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Thor sketchdump

It's not digital!!! Dx where's the mixed media category? Dx

The Thor movie sketches))

Hell yeah.

Now I'm waiting for the next year Avengers movie...Iron Man as a big commander and Loki as a main villain - it's gonna be epic x))
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Great expressions
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honestly...what helped start the Frostiron ship lmaooo Still one of my faves
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Oh my goodness, the group picture is adorable. I love all of their expressions. :)
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Great lines. The characters look spot on
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You have Loki arts?! I LOVE YOU MARRY ME
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I love it!!!!!!!! Cute Toy Chica Lick Icon 
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Iron Man and Loki. Can I just say... DAMNIT
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I love your style! x3
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Funny thing is that in the myths Loki was know for his appetite.
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Wasn't there something about Loki in eating competition in the myths?
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Yeah and Loki only lost cause it was rigged with illusion magic. His opponent was actually a fire just burning food.
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hoguns hair reminds me of shikamaru
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Tony is such a liar, he didn't even know Norse mythology existed. Proof of that was when he didn't recognize Thor, he even mockingly asked him if he was acting in a Shakespearean play in The Avengers movie.

Hey, Tony, if you're such a great fan of Norse mythology, why didn't you recognize Mjolnir? I mean, incredibly heavy hammer with the ability to make lighting, how is that not an obvious clue?

In an unrelated note, the facial expressions you make are amazing, they portray the characters emotions really well, great job! ;)
It's incredible! I love your Loki and Thor and I love your drawing style! I keep pouring over them and I like them more each time I see them! I wished there were thousands of them to cuddle at night because they make this (fan)world more bright. Keep drawing!!!
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I lol'd so hard at Loki's face in the line-up.
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Loki's face in the last one looks like he's saying: "Really? Could you not eat like a caveman?"
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I almost cry in the scene with just the armor helmets at her side :CCCCCCCCCCC

it's really har to thing about a mother loosing her sons cause they kill each other... that broke my heart.
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the last one is priceless.
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