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She may look stranded and innocent, but beach goers beware she is here only to lure foolish men into the sea to drown them.

I'm very proud of this and had lots of fun doing this odd pose and odd angle. The bubbles on the shore line were so much fun. You'll note she has the same basic colour theme as my other mer...perhaps they are related.

She was blond, but then I accidentally turned off the colour gradiant and loved her whitish gray hair so I kept it.

I have coasters for sale cause I think it would be a fun one since you are looking right down at her...she would be looking up through your glass.

Once again the skin tutorial was done by the lovely :iconyuni:

I also got a quick sand tutorial from :iconlucifer017:
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Very well done!
Of course, you do know its pointless to bother telling us guys not to go near here. Its physically impossible for us to stay away from someone like that. XD Heh, us men are so doomed!
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:3 ... (Pokes contortionist mermaid curiously)
Predator755's avatar
O-O Mah arm! (Waves stump)
CiLiNDr0's avatar
Nice concept!! I really like the pose, but i think water need a little more of work :)
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
You caught me...I got lazy on the water. :giggle: Pleased you like!
CiLiNDr0's avatar
don't rush it!! I'm waiting to see more of you!
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
I have AADD...Art Attention Deficit Disorder. :giggle: I can only put a few days into a work before losing interest. And then sometimes I don't draw for months and other times I draw for six months straight. I'm all over the place with my inpiration and such.
Yuni's avatar
I just love the idea to combine snakefolks and contortion ^_^
For some reason it made me think it's a view from a helicopter, you know, filming for one of those TV programs like NatGeo or Discovery channel ^^
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
I did want to give her a 'top down' look, as if you were looking straight down on her.
LadyGrimbones's avatar
Really cool. I thought it was a guy at first. I like the way it could be either because it looks like a girl or like Legolas from LOTR.

Phoenix-Cry's avatar
Wait...Legolas wasn't a girl?

:giggle: Glad you like!
Lucifer017's avatar
Woaahhh, it's so good ! Well done !
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
Thank you so much!
OfficiallyAbi's avatar
I love your name in the sand. :giggle: And the sand ... and surf ... and the highlights on her tail ... :heart:
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faierius's avatar
Very pretty!!!! The only thing I can see wrong with it is the hand. The finger is a little fat. But other than that, it's really good!! :D
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
I hate hands. :giggle: Thanks!
faierius's avatar
You and me both! Lol I hate feet even more!
You're welcome! :D
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
You'll note how many of my humans have horse legs or tails
faierius's avatar
True! Lol But I draw those even worse! Lol
Spyridon08's avatar
Like the finished product. Sea came out nice with the sand and bubbles. White blond looks very good on her.
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