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Soldier Side sketchdump

I had no time for new pages in past 3 weeks,so I made a sketchdump >___<
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Рисунки прекрасно передают атмосферу того времени!
PK4only's avatar
so good! love them :iconhowdyplz: 
AlexandraAlex's avatar
could that young painter be kazimir malevich?!!
Validia's avatar
What character is?
RarityBlue's avatar
If you ever drew sherlock holmes, I would shit myself with happiness
MissPaperJoker's avatar
I second that. Hard.
maolao's avatar
Ты самый невероятный человек!!!Твои идеи потрясающие,а стиль не повторим!
miizah's avatar
Hey, where can i buy your comics?, i just love the way you design everything!, i really want to read the story!!
pochsilog's avatar
i love how you draw men with an understanding of what they're thinking. : )
Yaranga's avatar
Это восхитительно! :)
SallyLynn's avatar
i clicked on this cause i thought you might have been referring to the song by System of a Down!! but these are all really cool!!
ToxicBasilisk's avatar
Ахаха, забавно))
TonyDennison's avatar
So beautiful. So inspiring.
Pozharskaya's avatar
Боже-боже-боже я вас обажаю
DrawingUniverses's avatar
Awesome! Your portraits are especially excellent!
reiq's avatar
awesome work specially the guy painting you can feels his struggle :D
colderman's avatar
I love this !nice work!
liQiw's avatar
nose bleeding
Keyleen4's avatar
Ааа...Грибоедов! Обожаю)))))
Он и в жизни красавчиком и умным был)
Alg-ae's avatar
Your sketchdumps (and everything else you do) always inspire me. :) I'll definitely be drawing tonight!
ABBEYtm's avatar
Your work ceases to amaze me. It's a beautiful talent you have.
ShyNapoleon's avatar
Amazing sketches! 8D
Love your work. Keep it up!

...wish i had an Ushanka for this cold winter... OH WELLS.
BlueLioness21's avatar
When you make something that I DONT like, I'll buy myself a cake!
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