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Stargate SG-1: Crosswired

Description: (Angst, PG-13) Daniel finds himself in the hands of an organization that wants something from him that they know he doesn’t remember. Will the forced memory experiment unlock secrets or just drive him insane?


Chapter One

Blood slowly seeped from Daniel’s temple and into his eyes as he laid on his side on the floor.  He didn’t bother to brush it away, it would just happen again.  The small circular wound wouldn’t heal, his captors wouldn’t let it.  

Instead of waiting for the trickle of blood to blind him Daniel simply closed his eyes.  There was nothing to see anyway, just a small featureless room with a locked door.  With no clear idea of the difference between day and night he drifted in and out of sleep.

His dreams brought back the violent and chaotic memories of the kidnapping, made hazy by his confusion at the time.  Whoever it had been knew his routine, knew the perfect place to run him off the road on his drive home.  It had been a Friday, so he wouldn’t have been missed for a few days.  

Daniel jerked awake as he heard footsteps out in the hall.  The mere approach of someone caused his heart to pound painfully against his ribs.  He sat up and backed into the corner as two strong men entered the room.  

They looked like they’d fit in perfectly at the Stargate base, just like any of the random soldiers that prowled the Base’s halls.  Daniel couldn’t be sure, for they worn only white, but their ever motion spoke of time in Military service. They had a mission and carried it out with maximum efficiency.  One of them approached Daniel and hauled him to his feet.  He was starting to lose his ability and his will to struggle against them.   

The man that had stood him up tangled his hand into Daniel’s hair and pulled his head back.  The other brought a cold metal cup to his lips and tilted it.  Daniel grit his teeth together, but he already knew that he was in a no win situation.

He had the options of swallowing the thick liquid or drowning in it.  

Instinct, reflex, and the animal will to survive made Daniel swallow.  They had been force feeding him the protein drink ever since he’d refused to eat anything offered on his own.  It was keeping him alive, but he was still losing weight fast.  His captor released him and Daniel sat down again.  He rubbed the back of his hand across his mouth to clean away the sticky drink.  

Vanilla was quickly becoming his least favourite flavour.

The two men looked down at Daniel expectantly.  They knew that he knew the routine.  Daniel sighed.  Too tired to fight useless against them he voluntarily held his hands behind his back.  One of the men secured them there with a buckled leather strap that had been lined in fleece to keep it from cutting into his wrists.  

The two men left without saying word, as always.

A few minutes later his next visitor arrived.  She looked just at home here as the two men.  Her eyes held the cold clinical look of a scientist.  Her actions however betrayed her as a medical doctor.  She had a small box of supplies with her that she placed on the floor.

“Hi.”  Daniel greeted casually.  “My name is Daniel.  Daniel Jackson...Dr. Jackson actually.  I’m an archeologist.  I’d give you my rank and serial number, but I don’t have either.”

The woman said nothing.  She fearlessly knelt down in front of him.  Reaching out she pressed two delicate fingers against his throat and then looked down at her watch to count out his pulse.

“Of course you already know that because I’ve told you everyday for what I believe is the past week.”  Daniel continued the one sided conversation.  “Although it’s getting harder to keep track of time.  And of course you’ve drugged me unconscious a few times so I guess any amount of time could have passed.”

The doctor paid no heed to Daniel’s comments.  She turned his head to the side to get a look at the still bleeding wound at his temple, level with his eye.  Turning her attention to her supply box she opened a rubbing alcohol pad and started to clean off the blood.  The injury itself was not large, but the area around it was scarlet with infection.

“I wonder if my friends are still looking for me.”  Daniel mused out loud as she worked.  “I’m willing to bet that they are.  Jack has a tendency to not give up on me easily.  He’ll be a force to be reckoned with if he finds me here.  I hope for your sake that someone around here is well armed.”

Having removed all the blood the doctor reached into her pocket and brought out what looked like a small jewelry box.  She opened the box and revealed the silver and purple disk that it held.  Daniel looked at the Gou’ald memory device wearily.  

His life had been difficult enough to live through the first time.

Daniel winced away from the doctor as she brought the disk up.  For the first time he saw a flash of pity cross her marble features.  However it didn’t stop her.  She lined the device up with the preexisting wound carefully.  Daniel gasped in pain as she pressed it into his temple.

“In case you’re curious: yes, it’s painful.”  Daniel growled.  “It’s worse than’re not modifying this thing are you?  I recall them being gold...not silver.”

The doctor still said nothing, she just made sure that the device was properly in place.  

“I take you’ve got the View Screen for this thing in the next room in case I happen to remember what you’re looking for.  I also assume that you know that you could never get the knowledge of the Ancients from me using something as mundane as a Gou’ald memory device...even a modified one.”

Daniel chuckled hollowly as he continued to get no response.

“Trust me, if it was that simple I would have done it myself long ago.”  

Daniel sighed as his attempt at lightheartedness clearly fell on deaf ears.

“Please talk to me.  Being treated like a lab rat is getting more frustrating than the unlawful captivity.”

Silence fell over the pair.

“Do you need another language?”  Daniel asked honestly.  “I know plenty of them.”

To Daniel’s surprise the doctor actually smiled.  She looked like she was taking a breath to say something.  However she thought better of it.  Daniel closed his eyes as she got to her feet to leave.  He tried to keep his breathing from getting shallow, and tried to keep his heart from racing.  It was going to be another long day.  

“At least tell me what you want from me.”  Daniel said in a desperate tone.  “Please...give me a chance to answer.”

The doctor stopped in the doorway.  She looked both directions down the hallway before turning back around to face Daniel with a look of genuine sympathy.  She sighed and for the first time she spoke to him.

“If it was as simple as just asking...I would.”

Chapter 2: [link]

For a closer look at the art work for Crosswired: [link]

In case you're, I have no better idea than Daniel of what they want yet. But I do love writting a ';past' for him and this seemed like a good way to be able to do that.

I'll figure out the rest as I go along
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Got kidnapped and tortured again..... I'll go buy some pop corn. Daniel, you're in trouble as usual. Time to get used to itBored 
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
Yeah....that's a common theme with him....
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Very nice, I like it.

I always thought--and this is just my opinion--that a story with Daniel and Anubis would be cool.

I'd write it, but I kinda suck at writing the way you do. You write beautifully.
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
Thank you! Anubis will be involved in the Exile series...eventually, which comes after the Wired.
nashoba-lusa's avatar
Really? I'll be waiting for them then.

What happens exactly with him? (Sorry, he's my fav!)
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
Well...his part is coming up in the next book...which I haven't written yet. :giggle:
nashoba-lusa's avatar
Take your time.(But I look forward to reading it!)
OnceUponATimeTheEnd's avatar
Oh no...oh no....OH NO!!!!!
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
What? Oh...I take it you haven't seen Crosswired yet. Heehee.

This would be the story where I started to hear an awful lot of 'Poor Daniel'...

Hehee. Angst stories rule...although I've been having lots of fun with the comdey lately.
OnceUponATimeTheEnd's avatar
Yeah I hear "poor Daniel" a lot too, but it comes from my family. All the girls have a slight obession with him, me I like him in fact I love him, but I kinda find Mitchell attractive too.
and now I send you a friendly Marine "WHOO HA!"
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
I have a theory as to why Danny has so many fan-girls that goes beyond his attrative apperance. He is a male character that holds a lot of female traits. Willing to see both sides of a story, hesitant to be violent, ready to sacrifice in order to perserve peace and life. I think as a general rule females perfer the company of other females (I know I do) so when there is a male character that can off all of that as well as the attraction of being of the oposite sex...well....all hell breaks loose.

OnceUponATimeTheEnd's avatar
That makes perfect sense! The world is coming into complete focus and I can see clearly now!
For the rain is gone and all well great theory makes sense....*Coughs and runs away*
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OnceUponATimeTheEnd's avatar
Thank you, I take pride in my silliness!
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After days of this "Hotwired" story popping up in my devWatch, I couldn't take the suspense anymore! What is this thing? Who is this Gabriel guy? Oohhh... wait, it has a PREQUEL?

And thus, I thought I'd start here. :D

So, like... this baby has 33 chapters? Wow. I'm going to be busy...
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
Heehee...yeah...I write a LOT. You have no idea. Crosswired really isn't a's just the story got to the point where it need to have it's 'arc' refreshed so I made it into two separate novels. Yes...I have almost finished my second Stargate *novel*...

How sad is THAT?

On the plus side everyone seems to like this Gabriel fellow.

My God I have NO life!
harmonic-discordia's avatar
So, uh... not a prequel? I hope I'm reading them in the right order though...
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
You've got them right. Heehee. I was just being silly and nit picking on ya. (to be a prequel it has to be written after the orginal, but since it is the orginal...) Don't mind me.
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Ta Dah!!!

So I says to myself, as my devwatch is clogged by the evil schemes of that villain Phoenix-Cry,: "Ahhhhh!".....oh and: "What am I to do?"
Unable to bring myself to use conventional methods ("Mark Selected as Read") I embarked upon my quest. .. ....... .............."Damn!" said I, "Where do I start?!".......hmmm........ :idea:At the beginning!

Nice Start:thumbsup:
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
Yer a silly one! You can always clean out your dev watch the conventional way! It's still sitting on my page waiting for ya. :XD:

Starting at the there's a thought!!

And, yes, all of my schemes are very, very evil!!! Thank you for noticing.
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