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That's...not actually a sketchdump I

By Phobs
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Ok, I understood that I don't want to mix more finished pieces with 5min doodles, so this thing is not actually a new sketchdump

Most of this pics are for comic about demon hunters I'm working on now on my job ( for those who asked - there's no english translation of it,sorry xC)

characters © Bubble
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alright so ive spent ten minutes-
yknow the person in the middle the one with a bloody sharpened stick and assumingly the same person in the grey picture below it?
Since I haven't read the comic yet, and have just discovered this over the top awesome artist today, I've just been going through sketchdumps of coolio character designs-
trying to figure out if that guys a guy or if the gals a girl. I mean at first I thought she was a girl cause yknow the pattern on her shirt is a bit widened on the bust line and all but then when I look down to the next picture it looks like a girl on the top half....but then I get down to those hips and It looks like a guy and then I'm sitting here confused like is this a guy or a girl
maybe its the hoodie/sweatshirt thing thats putting me off if it is a girl and is increasing the thoughts of him being a guy. and the face shape too looks like a guys but something about their face makes me think its a girl
either way they are awesome pictures anyways. really love the hair of the character
anyways ill just go through some more sketchdumps dont mind this comment 
I'll go read the comic soon
oh and btw that right middle blue picture reminds me of the last of us joel and ellie 
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the character in the middle with the stick and the one below is Balor a male character from the russian comic Demonslayer. (if you haven't found yet after all those years ^^')

he's some sort of ancient demon/ god that is currently living in the body of Yana. Yana, who's the short hair person on the right of the stick picture one.

the blue picture that looks like the last of us vibe is Yana and Danila (the demonslayer)

really cool story :)

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i love the atmospheric pieces, where there is details in the background or landscape! great job :)
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Кисаньки вышли лучше всего -очень естественно и живо держатся.
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These are great!
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Wow your art is so nice!
richardtorres21's avatar
your art is fucking me so deep
Gigglezalotz's avatar
I'm so in love with your artwork :heart:
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"Sketchdump", they said :'DD

I love your pictures! Your artwork is so nice and smooth, especially the colour looks amazing. It's soft, but you know what's going on, that's a great mix.
My favourite pic here is the one with the eyeballs. They look so gooey and wobbly! And the hair has such a nice flow. It's just amazing >w<
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man, I'm so much in love with your work.
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Your work are so amazing, your colors, your lines, your style... it's so beautiful, i'm so in fond of your drawings ;w; you are a master to me !
autsdraws's avatar
Your art is so lovely :heart:
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Who's the cutie with the Tavor?
cryoflower's avatar
wowow, love the backgrounds and detail stuff as usual *______*
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ohh wow, I love each of these so much! Just a question, what is the original language for the comic? I'd love to read it if it's within my ability (:
TeacupArt's avatar
I absolutely adore the bottom middle one
MIDOxRI's avatar
So it's in Russian? Is there an online access or something? Or must we go to Russia to read it??
If I may ask, who is the angel in the bottom right corner?  Also I have always loved your interpretation of the Tolkien mythos and Batu Khan and am always excited when your stuff comes up. Good job and thanks!
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oh wow so many cool characters! and all those details :la:
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Awww, no english translation, that's too bad... =(
But is there a way to order it somehow anyway? At least I'd love to get the first chapter if nothing else. It looks REALLY intriguong and I just always loved your comics!
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I love you art!
Great work!
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These are absolutely gorgeous!  
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