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The Queen of Equestria Pt 1

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Published: November 5, 2016
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This is the redesign of Celestia, she has a longer and thinner body than her sister, and her colors vary depending on the seasons. Right now this is her spring ‘coat’.

Celestia is the regal ruler of all of Equestria, having brought peace to her land for many decades. Though many of her more personal actions seem questionable and have burned many bridges with friends, she does so for the sake of her people. She believes greatly that her peoples happiness outweighs her own. Also that sometimes committing evil is best for the greater good of things. Because of this Celestia has many secrets, and many who were once close to her view her differently and sometimes as a manipulative and paranoid queen with control issues.

Despite this she has spent many years alone without her sister, and even with her sisters return she feels distant to her. Though has found herself at ease with Twilights company. In the past she has been scorned because of friendships and she has suggested many actions that entirely disreguard the bonds to others. In turn though twilight has begun to reopen her heart and tactics to the idea of befriending others once more.


  • bet some of you guys were sure she was gunna be some evil ruler in this AU lol
  • Celestias tail opens up much like a peacocks might and she has many soft white feathers beneath them.
  • Her hair flows and moves depending on how she moves her head, much like how cloth underwater might move if connected to an object, though has a default shape it will slowly revert back too.
  • If angered Celestia gains charcoal markings and her throat flattens much like a cobras might.
  • The spots on her neck glow in the dark, as do her horns, the feathers under her tail, and inner ears.
  • Her crown is suppose to be gold lol.


This is currently a closed AU. Do be respectful and not ruin this for everyone by being selfish. I do plan to ‘open’ it at some point, i’ve even considered creating an ARPG of this. Though first off I hope to get this fleshed out more.

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SolarieaProfessional Digital Artist
She looks more like... Dragon, i suppose? But it suits her! Being a queen wants a lot of things from you at least.
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AmrasFelagundHobbyist Writer
Such a beautiful take on Celestia, but I also can't help but wonder if she isn't something beyond just being a pony, what with that cobra-like neck.