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Fri Jul 13, 2012, 4:30 AM

as you may have noticed, I started a poll concerning the premium content recently and I'm a bit suprised about the results so far.
In the last months, I got more and more notes about using my work for other projects. I feel honored every time, but it is not that easy ... first reply in time and find a way to make my work available. I really wished for this option to sell the digital content here. It makes my life easier ^^

the things I read about premium content seemed really good
80% of the revenue is a great percentage. in fact, i'm offing part of my work as stock already and no agency offers 80%. The average is around 30-40%. Some agencies give me 50-60% at most ... so 80% is really really good.

you can set your own pricing up to 8000points (~100€/130$), I would say, it's like selling at midstock agencies. when you offer your work on microstock like fotolia, depositphotos or shutterstock, the amount of money you receive is less than 10€ per sale.
the pricing depends on the content, I know, but I won't give away my work for free. I put time and effort in my work to receive the results I have. It is more than fair to get paid for it then, don't you think?

you can set up your own licence agreement, so it's up to you, for what purpose or project the buyer can use your work. even the choice between RF or RM is up to you :)

the great thing is, I can make my work available for download without going through the submitting process of the agencies. some of my work is not fit for sale on agencies because of 'less commercial value', although the quality of my work is good. it is true that it has a lesser commercial value, because it is more art than stock, so the majority of the agencies won't accept it. I can't blame them, I would decide the same in their position.
but sometimes, the art directors/creative people are looking for art and not stock for their new campaign ;)

so far I discovered, that I even could upload tiff- or psd-files. that is a great advantage, because the image quality is way better than on jpgs (depends on your workflow). the size is larger, but you have less artefacts and noise due to compression. don't get me wrong, I won't make psds available for download, just the tiff file. for reasons see above ^^

Are there negative sides of premium content I didn't see yet and why should I not offer my works as premium content ? please enlighten me ^^

some of my work

great artists on dA

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July 13, 2012