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Ivan the Terrible dump VIII

You thought I'm dead,huh? x)))
Yeeeap,I didn't visit DA for last 2 months,didn't upload anything, didn't answer to notes - didn't have time xC

So, here some of my Ivan the Terrible sketches. Didn't upolad my ItTcomics, cause I'm to lazy to translate them.
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you are of the best
theartistDiamond's avatar
+100 points for the Hussar. Nice work.
oreo-cookies-r-good's avatar
Wow I love the art.  That's so cool.
FJ1989's avatar
Ángel y demonio convivirán eternamiente en la mirada del hombre. Muy buen trabajo, felicitaciones.
eshmawi's avatar
You're really really talented. Just gotta say.
zaskron's avatar
omg, it's amazing! (especially this hussar on the top)
Yayboww's avatar
that's AWESOME keep up the good work
AcidRaja's avatar
wow, like it very, very mucho!
5928's avatar
Wow! How can you draw so well? BRAVO!
AdjectiveNounCombo's avatar
Third "row" to the far left: the man sitting down resembles Tom Hilldeston. Was this intentional?
tinuviela's avatar
sprucecomics's avatar
i like your style
Cklo's avatar
Absolutely nice, expressive original! As a huge fan of Russian stuff, I ask: are you planninng to create a comic about him? :D 
noxfoxArts's avatar
Your style is seriously awesome!
boringisdull's avatar
love your style really, and how you can just swap between a hundred faces and not have them look the same.
but sitting at that chess board, that's loki. ignoring the clothes he looks EXACTLY like loki xD
AdiraRotstein's avatar
Love the facial expressions and body poses on these:)
Ktp08's avatar
Suhaib's avatar
You're Amazing!!
I had reached the end of the line now I dont feel bad about spending my money now everyone recognizes me believe me the sky is the limit
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