciris?”

“No real reason.  Just working on putting distance between us and Vulcan.”

“We can’t run forever.”

“Buying time is often the best bang for your buck.”  Kirk shrugged.  

McCoy rolled his eyes slightly and chased the Captain out of sick bay.  Going back into Saavik’s room he paced back and forth for a few minutes.  Before he could come to a decision on what to do next Saavik made a sickly wet gasping sound.  Looking over McCoy saw that the heavy nosebleed had started once again and she was in danger of drowning in her own blood.  

Rushing over Bones turned her head to the side so that the blood would drain out onto the bed rather than down her throat.  Feeling like he no longer had a choice McCoy injected her with another dose of the caustic Vulandin.  As before Saavik instantly calmed.  Getting a cloth McCoy carefully cleaned the blood from Saavik’s face.  No longer indecisive he walked over to the intercom.  

“Spock here.”

“Spock, McCoy...I need to see you in medical.”

“Doctor,”  Spock hissed  “I have made my feelings about that quite clear.”

“It’s not about you, it’s Saavik.  I need to speak to you.”

“Very well.”

McCoy didn’t have to wait long before Spock arrived.  There was a noticeable difference in Spock’s appearance.  His previously shock green eyes had turned to more of a green tint over the white.  Spock’s gait held more strength to it, unlike the day before where it was painful obvious that he had to carefully plan out each step.

Stepping into the small private room Spock stopped short like he’d just run into a force field.  Closing his eyes he took several deep breaths in through his nose.  McCoy stepped closer in alarm when Spock’s eyes fluttered open exposing only the green tinted whites.  He looked like he had just inhaled a powerful drug.  



Bones was a little taken aback by the cutting tone in Spock’s voice.  He had snapped out of the trance he’d been in and was now glaring at McCoy.  Feeling increasingly uneasy Bones took a few steps away from his friend.  Spock’s eyes followed his every motion, but he said nothing.

“How are you feeling?”

“I thought this wasn’t about me.”  Spock growled.

“It’s not.”  Bones reached back and snapped a dark privacy field over the entranceway to the room.  “A few days ago Saavik went into pon farr.”

“I know...she reeks of it.”  Spock replied in disgust.  “She should have warned me.”

“She didn’t know.”

“Do not be foolish, Doctor.  The dates on which pon far occurs are etched into our minds.  It is not something a Vulcan, even a half Vulcan, forgets.”  

“Spock...are you sure you’re feeling alright?”

“Doctor, please come to your point.”

“Alright, you’re right, even a half Vulcan knows when she should experience pon far, and according to Saavik it shouldn’t happen for another two years.”


“That’s what she thought.  We came up with a theory that perhaps working so closely with so many male Vulcans exhibiting pon farr somehow affected her system, sent her into it early.”

“It is a valid theory.”  Spock nodded.  “In any case she will die without a mate since she has allowed it to go past the point where meditation could assist her.  It may even be too late for that.”

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.  She came to me with this problem five days ago...”   

“Doctor, am I to understand that she was forced to take you as a mate already?”  Spock hissed.  “How dare you...”

“No, no, it’s not like that.”  Bones said quickly.  “She asked, but I didn’t feel comfortable taking advantage of her situation.  We both agreed to try and treat her pon farr medically.  She had been working on a drug called Vulcine.  Originally it was designed to reduce the symptoms of pon farr.  I happened to have stolen a vial of it while on Natala.  So we tried that first, it seemed to work...until this happened.  I need to know if her symptoms now could be completely explained by pon farr or if you think the drug might have cau...”

“You didn’t help her?”  Spock demanded suddenly.  “You left her to die because of your human morals surrounding sex?  What kind of doctor are you?!”

“Whoa, wait a minute a second ago you were angry at me because you thought I had...wait...Spock did you take the Vulandin this morning?”

“Don’t change the subject!”

“I’m not so sure that I am.”  


“Spock, did you take the Vulandin?”  Bones repeated.

“Yes!”  Spock roared.  “Of course I did!”

“Then why are you acting like this?”

“I...I do not know...”

Spock looked around the room frantically, as though seeking an escape.  When he saw the  dark force field that was in place he tensed as though he’d just noticed he was trapped.  Bones glanced at the intercom and realized that he’d have to get through Spock to get to it.  Spock was becoming visibly more agitated as the seconds ticked by.  Bones stayed as still as possible to try and keep from upsetting Spock further.  He feared that any provocation would send the powerful Vulcan into a rampage similar to the one that had landed Uhura in the sick bay.

“Spock, I’m your friend.  You know that, right?”  Bones ask gently.  

“Yes.”  Spock answered vacantly.

“Then you know I only want to help you.”


“Don’t worry about her right now, she’ll be alright.  Trust me.”

“I do.”  

“Please, lay down.”

Bones held his breath waiting for Spock to move.  Once Spock had realized that he was losing control of his emotions once more he had shut down.  Fear reflected in his eyes as he stared sightlessly at nothing.  Bones noticed the trembling that was seeping into Spock’s frame as he stood otherwise motionless.  Although he was just standing in one place it was clear that a war was raging beneath the surface.

“Spock, lay down.”  Bones repeated.  “That’s an order.”

“No...no.  No!  You are doing this, you are killing us!”  Spock accused as he jerked back.  “You have always hated Vulcans.”

“No...well, sometimes, but I’m often just as disgusted with humans as well.”  Bones admitted freely.  “Spock, either something is wrong with your Vulandin or you’re becoming resistant to it.”

“You want me to take more to kill me,”  Spock insisted  “an overdose...the perfect murder weapon.”

“Spock, you’re becoming delusional and paranoid.  Whatever sickness you have it’s growing worse by the second.”

“No...”  Spock took a few steps back until he bumped into Saavik’s bed.  “Stay away from me!”

“You need more Vulandin.”

“No...”  Spock shook his head like a stubborn child.  “No, it is killing me.”

“I know it is...”

Bones had chosen the wrong words.  He could see his mistake in Spock’s eyes the moment he had admitted that he knew the drug was dangerous.  Spock’s fear instantly turned to a lust for vengeance.  McCoy only had time to take single step back before Spock pounced on him.  With a majority of his strength restored Spock seized Bones by the throat with one hand and easily lifted him up off the floor.  

Clawing at the hand holding him captive Bones gasped for breath.  Unable to breath well he couldn’t call for help.  With murderous intent in his eyes Spock used his hold on the doctor to slam him into the wall.  Fearing he’d soon pass out McCoy abandoned his attempts to release Spock’s grip and put his hands on the Vulcan’s chest.  

Bones pushed weakly against Spock’s chest as the edges of his vision blackened.  He knew he didn’t have the strength to physically move his attacker.  However he hoped the desperate act would show Spock that he was killing his friend.  The ploy did not work.  Spock narrowed his eyes to icy slits and increased his painful grip.  

A foot off the floor McCoy kicked at the wall that he was pinned against.  Becoming dizzy from the lack of air McCoy’s eyes rolled back to white.  On the edge of blacking out Bones  was suddenly dropped to the floor.  

Drawing a sweet breath Bone looked up to see what had saved him.  Spock had been dropped to his knees by Saavik who still had her hand on the place where Spock’s neck and shoulder met.  Her wrists were spattered in green where she had ripped herself free of the restraints.  

Spock had been distracted from his prey, but Saavik had been unable to render him fully unconscious.  He glared over his shoulder at her and bared his teeth.  Ignoring her Spock went to assault Bones again.  McCoy scrambled back at quickly ran into the wall.  Spock went to swing his fist with bone crushing force only to have Saavik snatch his wrist in a vice like grip and arrested his attack.  

“Release me, woman!”

“You are not yourself,”  Saavik replied calmly  “look at what you are doing.”

“He is trying to kill me!”  Spock snarled.

“No, he is your friend.  Equally important: he is a fellow Star Fleet Officer.”

Spock tore his wrist free from Saavik and drew his hand back to strike her.  She cowered slightly in a show of submission.  Spock paused and looked at Saavik with indecision.  She continued to stare him down and for a moment Bones felt that Saavik had successfully diffused the situation.  

As Spock tried to find himself his eyes tracked back and forth rapidly.  Bones slowly got to his feet and started inching his way towards the counter top that held several hypos.  Saavik glanced at McCoy and shook her head ‘no’ in a tiny motion.  After catching the doctor’s motion in the corner of his eye Spock rose up to his full height and back handed Saavik hard enough to send her to the floor.

“Saavik!”  Bones cried.  

Spock whipped around and lashed out blindly at McCoy.  Barely managing to stay clear of Spock’s swing Bones grabbed the nearest hypo.  When Spock came for him again it was with reckless abandon.  He raised his fist high up over his head with intent of coming down with a fatal blow.  

With no other options Bones welded the hypo like a knife and jabbed it into Spock’s chest.  Spock shrieked in pain and reared back.  Clamping his hands down over his ears he screamed as though Bones had run him through rather than just given him a simple injection.  

McCoy cursed himself for having put up the privacy shield that was keeping all the noise from the fray silent to any other ears.  He had hoped the injection would bring Spock down, but it only increased his insane frenzy.  However Spock no longer had any interest in Bones, his sole desire was escape.  

Before Bones could get anything else into Spock’s boiling blood the Vulcan was at the dark force field.  It took him only seconds to use his own override code to drop the barrier.  He fled sick bay at a surprising speed.  Bones rushed to the panel and slammed his hand down on the button that sent the entire ship into red alert.  

“Bones!”  Kirk cried across the intercom.  “What the hell is going on?”

“Spock’s on the run and dangerous.”

“Run?  He could barely stand yesterday.”

“Things have changed.  Get down here.”

“On my way.”  

McCoy heard the Captain ordering Security just as the intercom shut off.  Bones looked down at the hypo he’d chosen in his rush and swore.  Dropping the syringe he knelt down next to Saavik who was still on the floor.  He lifted her up carefully and placed her back on the bed.  Bones carefully inspected the bright green bruise that Spock had left across her cheek.

“Saavik?  Damn it...”

Bones pulled back one of Saavik’s eyelids and was greeted by a sightless glassy stare.  Terrified that her life was slipping away he pressed his fingertips into her throat.  He found her pulse to be strong.  McCoy gave a slight sigh of relief.  She had been knocked senseless, but she was still breathing.  He smoothed out her hair, waiting for her to wake.

“Bones.”  Kirk entered breathing heavy from running down to medical.  “Saavik...”

“She’ll be alright.”  McCoy assured.  “Jim, have they found Spock?”

“No.  He knows this ship as well as anyone and he also knows exactly where security will look first.”  

“I don’t think he’s in the right frame of mind to be using any of his cunning.  He’s crazed, and I think I made it worse.”

“How so?”

“I meant to give him a shot of Vulandin, but I grabbed Vulcine instead.”

“What’s Vulcine?”

“Something he didn’t respond to well the last time someone pumped it into his blo...”

Bones was cut off as the entire room suddenly shifted violently as the ship jarred violently.  Kirk ended up on the floor.  McCoy had lashed out and griped the far edge of Saavik’s bed to keep himself from flying and her from tumbling to the floor.  Six different ship wide alarms rang out in distress.  Bones helped Kirk back to his feet.

“Captain!”  Scotty’s voice cried over the intercom.

“Scotty, what the hell are you doing?!”  Kirk demanded.

“It’s not me, Sir.  Someone just took over of the ship through auxiliary control and threw her into full reverse without thinking to stop first.”

“Spock.”  Bones pointed out needlessly.


“Plenty, Sir.”  Scotty replied.  “However, the damage done is not the worst of it.  The Warp drives are on full throttle and screaming like Banshees.  Captain, the engines aren’t meant to run this hot for very long.”

“Well then shut them down.”

“Can’t, Sir.  Auxiliary control has everything locked up...all the access codes have been changed.  I could maybe bypass...”

“Do it.”  Kirk ordered without listening to the whole explanation.  “Bones, just how dangerous is Spock right now?”

“Do you have to ask?  He’s trying to get us all killed.”

“Point taken.”  Kirk nodded and turned back to the intercom.  “Sulu.”

“Here, Sir.”

“Can you tell me where we’re headed?”

“Full course turn around, Captain.”  Sulu informed.  

“Back to the Vulcan black hole...”  Kirk growled.  

“No...”  Saavik protested weakly.  “Not to it...into it.”

“Saavik, just lay still.”  

Bones put his hand on her shoulder to keep her down.  She opened her eyes and looked around, completely disoriented.  McCoy carded his hand into her hair to keep her from lolling her head back and forth and possibly aggravating her concussion.  Saavik looked up at Bones with fear and panic glittering in her eyes.

“Captain.”  Saavik called.

“Right here.  What were you saying?”  

“Spock’s intension is to drive the Enterprise directly into the heart of the Vulcan black hole.”

“How do you know that?”  Bones asked.

“Because it is his only thought...a thought so intense that I can hear it from here.”
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Good thing I didn't kill Saavik or Bones would have probably died here...
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Spock sounds like freakin 6 year old kid who's trying to brother someone he dosent like
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This is the action im talking about DUDE!!!!!!! SPOCK RAMPAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Spock's off his rocker again
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Oh, so now he's getting the craving for going back to Vulcan? Jeez Louise, I am beginning to sense your love for action.
Bones is the cutest though! Even though he wouldn't want to admit it, he cares, he really does. And I love the way he acts around Saavik. He's just so damn sexy.
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I'm all about the action!!!
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Wow. That's just... wow.

I have to say, this does not look good for the Enterprise. I would go into a long rant about bottled-up emotions and destroyed planets... but I'm sure whatever you think up will be much stranger than what I can, and yet make more sense. ;)

And if they're going to the Vulcan black hole... will it just kill them like a normal black hole, or send them to an alternate Universe - the Shatner-Kirk and Nimoy-Spock Universe, maybe? Maybe in that Universe the Federation has developed a cure for this Sickness. Maybe the voices the sick Vulcans hear are of their alternate selves in that other Universe, living the lives they should have led if it weren't or the Romulans screwing with time. Maybe the origin of the Sickness is from that other Universe. Or maybe the black hole will send them back in time and reveal something crucial from the past... Hmm.

Oops... a long rant/ramble anyway... sorry. :D
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Yer thinking and I like that!
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Anariel-Erestor|Hobbyist General Artist
OMG! I'm hooked now! I want to know what happens next!
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So pleased to hear it! New chapter....er...soon!
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*looks from Uhura to Saavik, then the men and back again*

Ummmm... I'm suggesting clearer labels and Uhura-proofing the med lab...

Sheesh gotta tell men everything :giggle:
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The lab does need Uhura-proofing. :giggle:
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DESPERATE enough to make egregious typos, it seems ^^;
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Heehee! More soon!
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*desparate for more* Q0Q
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I'm all about the cliffhanger!
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NOT good..... :giggle: but that was to be expected!!!

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Luthlaya|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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:star:GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! OMG. Bones and Saavik:heart: that'd be cute :D Bones should help saavik, lol if u know what i mean... maybe if the Vulcans all had some SEX it would release their anger, Perhaps the problem is that all these years of not expressing their emotions has taken a toll on their minds and so now their planet gets destroyed and this pushes them over the edge from having lost family and so now they are loosing the ability to hold back feelings and this results in them bursting out with emotions, and then the Vulcan voice hallutionations are from their aincient valcan's trying to tell them to express themselves or thell EXPLODE!, and die. BAAAAH!!!LOL JUST a theory, THIS IS SO COOL :D :star:

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Bones and Saavik are cuties. :giggle: Hmmm...cure for mystery sickness: orgy. I like it.
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hours of obsessive reading later and I'm finally here.
Just wanted to say this fic is absolutely amazing.

dammmit, Uhura, look at what you've done! now you're all majorly screwed.
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Awe. :hug: Always pleased to send someone on a reading binge! :giggle:

Poor Uhura...she was just trying to save her hubby. :giggle:
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