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Free GingerBread Divider

a sweet little gingerbread men divider for the holidays ^^
( when set side by side the candycanes should make another heart ) ;3

this is free for use ^^
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Definitely using it! I HAVE A GINGERBREAD SON  My new child by XxTrueFriskxX
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so cute! will be using La la la la 
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This is super cute omg >u< (Imma use this c: )
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Using!  Thank you!
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please may i use this on my creation
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I love your arts they so creativity and color-and everyone doing good job this is not deviant art its sweetiest art
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Ahh, I love how you used the candy canes at the ends! Perfect way to both connect them and have no need for end pieces (well, assuming dA hadn't start adding spaces in between thumbs). 
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thank you!
& ugh the spaces ;~;
if you use it in journal tho, this code makes it space free~
instead of using the thumb code, view the image url & copy paste that in between the ""

<img src="">

not sure if you already knew this or not. ; w  ;
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how do I keep the spacing from happenng?
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for journals & page widgets only i think. but if you download>view image> copy/paste url> then.... <img src="link">
there should be no spaces :3
it might work in commets if your a core member, but not sure. :<
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