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Shirayuki and the Dark Phoenix Ch 1I do not own Mortal KombatI only own is my ocs and the original anime Dark PhoenixThe story begins in earth realm that the neighborhood is covered in the snow. And the unknown male began to sing.Silent as the snowflake in the night. Holy is the spirit of this night. All the world is calm and peaceful.All the world is bright and joyful. Spirit of love snd child of peace. Love unending that shall not cease. Peace, my children Of good will Peace, my children Peace, best all.On a snowing night on Christmas Eve in a mansion where both the married couple Liu Kang and Kitana lived at. They were at the living room where the Christmas tree is at. Liu Kang held a present."It's for you, Kitana. Merry Christmas." Liu Kang replied as he hands the present to her. "Oh, Liu Kang! It's the one I wanted, isn't it? Trimmed with ribbons?" Kitana asked as she began untie the gift bow suddenly something began to chirp loudly and it pops it's head from the lid revealing to be a ice phoenix chick with a ribbon wrapped around her neck. "Uh, well, it has a ribbon." Liu Kang answered as Kitana picks the baby phoenix up."Oh, how sweet!" Kitana exclaimed as she hugs the Phoenix chick in her arms."You like her, Kitana?" Liu Kang asked."Oh of course, I love her." Kitana answered as Liu Kang pets baby phoenix on the head"What a perfectly beautiful little Shirayuki." Kitana replied as she named the baby Ice phoenix Shirayuki.In the kitchen Liu Kang had set up an incubator, a heating pad and some blankets for Shirayuki because she doesn't have enough heat in her body until she is about six weeks. Shirayuki followed him in the kitchen but ran back because of the kitchen door so she enters in but the door hits her in the butt."Come on, Shirayuki. Over here." Liu Kang replied as he gets Shirayuki's attention so she approach him."That's a girl." Liu Kang replied as he grabs Shirayuki and puts her in the incubator."There now. A nice little cozy bed for you." Liu Kang replied as Kitana puts a blanket on the baby phoenix."But, Liu Kang, are you sure she'll be warm enough?" Kitana asked."Why, of course, Kitana. She'll be snug as a bug in a... " Liu Kang replied as he was about to turn off the light but he realized he forgot something."Uh-oh. I almost forgot something." Liu Kang replied as he puts a potty pad on the floor just in cause that Shirayuki needs to go to the bathroom."There." Liu Kang replied as he turns off the light."Good night, Shirayuki." Liu Kang replied as Shirayuki gets up from her bed while Liu Kang and Kitana's exits the kitchen."Now, now. Don't worry, Kitana. She'll go right to sleep." Liu Kang replied as Shirayuki follows them."No, no, Shirayuki." Liu Kang replied as he exits out from the living room into a the kitchen and holding the adorable baby phoenix in his hands."This is where you belong. Right here." Liu Kang replied as he puts her down on incubator. When Liu Kang left Shirayuki heads to the door, looking for a way to open the door so she used her talon to open the door and it opens.The baby phoenix exits the kitchen and began chirping loudly that she can both Kitana and Liu Kang's attention."Ah, look. Liu Kang. She's lonesome. Don't you think maybe just for tonight?" Kitana asked as Shirayuki looks at them."Now, Kitana, if we're going to show her who's master... we must be firm from the very beginning." Liu Kang answered as he picks up Shirayuki, entering the kitchen and puts her back into the incubator. Liu Kang exits the kitchen and puts a chair at the door. Shirayuki ran to the door to open it but the door didn't open which she used her talon to open but it doesn't open. She looked in the creak of the door and sees that a door was blocking her so the baby phoenix began to chirp loudly."Shirayuki!" A voice shouted as Shirayuki looks at the ceiling which Liu Kang pounds on the floor with a broom"Stop that now! Stop it!" Liu Kang shouted as Shirayuki continues to keep chirping louder. Which Liu Kang goes down the stairs and knocks on the door."Back to bed. Quick now. Not one more sound!" Liu Kang shouted as Shirayuki heads in into the incubator.The clock rang at 12 am. Shirayuki continues to push on the door until she is free from the kitchen. She ran up to the living room and sees stairs. So the baby Ice phoenix climbs on the stairs with her beak and talons until she reaches the upstairs hallway. Shirayuki ran towards Liu Kang and Kitana's bedroom door, pushing the door open and enters in the bedroom while the two are asleep. She approaches to the bed and starts chirping loudly."Liu Kang dear." Kitana replied as Liu Kang tries to sleep but the baby Ice phoenix chirps loudly."Aw Liu Kang." Kitana replied as Liu Kang woke up."What? What?" Liu Kang replied as he went to sleep which Shirayuki cries louder."Oh, all right." Liu Kang replied as he picks Shirayuki up and puts her on the bed."But remember, just for tonight." Liu Kang replied as he puts a heating blanket on the baby Ice phoenix and went to bed.
Dark Phoenix Jade Ch 8I do not own Naruto, One piece, My Hero Academia, One punch man and Mortal KombatAuthor's note: This chapter contains some violence, character deaths, blood and frighting scenes.Chapter 8: Jade's pastIn the village inside Tazuna's house Jade and Kakashi was being in care by Tazuna's daughter Tsunami. Kakashi was resting. "I think me overdone with my powers and Jade lose a lot of blood." Kakashi replied as Tsunami came over to them."You waking up are you alright?" Tsunami asked."I've better so where is Jade?" Kakashi asked as he was about to get up."You should lie back down." Tsunami replied as Kakashi lies back down and sees Jade. She was covered in bandages that covers her chest and stomach.Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto and Dagger came to see them."Kakashi is awake." Naruto replied as Sakura came over towards him."Listen Kakashi. Your Sharingan along with Jade and Dagger's magical powers is amazing but if that puts more strength on you guys maybe it's worth it." Sakura replied."Sorry." Kakashi apologized."Well he and the two magical warriors did take down on the ninja assassin. We'll be safe for while." Tazuna replied."Right even that boy with the mask. What about him?" Sakura asked."He is from the the tracking unit from Kirigakure. Those masks were worn are only worn by the most elite Shinobi." Kakashi replied as he continues talking about elite shinobis and Sakura looks at Jade."How is Jade?" Sasuke asked."She's fine even through she a lot of blood. I doubt nobody couldn't survive this especially as a magical warrior." Tsunami replied as Sakura looks at Jade who was sleeping. She realized that Sasuke and like the girl even though she is a human phoenix hybrid.Meanwhile in the forest Haku was with Zabuza who was laying on a ground. Haku sets his tool bag down, opening it and grabbing the appliers."First I'll cut bandages and drain the blood." Haku replied as he was about to do it but he stopped when Zabuza woke up and putting the bandages up revealing his mouth."That's enough. I'll do it." Zabuza replied."So awake and came back at anick of time." Haku replied as Zabuza gets up."Damn it. You're brutal." Zabuza replied as he takes the needles out of his throat."You're the one who's brutal. Zabuza. If you keep fooling them like that you really will be finished." Haku replied."How long will you be planning to wear that stupid mask of yours? Take it off right now." Zabuza replied."I have good memories of this mask and it was quite useful for tricking that ninja and the hybrid." Haku replied as he took off the mask."If I hadn't intervene. You're be dead right now. That much is serviced is certain." Haku replied."Putting me in temporary death is fine but not through the pressure points in my neck." Zabuza replied as he pulls the bandages on his face."Cruel as usual. I think you will enjoy it." Zabuza replied."It was the only your way and I wouldn't mark up your flawless body that you complain about that even more. The neck is more vulnerable, there is no layer of muscle so I can go straight into the pressure points." Haku replied as Zabuza tries to move."There's no way to move. You'll be numb for a week. Although if you're stubborn as usual. It will probably be moving in no time." Haku replied."You're so innocent and your clever at the same time. A rare combination, that's why I keep you around." Zabuza replied."I'm still a kid what else do you expect." Haku replied as he looks around the forest that the mist is gone "The mist is gone. Next time will you be alright?" Haku asked."Next time I'll see through both of his Sharingan and her Phoenix magic." Zabuza replied.Back at the village Kakashi got up and looks at Jade who is up."Kakashi what is it?" Naruto asked."Oh yes to finish what I was saying. Tracker ninjas will the body immediately on the spot so there is no room forever." Kakashi informed."Is that real?" Sakura asked."Think about did you remember what he did." Kakashi replied."We don't know what he did. I mean I guess to keep it away somewhere." Sakura replied."Exactly but why. He should of work on Zabuza right then as quickly as possible. Think of a weapon he uses for the takedown. Do you remember they were?" Kakashi asked."The throwing needles that he used on Zabuza." Jade answered."Correct. None of it adds up." Kakashi replied."What are you guys talking about. You three defeated the assassin." Tazuna replied."Here is the truth. Zabuza is still alive." Kakashi answered as everyone was in shocked to hear that."How the hell is that impossible!" Jade shouted."Kakashi. Jade made sure to check on him. She said that his heart stopped." Sakura replied."His heart did stopped but that was just a temporary stat to fake his death." Kakashi replied as he told them about a needles that are called Senbone that can kill a victim in weak point. He informs them about Haku used those needles to take Zabuza down."You guys are over thinking about this." Tazuna replied."The ninja prepares quickly on hesitation leads to disaster. Every shinobi know this including magical warriors as well." Kakashi replied."How can you do that when you're moving?" Sakura asked."I can train you for this." Kakashi replied."Hold on for a minute. Minute training won't make us to fight Zabuza. You, Jade and Dagger can defeat him even with your powers. We had to reasonable about this." Sakura replied as Jade rolls her eyes."Sakura. Why me, Dagger and Jade weren't able to stop Zabuza because you all help me you're grown. Naruto you grown the most." Kakashi replied."Now things are going to get better believe it." Naruto replied."I don't believe it and nothing's going to be good." A voice replied as Team 7 and two magical warriors turns and sees a seven your old boy named Inari."Inari! Where have you been?" Tazuna asked as Inari ran towards his grandfather."Welcome back grandpa!" Inari shouted as he hugs him."Inari. That was very rude. These guys helped you're grandfather and brought him safely." Tsunami replied."That's okay. I'm rude to them as well." Tazuna replied as Inari glares at Team 7 and the two magical warriors."Mom don't you see these people are going to die. Gato and his men will come back, finding and wipe them out." Inari replied."What did you say brat. Listen up you wanna know a super ninja is well that is me but a lot better. I'm gonna be Hokage. This Blato or whatever he is called. There is no match for a real ninja like me." Naruto replied."There's no such thing as a hero. You're just full of ideas!" Inari shouted as Naruto was about to attack him."What did you just say!" Naruto shouted as Sakura grabs him."Naruto calm down." Sakura replied."If you want stay alive. You should back where you came from." Inari replied as he walks away, Jade gets dressed into her outfit and was about to teach him a lesson but Dagger stops her."Jade don't. He won't it." Dagger replied."Inari. Where are you going?" Tazuna asked as Inari opens the doors."To look out of the ocean. I want to be alone." Inari answered as he left."Sorry about that." Tazuna replied.After training that Jade and her team 7 did. Jade was sitting on the docks all by herself until Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura found her."There you are. Jade." Naruto replied as they sat down with her."What is it you guys want from me?" Jade replied."Well there is something we want ask you about?" Sakura replied."About what exactly?" Jade asked."How does Zabuza know that you're hybrid and who is Fennikusu?" Naruto asked as Jade sighed that she doesn't like talking about but has no choice."Yes I'm a hybrid of both human and phoenix. I'm Fennikusu's creation even through we share the phoenix blood. He was actually the Dark Phoenix which people called him.Shows Jade's flashback story which Jade narrates her story.Before I was born. Fennikusu used to a a clan of Phoenixes and ally to Earth realm in a Mortal Kombat tournament he was chosen which he had defeated had Goro, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi and Shao Kahn. After the tournament is over that he won which Earthrealm is safe but Shao Kahn ridged that rules. Fennikusu and the others were about stop him but Sindel tries to kill them but Fennikusu defeats her.When he finally heads to the temple and defeated Shao Kahn for the final time. Which Fennikusu able to has all the elements now that he possessed from the clan that they gifted to him. Fire, Water, ice, earth, psychic, light, thunder, wind and steel.A man named Kotal Kahn took over his throne which he and Fukai made a alliance. In both Outworld and Earthrealm. Fennikusu marrys Shirayuki and had a child.But a man named Marshall D Read who was hired by Shao Kahn murdered his family which caused him to turn him into a demon and a spirit of vengeance. After he was corrupted into darkness, he would murder who gets in his way, and seeks vengeance. When he finally found the man who killed his family, he fought him to the death.After the battle that the that had. Fennikusu had finally killed Read but he lose a lot of blood during the fight. He went to Ohara the place that my real family life bed. My father Tanaka got the the bloody d from Fennikusu even through he wants to me so he grant from permission to use his blood to heal both me and my mom Olvia.After drinking the blood that my mother had. He dies and was reborn into me when I was born. My real family died after the Ohara incident and my sister Robin heads to the Majikkugakure village that she had no choice but to put me there for my safety. Which someone heard me crying thankfully a woman named Fukai took me in.I was adopted by Dragon Fukai of the Mahoukage and Kuai Lang also known as Sub-Zero leader of the Lin Kuei when I was still a baby and adoptive niece of Hanzo Hasashi aka Scorpion Leader of Shirai Ryu and the Magical warrior Kaguya.It took a long time to get use them, they both raised me and trained as their daughter along Dagger as my sister and Takeda as my cousin. They treated me like family but being born as a human and phoenix hybrid. It wasn't easy. I didn't have any friends at school due to that I'm a hybrid. The two mean kids that I hate was a girl named Tatsumaki and a boy named Bakugo.Tatsumaki she acts very sassy to me and Bakugo was an asshole to me since Preschool, and calling me a abomination.At Lunch this happened when I was to sit on a table. Bakugo was eating a cheeseburger until he began to choke on it. Which someone saves him from being chocked to death. He got mad at and when was about to beat me but Takeda threatening him not to go me so he left me alone.A boy named Marshall D Teach who tries to flirt with me even I don't like him.In the Lin Kuei meeting Kuai introduces Aokiji as a new member and arrange a marriage for him and I.Around at the age of twelve Me and Aokiji became more than friends that we finally dating and began to kissed but Teach found out about that.In the house Hanzo and Kuai watches both me and Aokiji at while Fukai and Kaguya are at work.Around or 1 am I think Teach barges in my home which he was completely drunk. He talking crap about me and all sorts of bad words he said. When I talked back at him he was angry and was to attack me. Aokiji protects me from him but he stabbed Aokiji in the chest with knife causing him bleed.I was mad that I ended up being consumed by the dark phoenix's rage and possessed by Fennikusu that I kept attacking Teach. He was covered in blood, scratches, and bruises all over him.Kuai and Hanzo came to stop me but I jumped back and what happened was terrifying that everyone was in shock that they heard Fennikusu talking to them while being possessed."You guys think you stop me. I have finally return at last." Fennikusu replied."Fenni. Release the girl now." Sub-Zero replied"Fennikusu. Surrender or else." Scorpion replied as Fennikusu laughs evilly"I would never surrendering the likes of you." Fennikusu as he jumps out of the window and ran off."He's heading to the village. We're have to stop." Scorpion replied as he and Sub-Zero follows him.When they headed to the village they told Fukai about Fennikusu so she told everyone to hide which everyone listens. They got ready and headed out to of the village.Fukai, Kaguya, Erron, Hanzo, Kuai and everyone are ready.They sees Fennikusu now in his demon form flew over the village. When Fennikusu finally took over me. Hanzo and Kuai sense my magical aura. They told them to weaken him.After the battle that they all fight Fennikusu until he was defeated.Scorpion and Sub-Zero looks at Fennikusu as the Dark Phoenix went into unconscious due to weakness of magic and blood loss causing him to crashed on the ground."We finally defeated him." Reptile replied as smoke began appear when Fennikusu was changed back to Jade. Kaguya, Scorpion, Fukai and Sub-Zero ran towards the unconscious Jade."We need to kill him." Scorpion replied."Hanzo no. If we kill him while being in Jade. Fennikusu will return." Sub-Zero answered as Fukai had an idea."Wait there is a solution that we can keep Jade alive." Fukai replied as she grabs the girl."Guys come on. We don't have much before he wakes up." Fukai replied as they followed her.In the empty room with Fennikusu who was fused with me. I is held by chained by magical chains and a magical symbol underneath them. Raiden Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Kaguya, and Fukai. "What the hell is the meaning of this!" Fennikusu shouted as they looked at him."Fukai are you it's gonna work and will bring back Jade?" Raiden asked"Yes I can't kill Jade that Fennikusu is still her. That we can't get him out of Jade." Kaguya replied."Ha you think you can get me out of this girl's body. Well you can't since the girl is my creation of mine." Fennikusu replied."Fukai. Be careful." Sub-Zero replied as Fukai and Kaguya came over towards Fennikusu/Jade taking out their magical staffs and putting near the possessed girl.They made a spell that imprisoned him and made me control my temper that I won't go completely berserk on anyone in the village.Fukai held out her magical staff and began speaking magical words to make the Imprison spell. Their magical staff glows that the magic is ready."Magic imprison seal!" Fukai and Kaguya shouted as they cast their spell on Fennikusu."Noooooooooo!" Fennikusu screamed as he was imprisoned by both Fukai and Kaguya's spell and Jade was able be back. The magical chains release her."Jade." Fukai replied as she and Sub-Zero ran over to her. Jade began to cry."Fukai! Kuai!" Jade cried as Fukai and Kuai hugs her."It's okay. You're safe." Fukai replied as she End of flashback story."After that. It went back to normal. we headed to Aokiji's funeral and Teach was no longer in the school and the village anymore but I can still feel him dwelling inside me." Jade replied as she clutches her fist on her chest that the Demon Phoenix is still inside her. Naruto began to realize that Jade suffered more than he had in the past."Why you hate me and Sasuke?" Sakura asked."The reason why I hated you because you two are always mean to Naruto which I hated because it reminds me of the past." Jade answered as she didn't look at Sakura."You two are always mean to Naruto in which me bugs me slot." Jade replied."Sorry about Jade sometimes Naruto can be annoying." Sakura replied as Jade gets up."Where are you going Jade?" Naruto asked."To see Dagger and maybe head back." Jade answered as she walks away.At Zabuza's home Zabuza was resting in bed. Haku hears Gato opening the door along with two bodyguards along with side. Zabuza's home Zabuza was resting in bed. Haku hears Gato opening the door along with two bodyguards along with side."Some Jounin. The unbeatable ninja just got beaten and limping back home like a pathetic weakling. Demon of the Kirigakure. More like coward of the Kirigakure." Gato replied as Haku got up."Hang on for a minute. Alright let hear about this." Gato replied as he approaches to Zabuza and was about to grab him but Haku grabs his arm."Keep your hands off of him." Haku threatened as he was about break Gato's arm. Gato's bodyguards took out their swords to fight him but Haku stops them."One chance that is it. If you fail this time I cut and there will be no one to cover you." Gato replied Ashe and his bodyguards exits out of the house."Haku that wasn't necessary." Zabuza replied."Perhaps. But it's too early to take out Gato. He's still our best cover. Think about it. The murders withdraws attention and they'll be after us again. We need restaint." Haku replied."You're right." Zabuza replied.
Dark Phoenix Jade Ch 7I do not own Naruto, and One piece.Chapter 7: The battle between the Silent killer, the Copycat Ninja and the magical warriorNaruto uses his clone Jutsu."Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Naruto shouted as he summons his clones."Our turn." Dagger replied as she and Jade sneaks and camouflage into Naruto's clones."Clones and I'm sure that the two teaming up with him." Zabuza replied as Naruto's shadow clones and the two magical warriors jumps up and was about slice him with their magical weapons but Zabuza grabs his sword out and they clashed their weapons together along with Naruto's shadow clones.They strangled with hitting their weapons on each other. Due to that they are getting heavy. Zabuza uses his strength and slices the two magical warriors and Naruto's shadow clones. Bit Naruto's clones disappears and the two manage to dodge his attacks."His skills are advanced. He too powerful there is no way to defeat him." Tazuna replied as the two magical warriors jumped back and blood began spill on Jade's hip."Naruto Now!" Dagger shouted as Naruto threw a weapon out of the sky."Sasuke!" Naruto shouted as Sasuke grabs the weapon which appears to be a giant shuriken."So that was your guy's plan. Not bad Naruto Jade and Dagger." Sasuke replied."Demon wind Shuriken. Windmill of Shadow!" Sasuke shouted."A Shuriken. You guys can't touch me with that." Zabuza replied as Sasuke jumps up with the shuriken and throws it at him. But the shuriken flew towards Kakashi and the real Zabuza."So you guys passed the clone aimed for me instead. Very clever." Zabuza replied as he catches the shuriken but he sees another shuriken and flew towards him."Another Shuriken." Zabuza replied as the giant shuriken flew towards him but he jumped missing it."I told you guys your shuriken can't touch me." Zabuza replied as the giant shuriken disppears and appears both Naruto and Jade at the same time."Nani!" Zabuza shouted as Naruto and Jade attacks him from behind."Eat this!" Naruto shouted as he threw a Kunai."Thunder storm!" Jade shouted as she uses her magical staff to summon lighting.As the Kunai and lighting spell is combined into both. It flew towards Zabuza as he dodges it and letting Kakashi. He looks at the two and was ready to kill them with the giant shuriken but Dagger and Kakashi stops him from killing the two. They fell into the water. As Naruto appears out of the water."Jade, Naruto did you two teamed up?" Kakashi asked."Well Jade wanted to Dagger and my shadow clones to distract him while me and Jade disguise ourselves as the demon shuriken and I throw it to Sasuke. It looked like a real shuriken. Sasuke could tell that it was both me and Jade that he made sure that we can't be seen. Now there are two one was real and the other one was both me and Jade. We both hid in the shadow of the real shuriken and our target was the real Zabuza. Of course I couldn't find Zabuza myself so I have Jade to help me so that I can break in his water prison." Naruto replied."Don't brag you two just look out." Sasuke replied."The whole thing was just a fluck!" Tazuna shouted."You can call it a fluck, but their teamwork was flawless. They know what they need to do without talking but mostly Jade even though she nice towards Naruto more than Sasuke yet they're a perfect team." Sakura replied as Zabuza was facing against Kakashi and Dagger."I got distracted and lost my grip on the water prison." Zabuza replied."Don't flatter yourself. You won't distracted. You were forced to let go." Kakashi replied as Jade jumps out of water where both Dagger and Kakashi are at."Your technique work on me once but it won't work again. So what is gonna be?" Kakashi asked as Zabuza stares down at the copycat ninja and the two magical warriors. While Sasuke looks at Sakura."Sakura you know what to do." Sasuke replied as Sakura nodded her head. The two protects Tazuna while Kakashi, Dagger and Jade are facing Zabuza. He glares at them which he pulls the demon shuriken down on both Kakashi and Dagger but they managed to get it out of the way. Zabuza, Kakashi and the two magical warriors jumped back and both Kakashi, Jade and Zabuza use both water style dragon."They use hand signs while Jade uses her magical staff. Very interesting." Sasuke replied."What are they doing? Is that Ninjustu and magic" Sakura asked as Naruto got out of the water while Dagger grabs him and putting on dry land."Thank Dagger." Naruto replied as Jade and Kakashi were fighting Zabuza by using their weapons. "Something isn't right he copied my jutsu however the hybrid uses her magical staff to summon her water abilities. There both the same." Zabuza replied.Meanwhile a unknown person who was wearing a mask was watching them. Zabuza began to realize something about the two."Can't it be." Zabuza replied as he, Kakashi and Jade jumped back. Jade watches both Kakashi and Zabuza. Zabuza realize that Kakashi was mocking him. While Jade uses her magical staff again."Water style: tidle wave!"Jade shouted as she uses the water below to make into a huge wave."Impossible!" Zabuza shouted as he was consumed in the water."I was about to attack first but the hybrid was more faster." Zabuza replied as he hit onto a tree and Jade uses her ice spell to summon icicles to pin Zabuza on a tree. While Jade and Kakashi was on the tree."How did you and the hybrid planned this?" Zabuza asked."Yes this is your last moment now." Kakashi answered as two kunais flrw and sliced Zabuza into the throat which everyone sees a teenager named Haku who is one year older than Jade. Causing Zabuza to go into unconscious."You were right. It was his last battle." The teenage boy replied as Jade and Kakashi landed next to Zabuza. Jade checks on him trying to feel a pulse and she realized there was no pulse."No pulse and anything." Jade replied as she looks at him."Thank you. I been tracking Zabuza for a long time waiting for this chance to finally take him down." Haku replied."I can see your tracker from Kirigakure." Kakashi replied."Impressive. You know everything about the village." Haku replied as Sakura told Naruto about it."That's correct. I'm the member of the elite tracking unit of Kirigakure. It was duty to stop Zabuza." Haku replied."So he is about both Jade and Naruto's age. Yet he is an elite assassin and he is not a normal kid but was he." Kakashi replied as he looks at Haku. Jade ran towards him."Why the hell you want with us?" Jade asked."Jade settle down. He's not our enemy." Kakashi replied as Jade looks at him."Can't you see that he killed Zabuza and the boy who is about my age kills him with one attack." Jade replied."Well Jade even through it did happened." Kakashi replied as he explains this to Jade, and Naruto."In this world there are kids who younger than you and yet stronger then me." Kakashi replied as Haku took Zabuza and looks at the two."You're troubling is over. I will deal with him later. There many sacreds in the human body and must not be allowed to get it. Please excuse me. Farewell." Haku replied as he disappears from Team 7 and the two magical warriors. Naruto and starts punching on the but Jade and Kakashi came over to confront him."There are many things that we can encounter that aren't easy to save your anger for the next enemy." Kakashi as he looks at other two team members and the two magical warriors."We are finished completing this mission yet. We have to get the bridge builder to the bridge." Kakashi replied."Sorry I caused all this trouble for you. You guys can stay at my house in the village." Tazuna replied."Alright let's move on." Kakashi replied as Jade walking with her team.Suddenly she began to fell into unconscious due the blood that she lose when she fought Zabuza causing her to fell on the ground. Naruto and others ran towards the girl."What happened to Jade?" Sakura asked."Jade!" Naruto shouted as Jade didn't hear him."She is fine, but she lose a lot of blood during the fight." Dagger replied as she looks at Kakashi was exhausted from the fight as well."I'll carry Jade while you guys carry Kakashi. Is that clear?" Dagger replied as they nodded their head in agreement. "Good." Dagger replied as she picks up Jade while team 7 picks up Kakashi "Let's move." Dagger replied as they all head to the village.
Dark Phoenix PrologueI do not own Mortal Kombat. I only own is my ocsAuthor's notes: I made this Mortal Kombat fanfic into an anime so enjoy. -w- In Earth realm in Skyworld of Phoenixes all the Phoenixes in their human forms are in the village called Hiraizumi doing marketing, and all the stuff that humans do that they had been taught. Two men who are in their twenty's. The twenty two year old male has black long hair with red, purple and blue highlights on his hair, red eyes, light skin, wearing a black kimono with boot and finger loop gloves named Fennikusu.The other was twenty with red long hair with orange and yellow highlights on his hair, blue eyes, light skin, wears a red and orange kimono and boots named Enjo who is his younger brother. The two had finished getting food that they needed for dinner. They began walking until the two see a female named Shirayuki. She has blue indigo long hair with navy blue highlights on her hair, golden yellow eyes, light skin, wearing a navy blue kimono, boots and finger loop gloves."Hi Shirayuki." Enjo replied as she sees them."Hi guys." Shirayuki replied."Hi Shirayuki what is it you want to tell us about?" Fennikusu asked."We are having a meeting later so this important that you guys should be there." Shirayuki replied."What is it? Is it some kind of a message?" Enjo asked."Well yes. The message we got is from unknown person." Shirayuki answered."So what time does start?" Fennikusu asked."I believe it starts after dinner." Shirayuki answered."Great. We're be there." Fennikusu replied."See you at the meeting." Shirayuki replied as she walks away from the two."We have to eat dinner and then go to the meeting.After eating dinner, All the members of Phoenix Clan gathered in the palace, they sat down in the meeting room."Alright guys We received a letter that is from the messenger hawks that the humans used for to message." Sanda informed as he holds the message, he opens the letter and reads it.To the Phoenix ClanAll the members of the Phoenix Clan. You have been invited to a tournament that has been held tomorrow night. Be there by midnight."So where is at exactly?" Fennikusu asked."I don't know where it is at but when I went to see Raiden and he told us to meet the other earth realmers on the dock." Sanda answered."So who sent the letter?" Mizu asked."I don't know who sent it. But we'll have to start training around 2 pm and head to the docks at sunset." Sanda replied as the other phoenix clan members agreed.Around the afternoon all the Phoenixes of the clan began to start training for the tournament that they have invited to. After the training that they have, they headed to the sky docks."Ready guys." Sanda replied as the other phoenix clan members nodded. They transformed into their phoenix forms and flew down where all the humans lives down there. When they got to the docks. They see their ally Raiden God of Thunder."So you guys have got the letter too?" Raiden asked."Yeah. Shirayuki the Ice phoenix had got a letter from a messenger hawk. She went to find me and handed the letter to me." Sanda answered."So where are the others?" Kori asked as he is the brother of Shirayuki who has the same hair color and same outfit like her but in male version."They're be here. Just given them some time." Raiden replied.Fennikusu sees his friends who are his allies he sees Scorpion aka Hanzo Hasashi and Sub-Zero aka Kuai Lang. "So you actually came here with your phoenix members too as well." Scorpion replied."We received a letter from the messenger hawks that Shirayuki found." Fennikusu replied."I see." Sub-Zero added as a others appears which is Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Sonya Blade, Kurtis Stryker, Nightwolf, Johnny Cage and others sees them."Guess they arrived too." Scorpion replied."Raiden. Who is this?" Liu Kang asked."Guys this is Fennikusu and he brought the members of the Phoenix Clan from Skyworld." Raiden replied."So Birdie you brought your friends including Ice birdie." Johnny teased."Cage enough with those jokes." Sonya replied."What. I just kidding." Johnny replied."Don't be rude to him." Liu Kang added as the boat arrives on the docks. The boat opens the entrance as everyone heads on the boat and the boat began to travel.The boat travels for a long time on it Fennikusu sees Enjo getting seasickness due to the boat. He came over to his brother."Uhhh. Enjo are you okay?" Fennikusu asked as Enjo keeps throwing up."Yes I'm fine." Enjo replied as Fennikusu sees Johnny Cage trying to flirt with Shirayuki, Yuria, and Mizu do he came over to him."Cage. I'm getting really tired of you flirting with the female Phoenixes including Shirayuki." Fennikusu replied."What I was trying to get their attention." Johnny replied as Fennikusu glares at him and grabs him by the ear."Oww." Johnny shouted."Move now." Fennikusu replied as he grabs actor, pulling him away from the female Phoenixes."Geez. The new guy is very mean towards Cage." Kung Lao replied."I guess so." Liu Kang added as Sanda sees something hidden in the fog."We're finally here." Sanda replied as the fog disappears showing a island with a temple."Is that where the tournament is at?" Fennikusu asked."I guess it is where the tournament is held at." Raiden answered.
Cosplay and Pictures
Phoenix Bird Tattoo by StephanieSmall
Celestia Finds Nova by Noe-Izumi by Cosmic-Phoenyx


:bulletred: Fire Phoenixes:
Here you can submit your pictures that ONLY contain a phoenix (or phoenixes) related the fire element. The medium (traditional, digital, or any other type of art) does not matter.

:bulletblue: Water or Ice Phoenixes:
Here you can submit your pictures that ONLY include a phoenix (or phoenixes) related to the water and/or ice element. It doesn't matter whether it is a traditional picture, digital picture, or something mixed. The picture may include one or both types of phoenixes. However, NO other elements are allowed (there is another folder for that!)

:bulletgreen: Other Elements:
Here you can submit all other phoenix art that does NOT belong in the first or second folder. This includes pictures that have both an ice and a fire phoenix in them!

:bulletorange: Reference Sheets:
Here you can submit your Reference Sheets for your phoenix character(s), a special OC, or something similar.

:bulletyellow: Phoenixes and other mythical creatures:
Here you submit your art that includes a phoenix AND another creature. For example, a phoenix with a dragon, gryphon, or even a sea serpent! Please DO NOT submit a picture ONLY with phoenixes.
EDIT: HUMANS are now included in this folder, so any pictures with a phoenix and a human would go here. This includes Anime characters and OCs too!

:bulletwhite: White Phoenixes:
A special folder reserved for those beautiful white phoenixes.

:bulletblack: Phoenix Wips, Sketches, IDs, ect.:
Here you can submit your IDs, Wips, Sketches, and so on, that involve a phoenix.

:bulletpink: Sculptures, Jewelery, Design, etc.:
Here you submit all kinds of tatoo-designs, jewelery and T-Shirt designs. Please, NO "normal" pictures; that means NO art that could qualify for submissions in any other folder!

:bulletblue: Literature:
A folder for all kinds of literature. Please, nothing with a lot of violence, gore, sexuality, or any other mature content!

:bulletorange: Cosplay:
A folder for phoenix-cosplay!

:bulletgreen: Anthro:
Here you may submit any art that contains an anthro-phoenix (basically any art that is a mix between an animal/creature/human/thing and a phoenix). You may also submit a phoenix that does not fit into any of the standard phoenix folders.

RULES: will be comming soon!

Sorry for our English, we hope all understand our explanation about the folders. If there are mistakes please write a comment or send us a note!

Have fun!

Phoenix71991, MoonAndSunPhoenix, and Silver-Drake

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This group is for all who love mystical and fantastical birds,
especially the phoenix! So please join the group and have fun!

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As there has been so said "unrelated" pictures submitted in this group, I'd like to remind that any picture submitted in the gallery should picture a Phoenix or a Firebird even if they are going in the "Phoenixes and other Mystical Creatures" -folder. It's a folder for pictures with a Phoenix AND another Mystical Creature.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

Also, the submission now need to be accepted by a co-Founder or a Contributor. I'm not actually sure how many of us "admins" are active here, but at least I'll try to keep an eye on the submissions regularly. And if there should be any kind of occurrence you'd like to be solved asap, you are free to send a note directly to me as well and I'll see what I can do about it.

I hope we'll be seeing many new art pieces of Phoenixes in the future!

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I have a deviation of a phoenix that I did not too long ago, and a friend suggested I submit it to this group - that way, like-minded individuals who like phoenixes can view it and hopefully provide some good, constructive criticism.
The deviation is called "Embers In The Night".

Anyway, thank you for your time. I greatly appreciate it. Meow :3 
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