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Mongolian sketchdump

By Phobs
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First time since 2011 I understood, that I can write this guys names under the pics x)
You can google them if you're interested, at least half of them have wikipedia articles I think 8)

For last 5 (...almost 6 ) years this project became so big, that i can't even ;__; 
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Have you ever seen Disneys The Emperors New Groove? It would be sooooo perfect if you made a comic of the song Perfect world, but centered around Batu!!! It fits his personality perfectly!! If you haven’t seen it, here is the song:

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Have you done one with just the Big man Genghis?
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Убейте меня, но я вижу Поперечного
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A smile so infectious I'm vomiting from the symptoms
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Way to show off the crazy genetic diversity of the steppes!
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mongolians can't have red hair tho?
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Believe it or not they can. Some sources even claim that Genghis himself really did have red hair and green eyes.
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I want to create comics, you draw well, you want to work with me? if yes we will negotiate the price.
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This is amazing!!!!! Is this a real thing? It looks a lot like Avatar.
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The eyes and face shapes are very striking.
A few of them have such devious facial expressions.
Absolutely gorgeous.
(Especially Batu and SubutaiLa la la la )
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The amount of sketching you do is so legendary dude! You obviously love what you do and I admire that so much! I need to buckle down and do that much sketching because I feel like I am slacking lol
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Очень интересный поиск образов. Разместил в своей группе ( со ссылкой на вас. Не возражаете?
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These are absolutely perfect ;_; I think my favourites from this sketchdump are Ogedei and Miss -Beki! :O
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Just as stunning as your other artworks, beautifully done! :D :love:
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It's funny, because the name Borte is literally a word in Norwegian, meaning "disappeared/gone"... XD
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Have you ever considered using other media's for your artwork?? Watercolour, pencil, ink etc. Would love to see what you produce with them.
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I faved it a long time ago, but I just love to come back to this drawing for inspiration for my stories. Your art is just so top-notch! 💖
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Love love love this! :heart:
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I love your style :)
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I still hope you eventually go back to it.. From all your projects this grew close to me. I really reaaaally hope to see the story one day...!
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I love the diversity of them all you can really tell each character is their own.
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I absolutely love them all *_*
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